Sometimes the conversation with women you approach never gets anywhere and you might end up wasting you time. In this post you will be educated on when to eject. You will be introduced to the signs that make it clear that the woman you are talking to is not interested in you. Let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Says If She Is Still Standing You Still Have A Chance

If she’s still standing there while I talk, then I have a chance.

The only real situation that’s unrecoverable is if a girl completely walks away from a guy or straight up tells him “leave me alone.” And in that situation you definitely want to stop talking to her because unfortunately the way our society is set up – there are a lot of one sided laws that protect women so it’s up to you to be smart about it and move on.

When you finally get the mindset of abundance internalized, you won’t feel any loss because you realize just how many women there are who will be attracted to you.

Action Jackson’s Shares His Thoughts On The Subject

If I get to the point where I feel like I have to work to keep the interaction going, I’ll eject. There are those obvious, harsher indicators of disinterest: a back turn on you or her saying “No, thanks. I’m just not interested.”

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I basically tell my guys to continue the conversation as long as it’s still fun for them, but stop when you get to the point where you’re thinking, Man, what am I doing here? This stuff isn’t working.” And you start going back in your head, “OK, can I try this now? Maybe I should try this now, maybe I should try this.” Then just eject there because like I said there are so many other women and it’s just not worth your time to put yourself through that hell in trying to get this one exact girl.

Bill Preston Talks About Body Language Signals That Say She Is Not Interested

Obviously body language signals: if she is looking away, if she is giving you one word answers. A lot of girls are shy and they will do that, so you have to really pay attention. If she is responding in a dismissive way or in a way that she doesn’t want to engage with you, then it’s time to leave. You can always be polite and say “Hey! It was great meeting you, I’ve got to go.”

I’ve seen a lot of people when they see these signs, they turn and walk away, which I think is funny. When you are talking to her and she is not looking at you, then it’s really time to eject.

If you see any signs that she is shy, like her legs are closed and her arms are crossed and if you see that she is socially shy, then wait for a hard indicator that shows you a complete lack of interest. Many times girls are just shy. Maybe you have great things to talk about and she is just nervous that she isn’t going to meet your expectations or she is not going to impress you. Women have the same fears that we do so if you sense shyness, don’t leave. Try to bring out her shyness and have fun with her. As soon as you get a dismissive type attitude or answers, just leave; it’s a better thing to do.

Lance Mason Explains How To Know If The Conversation Is Going Nowhere With A Girl

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I can tell when a woman likes a guy. And the reality is that most guys can’t, and the reason most guys can’t tell if a woman likes them is because they don’t know much about the woman. If a woman is really outgoing, she’s really ballsy. She’s really social and she’s just kind of really good at this, then you can kind of tell if she likes you.

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But the problem is a lot of girls are shy, a lot of really gorgeous women, they’re really shy, and when they start to like a guy they don’t open up to him, they actually shut down because they’ve been hurt before. They’re a little scared and so the more they like a guy the more they kind of test him by backing away and just saying, “Well, this guy is really funny, but he’s probably not interested in me. I want to see if he’s really patient or he’s really interested enough to kind of really pursue me.” And so basically what I want to tell guys is trust me: you don’t know if a woman is into you or not unless you’ve actually tested it.

So if I wanted to know if a woman likes me, well, the first thing I do when I talk to her is I’ll just touch her lightly on her shoulder. If we’re talking and we’re flirting, I’ll just touch her hand a little bit and I’ll get these excuses to touch her hand. I’ll give her a high five. I’ll give her a bump, just little things to keep the touching going, and then if she says something I like, I’ll say “Kick ass, you’re my new girlfriend.” I’ll hold her hand, just for like a split second, and then I’ll let go of it. And so I have this rhythm going on, it’s a part of my normal conversations where I’m touching a woman’s hand like every 10 seconds, every 30 seconds. I’m going in and I’m touching her hand. And this is so important because it shows I’m confident. It shows I’m comfortable.

But it’s really important because her hand will never lie to me. Her hand is what tells me how comfortable she is with me and how comfortable she is with me physically and how much she likes me. So even if she’s shy, even if she’s not contributing to the conversation, if her hand and the way she’s touching me is getting more and more warm and more comfortable, I know she likes me . It’s really important for guys to get in to this habit because otherwise I’m telling you, you do not know if women like you.

Get to the point where you’re touching a woman’s hands all the time because a woman’s hand is the only part of their body that will not lie to you. That’s the part of their body that will tell you how she really feels about you.

Joseph Matthews Talks About Female Body Language Signals

The first thing is body language. Notice if her body language indicates that she’s looking to get away from you. These are signs that she is interested: if her pupils are dilated or if she’s got good eye contact, looking you in the eyes or she’s like kind of playing with her hair, if she’s touching you, if she’s got her body facing you or her legs pointed towards you or whatever, those are usually signs of interest and attraction. If her body is pointing away from you and she’s looking away or if she’s not looking all that interested, chances are she’s not interested. If she’s engaging you in conversation, if she’s actually participating in the conversation and doing a little bit of give and take, that shows she’s interested.

If she’s just giving you one word answers and not really engaging you, that shows that she doesn’t really want to talk. There is a difference between a girl who is not interested and a girl who’s shy. A girl who’s shy can still show you attraction signs that are nonverbal, like her pupils might be dilated, she’ll smile and like look away or like whatever. When a girl is not interested in you, she’s going to give you the cold shoulder or she’s going to like move her attention away to something else and leave you frozen out.

Drew Canole Says It Never Happened To Me

I don’t know if I ever really had that happen to me. I don’t really remember a time when a girl was so bored that I had to bail. If it did happen, I would completely move on. There is no time to waste or put effort into it. A completely different approach is to just completely negate her. If she is being a bitch then I am going to bust her balls and move on.

Jordan Harbinger Advices To Stick In There Unless Girls Ask You To Leave

For beginners I would say stick in there until they either ask you to leave or until they leave. Otherwise, you can really observe: Are the other girls no longer talking to you? Are they only talking to each other? Are they not facing you anymore? Are you completely unengaged in the conversation? Is the group physically moving away from you? Is she moving backward from you? Are they back turning you? Are they looking around and not saying anything anymore?

Look for that type of thing and closed body language. That’s when you know that really you’re not in there anymore. Now, you’re furniture and you just happen to be sitting at the same table as them or standing near them. If it looks like you’re no longer in the group, well, congratulations, you’re no longer in the group. Girls are very seldom going to say, “All right, we’re done with this conversation. Goodbye.”

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Look for that behavior and rather than just sort of fading away, you could say, “All right guys, it was nice to meet you. I’ll see you guys around.” And then you can bounce because then people around you see you saying goodbye to the group, so it looks like you still at least have some semblance of control over the interaction, which is better than being filed away as completely rejected or denied.

Julian Foxx Says There Are Girls Who Hated Him

There are girls who hated me, there are girls who had zero attraction for me or maybe they did and somehow they completely lost it. Anyone else would have looked that situation and said “It’s not going anywhere.”

It always has that chance, even if she is in that friend zone, even if she is married, whatever it is, there is always that chance. There were so many times I just pushed forward and kept trying new tactics and tactically adjusting and somehow it just manifested into success.