In this post we will be teaching you when not to talk to women and leave. Sometimes we are wasting our time stuck in a conversation that leads no where. This post has all the answers you might have been looking for for a long time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Stephen Nash Talks About Certain Cues That Women Give Out When They Are Not Interested

Well there are certain cues I guess women give you, but really you can sense it. One sure fire way is to create a pregnant pause: just stop talking and look at her basically saying, “Listen, I’ve done all I’m going to do here. If you want to continue this conversation you have to put out.” And if she doesn’t, then either she’s not interested, which is possible or you have to ask yourself, why am I standing here talking to somebody who’s socially sort of inept. If it’s not going well and she’s not doing 50% of the work to try and keep the conversation going, it’s probably a good sign that she’s either not interested or it’s time to eject. Also, if she looks down or checks her watch or she just doesn’t talk. She’s not responsive. She doesn’t give you the normal feedback that people give when they want to keep talking to you.

Yad Says He Always Keeps Going

I always keep going. I always keep plowing. I would say unless she physically walks away, it’s still yours. Why is she still there? A lot of girls actually have a nervous tick: “Oh, I have got to go. I’m sorry, but I have to go.”

when to keep the conversation going

It’s crazy how many times I’ve been with a girl and she doesn’t have to go, she’s just saying it because I’ve made her laugh or she’s become attracted way too fast and she just thinking, “Oh my God, what do I do? What do I? I have to go. I was on my way to the …”

I’ll say, “Hey, come on. Just give me two minutes.” And we start talking again and two days later, we’re in my bed.

Adam Lyons Says Never To Eject

I’ve got this really special order that I tell all my students: never eject. It completely sucks sometimes. Unless the girl literally says, “Fuck off. I’m really not interested, and I don’t want to talk to you,” don’t eject. That is the only way that you will learn whether it’s a real objection or whether it was just her feeling awkward herself. A lot of times, I see guys in conversation with girls and the conversation is quiet and the guy ejects. And the conversation went quiet because she couldn’t think of anything to say. She felt awkward. It wasn’t anything to do with him, but he took it as a bad sign so he left because he got this impression the girl isn’t perfect. They’re really not. They get stuck just as often as we do. But when they get stuck, we often misinterpret it as we should eject. So just stay, it’s the only way you learn when you really should eject.

Alex Coulson Says To Leave When A Girl Is Unresponsive

When she’s unresponsive. When she actually makes it really clear that your company is not welcome, that’s when you eject. Like I said before, you don’t want to be in a 20-minute set to nowhere. You don’t want to be wasting 20 minutes of your mental and physical energy on a girl who is just not interested and is completely unresponsive. So when she’s dismissive and unresponsive for like 5 minutes and you can’t break it up, save your time and energy and just move on, just get out of there.

Bobby Rio Says Eye Contact Reveals Whether A Women Is Interested Or Not

Generally, I think the best way to tell if it’s not going to go anywhere is her eye contact. If you were ever walking down the street and you see a bum and you know he’s going to start asking you for money and you just don’t want to deal with it, you avoid eye contact. If I get the feeling that a woman is doing that to me, I’ll usually eject at that point.

how to know if you have hit a dead end in the conversation

Also other sign: if she’s not laughing at my jokes, not even pretending to laugh at my jokes, then that is definitely a sign that she’s not making an effort. Generally we laugh at things because we want the other person to know that we like them, even if something is not funny. That’s why you laugh at those stupid things somebody will say to you in a store because it’s just a way to put the other person at ease. If she’s not giving you that, if she’s not even pretending to laugh at your jokes, she’s basically telling you she has no interest in making you think that she likes you or she’s having fun.

Brad Jackson Says If A Girl Is Not Giving You Time It Is Time To Leave

I think you know. When the girl is not giving you the time of day or is looking at her friends way more than you and it just dies and there is nothing you do can get her back. Then just eject and say “Have fun, my friends are calling me back, seems like they miss me. I get held hostage like this a lot.” And leave. That’s pretty easy.

