Women get horny when they hear verbal descriptions of their inner or outer reality.

This has been recently scientifically demonstrated.

In a recent book by psychiatrist Louann Brizendine – a feminist female scientist – there are presentations of studies indicating that women get by talking the same rush of hormonal and brain transmitters’ like they get when they orgasm.

In a word: verbal descriptions about both inner world – the feelings and sensations inside their head – and outer world – for example the shape and the color of a flower or the streets of Paris like in our example – give to women great pleasurable sensations.

In this point men and women really do not meet each other in their needs.

In fact men enjoy when talking the exchange of pure cold data and they actually hate it if someone is not “getting to the point” when talking.

man should lead

Men do not get pleasure from describing reality in a way they feel as not practical and even boring.

So when after the approach you will start to talk to her using female talk she will feel: “Wow, a man who can talk about feelings!”

Anyway there is a trap here you need to be aware of.

Women enjoy a male who is able to talk about sensations and emotions with them but in the long term they loose sexual attraction for him if he is not showing his masculine side, his yang.

You will use in this kind of pick-up female talk as a way to have her interested enough in you to continue the discussion with you after you approach.

You will slowly switch back to your masculine attitude when you are sure that you got her into an isolated venue.

If you fail to switch back to masculine attitude she will give you the deadly: “Let’s just be friends!”

This is also at the same time a wonderful screening tool to get the good girls.

In fact the females not able to enjoy this kind of approach will be exactly the the LSE HD – low self-esteem, high sexual drive females who need to have you show your masculinity “too much” to get aroused.

LSE HD women will need you to be extremely dominant sometimes at the point of being close to abuse them.

The other group of LSE women, the LSE LD women – low selfesteem, low sexual drive – you will be able to recognize because they will enjoy female talk with you and will change all what you say into negative.

Like this:

(long pleasurable descriptions of Paris)

LSE LD woman: “It is too expensive as a town and I hate all those well dressed women who show off with their expensive clothes.”

Martin: “Hmm … I feel I have a terrible headache suddenly … I think I will go home”

She will cut you off like this and for two reasons:

1. She is scared of sex and your description is arousing her.

2. Her bad self-esteem does give her the permission of enjoying anything: she feels that she does not deserve Paris and in general does not deserve good things.

Good: here you have a wonderful “ready made” screening tool made by Franco to screen out the bad ones very fast.

The more a woman is a good girl, the more she is feminine and the more she will enjoy your “female talk.”

man guding women

What you will need to do at this point – after you have aroused her by the female talk – is to take out your masculine side and start to lead her and her emotions.

Think of a Cobra.

You first have her hypnotized by your talk and at a certain point you start to lead her.

What is leading her and her emotions?

In order for us to understand that we need to get in touch with other two concepts.

These are:

1. Pace – mirroring another person s thoughts and emotions without influencing the person.

2. Lead – leading a person towards a wanted inner state change or do to something we want.

For example:

Girl: (with angry tone) “Unbelievable! My car remained on the other side of the street!”

Martin: (pacing) “Oh that sucks! I can see how that makes you angry!”


Martin: (leading) “I am sure you will feel better when we get into the car. Let’s go!”

Read now this sequence:

Martin: “Ah .. France, France is a great place. I am glad you have been there. There is such a wonderful feeling in waking up early morning in Paris. You feel the sense of freedom when you get into the streets and head to the huge squares. The bread, the fresh bread they sell in the morning is so pleasurable when tasted with wine; you can feel the pleasure and the freedom of Paris in your veins!”

Girl:”Yes, the people are so open there, and so sweet”

Martin:”Being open is very important; it makes us feel more in touch with ourselves and the others.”

While you do this she will give you hints on how you have to proceed in order to seduce her and lay her.

Women take usually expressions like “it makes you feel”, “it makes us feel” very, very seriously. So as we have seen leading her emotions is basically done by two simple steps:

Pace: reflecting her emotions, thoughts and actions by our words, in a way mirroring them.

For example:

Girl:”Yes, I think traveling is wonderful, it makes us feel alive”

Me: (pacing) “Feeling alive is a marvelous experience. One is refreshed in one minute when the airplane gets into the sky.”

Here I am simply mirroring her emotions. After a certain time spent mirroring you can start to use the lead.

Lead: leading someone to a certain inner state change we want or do so something we want.

Girl: “Yes, I think traveling is wonderful, it makes us feel alive.”

Me: (leading) “Yes, that is wonderful, feeling alive! I have a wonderful collection of pictures from my last trip to Madagascar; you should feel the feelings created by the wild nature there. I am behind the corner, need to go upstairs to pick-up a jacket, let’s go to have a look at the pictures … ”

This could be a case of Day I close: when you get her to your apartment you escalate to kino (touching) and when she feels comfortable with that: to sex.

Now what makes you screen for good girls in this method is that you are not starting from dominant techniques like cocky and funny or push-pull.

You start here from a “soft” leadership and demonstrate alpha qualities by approaching her and leading her into something you want without putting her down in any way!

leaders attract women

You show alpha qualities in the next step when you lead her emotions and do not elicit fast strong submissive erotic and emotional feelings like you would do with push-pull or cocky and funny.

This makes you screen for good girls: in fact they are more prone to appreciate soft leadership and rapport than being put into a submissive sexual state from the beginning.

Adventuresses instead enjoy being put into a strong submissive sexual state from the beginning and want much less rapport, some of them consider the slightest rapport as a huge turn off.