At this point in previous articles we’ve talked about the basics of going out, smiling, and talking to people many times. Just going out and being a part of your world. You’ve done the exercises, but maybe you still aren’t seeing the results you want. If that’s the case for you, let’s talk about another part of this equation, and it’s extremely important. In fact it’s what life is all about energy.

What do I mean by energy exactly? Well, I’m talking about the energy you “feel” when you go out, and the energy other people can sense when they’re around you. We’ve all experienced it, that really energetic vibe from someone who’s excited about something, or has just received some great news, and just has a palpable positive air about them. That’s what I want you to create when you go out and do these exercises. The more observant you are about life, the more energetic you become about life and the more alive you feel and act. And once you’re alive, women (and people in general), will notice and will gravitate toward you.

Now this is something that will take time and practice, but everyone can do it. Unfortunately, most people end up sleep walking through life and don’t ever really get this important aspect of it. In fact I see it a lot more frequently then I’d like at my bootcamps.

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There’s nothing worse than when I see a man come to me for a boot camp with no energy at all. He has no spark, no passion, nothing. He walks around life like the “Invisible Man.” If you haven’t done the exercises because you’ve deemed them silly, time consuming, or ridiculous, you’re doing yourself a disservice because you need to do them over and over to get a sense of the energy of different situations. This only comes with practice, and soon you’ll be able to instantly read and play off the energy of any situation.

For the rest of you who are serious about improving and are doing the exercises, I want you to now approach them from a new angle. I want you to go into every situation with a new awareness about energy. How do people react when it’s low energy? What does this do to your energy? What about the opposite, when things are high energy? How does this change things when you are interacting with people? It’s really easy to read this and think you already know the answer, because we all do. But knowing and experiencing are not the same, and to really get this you need to experience the different energy levels yourself.

When doing this, not surprisingly you’re going to find that the best situations are going to be high energy. And once you understand what high, positive energy feels like, you’ll be able to recreate it as you wish. This might all sound a little “hocus-pocus” to some of you, but once you really get this, you’re ready for more advanced topics, For now, just remember this one nugget: When you’re positive, and you have strong energy, women flock to you.