In this post we will be learning how to live a fun life with a positive mindset and how to attract more girls in your life.

Carlos Xuma On How To Live A Fun Life

It’s really all about lifestyle. One of the things I talk about is The Alpha Lifestyle or The Alpha Men Lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle that you want to lead so that you don’t even have to focus so much on women because you’ve got a full and complete life. You’ve got the social circle you want; you’ve got the relationships and friendships you want. You’ve got a good family life, you’ve got a good career, you have a good spiritual life, hobbies, and all that stuff. It creates a more complete picture of a man overall.

So the first thing is, of course, have a happy life without women. Because if you can’t do that, it’s kind of a cliché, but adding a woman only screws your life up even more. So go out to be social and give energy. This is probably one of the best mindsets you can have: to go out, have fun for yourself and meet women along the way.

Go out and give energy away. Because if you’re an energy vampire, if you’re looking to get something for nothing, if you’re looking to approach groups so that you can leech on to their good time, or trying to get a phone number, or get laid, then it’s all about getting. You’re creating an energy which eventually is going to destroy your game. So you have to go out there with an attitude of giving value, giving energy, and not to the point where you’re totally depleted, mind you, because you will get some of that back, but it comes from that source first. You’re a source of energy; you’re not a drain of it.

Christian Hudson On Alpha Lifestyle

So much of it is the environment in your life and the people around you. If you have people who make you happy and you go to places where you enjoy doing stuff with these people then you will have fun. What I’ve realized is there are a lot of places that I simply do not like to go. I have been out to nightclubs in Manhattan countless times and what I realized is I don’t actually like going to those places. They’re full of people who are pretentious and very self impressed and it’s a scene where I don’t feel utterly comfortable or where I can be myself and have fun. So I’ve started to put myself in situations where I can find other women who are just as attractive as those I meet at nightclubs, but I can be much more myself and I can enjoy myself much more.

Alpha Make Style Tips

I know that there are plenty of ways to get in the state, but what it really comes down to is putting yourself in places and in environments and around people where you naturally enjoy yourself and you can naturally be yourself, and you’re going to be your most confident and charismatic in those environments.

David Wygant On Better Lifestyle

I would just say get into yourself, and get into your day. So many guys make this mistake all the time: They go out all day looking to meet women. That’s boring. I go out just to have fun. Let’s say you go to the supermarket and you have a good time in the market because you enjoy buying food. Or you like wine and you go into a wine store and you like to pick out wine. Or you really like books and you go to a bookstore and you’re researching books all day long. Or you like to hike or bike or whatever it is – if you’re having fun all day long, you’re going to be very attractive to the opposite sex. Women are going to want to meet you because you’re walking around with a great energy. You’re walking around feeling secure. You’re walking around as the guy who people want to meet.

Go out to a bar tonight and look at the person who is having an incredible time. Look at that person and look at the amount of people who line up to speak to him. Go to the market and look at the guy who is engaging people and having fun and talking about food. Look at the way people look at him. They all want to go near him. They want a part of him. So you go out and you have the best time doing what you love and guess what? You’re going to be meeting women in those areas and you’re going to have a lot to talk about because you’ll have mutual interests. That’s how you do it.

Dean Cortez On Alpha Male Lifestyle

Well, first off, when you look good, you’re going to feel good. If you’ve been wearing the same clothes, if you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle ever since college or ever since high school, it’s time to change things up. Go to an upscale men’s clothing store, talk to some of the salesgirls, tell them that you’ve decided you’re going to upgrade your look and change up your wardrobe, and get their suggestions. Let them pick out some stuff for you. It sounds simple, but it’s really so important that your look is on point and you are feeling good about what you’re wearing and the energy you are giving off.

How To Live An Attractive Lifestyle

You also want to learn some techniques, get some solid material, recruit one or two of your friends and discuss this stuff with them. Turn these guys into your wingmen and go out and have fun. Maintain that abundance mentality. Maintain the mentality, “These girls are there to be seduced. It’s just a matter of the right guy coming along and pushing their buttons the right way.” And also, don’t define a successful evening only in terms of how many girls you picked up or how many phone numbers you get.

The bottom line really is to go out and be social. Don’t get yourself all worked up and anxious, thinking, “You know, I’ve got to get laid tonight.” No, your main objective is to be social and to bring some fun into other people’s evenings tonight, and also make sure to take batting practice.

I’m being social and I’m staying warmed up at all times, so when that hot chick walks by, it is a totally natural step for me to slide over to her and to engage her in a conversation and to bring her into the fun that I’m having.

DJ Fuji On How To Live An Attractive Lifestyle

It’s tough because what I used to do is not the same things that I still do. I used to watch stand-up comedy. Or I would talk to a friend who makes me laugh.

As you progress, what you are going to realize is you stop doing and you start being. I don’t flip on the pick-up switch anymore. I used to do that and that’s part of a learning process. It’s an easy thing for me to say after six years of busting tail in order to achieve that, right?

But if you are not there yet and you still have to flip on the switch, I would say, hang around people who are fun. Smile. It’s a huge, huge thing. I don’t care if you’re depressed. I don’t care if you’re sad. I don’t care if you’re angry. Smile, because smiling will change your mood. It will change your psychology. And that’s one of the biggest, biggest things that I see guys not doing.