This post is going to be focused on key points that will help you beat approach anxiety and talk to women.

So lets begin!

Limiting Beliefs That Cause Approach Anxiety

1- You don’t know what to expect when approaching a woman
2- I care what other people might think if I did it
3- I don’t want to be rejected
4- I don’t know what to do or say
5- I don’t believe it will work
6- I don’t want to bother her or her group
7- It seems unnatural to walk up to a woman and start a conversation
8- I have a poor self image or low self confidence
9- You make it too important and tie a lot of excess meaning to it
10- You can’t control the fears that stop me I want to control it but I can’t

Points You Need To Understand And Remember

Psyching myself up does not work period.

The worst case scenario of approaching is so bad (worst is getting blown off in a rude way!) and the benefits of approaching are enormous. So always think of how good I am going to feel just because I did it and I approached her especially if it gets me somewhere VS the pain of regret! And wasting a chance to get what I want .keep in mind that I am the person that overcomes my fear.

Approaching women aren’t any more dangerous than anything I do regularly every day (like recreational activities, driving, walking on the streets) there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

approaching women

Remember plenty of fish in the sea and it’s a numbers game if I approach I may or may not get her but if I don’t approach at all I’ll never get anything.

Women are never bothered when I approach her! Women spend hours working on their appearance to attract someone so I will be doing her a favor.

Remember there are 3 billion women on the face of this earth and every second on of them has a birthday. Remember the world NEXT I am only after happy receptive fun women. Never put too much value on any women based on her looks.

Always show I am higher status then her when I approach her (using, body language…) keep in control and communicate “ I am the high status one and you are the lower status one”.

The question I should ask is what do I stop doing?? Like stop idealizing, or stop getting into loops, or stop being in denial or stop whatever the fuck is holding me back.

Enjoy the process of meeting women (it’s not a burden) attach no meaning to the outcome, don’t feel like I m being pushed to approach but feel like I m attracted to approach), plus have no concern of what she is thinking or she is thinking on me it has zero impact on my life, be calm and casual while approaching. And if something goes bad I turn around and never look back again “NEXT”

Approach with an overly comfortable vibe (shows high status) and never be self conscious.

Remember the eyes game! I am an attractive guy when I catch the attention of a pretty one and hold relaxed (slightly squint eyes with a sly smile) eye contact with her and she holds it for a bit and then looks away first (and looks downwards) then I look away then she looks back again at me and this happens again it’s obvious (she is holding the “ok come approach me sign on her head”) I should go for it.

Ps: if I see this girl more than once (she exists in my daily life somewhere) I should either approach her directly after the eye game or not do the eye game at all( because if I chicken out the first time it’s done, It might get weird later and I usually get negative responses after this happening and me not taking action). So it’s either eye game-> approach directly or no eye game at all.

Never let her have the upper hand; hold on for the balls for god’s sake, a wuss slip can destroy all the hard work. Maintain the high status all the time (negate the power of her beauty, by making fun of her tease, her and take away her magic beauty field).

Remember that she will provide me with material to riff on! So I have to approach with the mindset that I am screening her! I am choosing for myself a woman and I am giving her the chance to prove herself worthy.

If she shit tests me the best way to respond is to never let her know she has one over on me ! and say something like that’s cute and get back to the conversation.

A lot of advice can be offered on how to kill approach anxiety and talk to women but lets end the text here. We have a surprise for you. This is a video in which you will be offered more advice on how to talk to anyone without being awkward. Do not hassle, closely watch the video and try to pick the lessons out of it. There is plenty of good advice that will help you for sure.

Good Luck!