Most guys either fail to get a girl’s number or they end up getting girls to flake on them. In this post dating gurus will be teaching you how you can increase the probability that a girl will not flake on you. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Teaches How To Make Sure That A Girl Will Not Flake On You

Preventive medicine.

The biggest factor that determines whether or not she’ll flake on you and not pick up your call, return your calls or text messages depends on what you did when you were in person with her.

Here are a couple quick techniques for getting her phone number in a way that will increase your chances of seeing her again.

  1. Always, always, always put your name into her phone. If a girl sees a phone number calling that she doesn’t recognize, she’ll NEVER answer the call or return the text. And nothing is worse than getting a text that says “Who’s this?”
  2. To expand on #1 and even go beyond it – give yourself a funny nickname when you put yourself into the phone. If all of a sudden she’s out with her friends and she gets a text message or call from “Mom’s New Cell” or “George W Bush” you can bet your ass she’s going to answer that call or pay attention to that text message.
  3. Leave a voicemail for her when you’re there with her in person right after you get her number. Not only will you guarantee you have a real phone number but you’ll also give her a reminder of how much fun she was having when she met you. And if her friends are around when you got her number,be sure to have them say something on the voicemail as well. Make it fun and high energy so that you make a strong impact. I have had girls leave those voicemails on their phone as long as they could before they were past the two month mark and automatically deleted by the system.
  4. Tell her your rules for how to talk to you when you call her. For example tell her that if you’re going to take her number, she has to agree to being VERY excited when she answers your call. You can even have her practice answering your call while you’re still in person. You can say, “OK, I’ll take your phone number but you have to be super excited when you answer.” And if during the practice, she’s not excited or enthusiastic enough, you can tell her you’re not going to call her. Make her get it absolutely perfect. This kind of mental rehearsal will condition her to feel a real sense of excitement when you really do call and her attraction to you will actually increase each and every time you call her.

Action Jackson On How To Avoid Flakes

During the day you can use my “Shocking On” thing. You can get her phone number in 60 seconds and text her three hours later and she’ll remember you. But if you’re doing the bar and club thing, flakes are a big problem. A lot of guys make the mistake of following the Swinger’s movie strategy: waiting three days to call her. I wait three hours. If you wait any longer than 24 hours to contact her, whether it’s text or phone, there is a really good chance she’s going to forget who you are, especially if you’re meeting girls at bars and clubs.

getting solid number closes

So if you are doing the club and bar game, I definitely encourage you to try my texting trick that I was explaining in the last question.

And the other thing, the longer you talk to her and the more rapport you build when you first meet, the less chance she’ll flake and the less you actually have to rely on your texting and phone skills because in-person is obviously a lot more personal than on the phone or text. So I would really just encourage guys to, especially after you get her phone number at a bar or club to keep talking to her for ten minutes before you eject. The worst thing you can do is get her phone number and then say nice to meet you and walk away.

Bill Preston Says Not To Walk Away

Unless you are forced to leave or she is forced to leave, don’t just get a number and walk away. Don’t think it’s over and leave and don’t think that she is never going to contact you back. Also, don’t ask too early in the night if you can have her number.

I know plenty of girls I was dating or hanging out with and after a guy got her number and walked away she would tell me she just gave him her number to get rid of him. So, if you are getting the number too early and there is no real rapport and you are not having a good time with her or she is not having a good time, then there is no possible chance that she is going to answer your call.

One of the things that you should do when you get her phone number is text her immediately with something funny. It can be as simple as “Hey, just wanted to let you know that this is my number and it was great meeting you, let’s talk later.” Or, “It’s always great to meet new people” and then comment on something funny that just happened that you both saw. Do that in the first 30 minutes. After that it is going to be a transitional period to your physical interaction and whatever interaction you are going to have on phone or by text.

Lance Mason On How To Cut Down Flakes

The best thing to do, you do want to text a woman. You do want to follow up. You want a rock solid date, but you also want to follow up and make sure it’s going to happen and make sure she remembers you. The best way to make sure she remembers you is to give her a nickname in the middle of the conversation or to mention some little fantasy things that we’ve been doing. So I’ll give you an example. I met a woman the other day in the supermarket in the meat section, and I asked her how to cook pork chops or something, and she told me about it. I said, “Kick ass, I’m going to call you Pork Chops.” So I called her. It’s kind of funny I called her Pork Chops the whole conversation and we also joked about we’re going to go to Barcelona. We’re going to Costa Rica. We’re going to do this, so I have all these adventures to reference and I also have this nickname.

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So if I text her I’d say “What’s up, Pork Chops?” And she knows who I am. She knows I’m a funny guy. So what you’re doing is you’re bringing back the name, the nickname. You’re bringing back some of the adventures, and then at the end after you’ve done all that, you remind her that you have a date set up.

Joseph Matthews Shares The Best Thing To Do To Avoid Flakes

The best thing you can do is when you first meet her really make a good impression. Be funny and interesting and lighthearted and maybe a little bit flirty. That way you know you can start contacting her and she’s going to be wide open to continuing that conversation. So the work is really done in the initial interaction.

That’s why I think approaching is so very important because so much goes on in that initial meeting – you only get one chance for a first impression and that initial approach is your first impression. So if you really knocked it out of the park everything else becomes so much easier.

Drew Canole On How To Get Rid Of Flake Girls

This is something that I have become very good at over the years. It takes a lot of practice and it all depends upon the story that you have created up to that point. It’s almost like a movie you created for her;she is in your film and you have written the script and everything that you have been through together has made up the story.

There are going to be key situations, whether you both laughed a lot or she joked around or something that was extremely funny. Remember that situation; pull that out when you contact her. You can also control basic linguistics of the story so that she really has to call you back. You can set it up that she is insane or crazy if she doesn’t get a hold of you again.

Jordan Harbinger On How To Get Rid Of Flake Girls

actually did a whole product about this; it’s called the “Text Book,” which involves texting, making sure that you get most of those numbers turning into dates. A lot of guys are having the same flake issues. So first of all when you get the number make sure that she saves your number in her phone. You can even do it for her by saving the number in the phone. Saving it under something that’s funny, but don’t save it as Jordan Super Sexy Hot Guy. Save it as something like, Jordan Baby Toe because then when the phone rings and that name pops up, who’s not going to answer Jordan Baby Toe? It’s funny. It’s kind of goofy. It is way better than Jordan Sexy Guy I met at the club last night. I mean that’s just kind of douchey all around. A lot of girls don’t answer the phone from an unknown number.

And the odds of them checking voice mail and calling you back is very much zero. So you’re going to want to make sure that you got your text game going on and you can check that stuff out. There’s tons of free content on “Text Game.”

Make sure that you don’t go into rapport conversations via text and make sure that you don’t leave long-winded voice mails that include tons of detail. Just ask her to call you back. Keep things light and playful and about getting a date as opposed to continuing the text just because she’s answering. Those types of principles will allow you to turn phone numbers into dates as opposed to just text buddies or flaky numbers.