Brent Smith Says If A Girl Rolls Her Eyes It Is Time To Leave The Conversation

They start rolling their eyes. Here is the thing: guys have to be present and guys are horrible at being present, right? We’re horrible at it. We’re so in our head and so worried and so thinking about what we can get, “When am I supposed to give her my number and get her number and take her out?” We’re not even listening. So the first thing is listen and be present. Then you need to look for things like body language where she starts turning away from you, rolls her eyes, she’s looking over your shoulder, right? You know when this is happening. You’ve just got to be present and you’ll see it. If she shuts up and doesn’t say anything. So it’s completely obvious to me, but I’ve been doing it for a long time. I used to not see those signs, either. Its body language, it’s a sense you have that it’s time for you to just move on.

Carlos Xuma Explains A Basic Unit Of Approach

I think every guy can figure that out. Again, what I want to give guys is a very basic unit of approach, a very standard little model that they can use and repeat and be effective at. If they go in, hold the conversation for one or two minutes and then start to feel like they are running out of conversation, or maybe they panic a little bit of panic, or maybe they’re going back up in their head, maybe that’s a good time to eject.

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If you are in a bar or club situation, you don’t have to hold the conversation very long. You can see this girl again later after you’ve had a little time to go and talk to other people, maybe relax, get back out of your head, have a drink, and go have a piss, whatever. And then you can come back around to it. So I just tell guys you just got to have one thing to say to be able to eject. Something like, “You know what, I’ve got to find my friend over here. I’ll be back in a little bit.” And take off, go do that, come back when you feel comfortable.

Christian Hudson Explains How To Know If The Conversation Is Not Going Well

Okay, how do you know that it’s not going well, and it’s time to give up? Well, the funny thing is this is something that Nick and I really teach in our coaching programs is that you want to find girls who are open to begin with. You don’t want to try to go open girls who are closed off, and you can really tell which girls are open to you by the eye contact they’re giving you and by their general body language. With a lot of guys, they have this idea, “Oh, I’ve got to go and approach the hardest group of girls in the bar to prove myself as a man.” That’s garbage. Find the girls who are open and who you want to talk to and get the conversations going then. When the other girls who are not quite as open are seeing what a good time you’re having, they’ll generally start to open up.

Now, with that said, the words I’m using there „open and closed are really the words that we can use to describe whether we’re doing well or not. A girl who is closed off to you, she might turn her body language away from you. She might be nearer to her phone. She might start talking to her friends, and those are all signs that it’s not going well, and you may want to eject at that point. With that said, I know I would certainly hang in there, and keep talking to girls and pull their rung. Well, afterwards, you’ll get those signs, and I think the important thing is that you will not offend the girl. I mean, if you’re actively offending somebody, if you’re pissing somebody off, they’re telling you, “No, go away.” I mean, I have a sister. I have girlfriend. They both told me, “You know, hey, I hate it when a guy won’t leave alone. I’m clearly giving him signs that I’m not interested.” But if the girl is not actively and completely telling you to go away, you can still pull it back by having fun, by asking her another question. You can turn your body language away a little bit. These are all techniques that we teach, like pivoting with your food out and coming back in. So you can turn these things around. I guess it just depends on your balls. I mean, if you really want to stick in there, if you really want to have fun with it, if you really want to see can I make this work, let that creativity flow from you and see if you can have fun with the conversation. I think the key point again is you just don’t want to be offending the girl. You don’t want to walk away from the conversation and feeling like I’ve made her night worse. If you can walk away saying, “I made her night better, but she still didn’t want to talk to me, or I did my best to make her night better, but she didn’t want to talk to me. Hey, that’s fine.” But again, looking for those signs, and to go back into the original question, closed off body language, looking at her phone and talking to her friends. Basically she’s closed off to you, it’s not the best sign but hey, the optimistic, be fun, be creative. You can turn those things around as long as you’re not offending them.