In this post, you will be hearing from some of the top dating and relationship coaching. They will share their techniques with you that will teach you how to make friends and build your very own social circle.

Drew Canole On How To Make New Friends

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One of the fastest ways is to meet people online and set up real life appointments with them. Secondly, if you are a professional or in school or whatever, join groups, join organizations, do things that are going to put you in front of women. Regardless of if they are attractive or not, make friends with them because every single ugly girl has good looking friends. It’s the law of averages that most hot chicks hang out with ugly girls. So, meet as many people as possible. Start building an email list, be in that internet market. Everywhere you go invite them out, and you create lifelong friendships that way.

Jordan Harbinger On How To Build Your Own Social Circlehow to make friends

A lot of guys who are especially career-oriented guys might be looking more for wives and girlfriends as opposed to just going out and meeting as many people as possible. I always give them this advice: Start off by having really small dinner parties with three or four guests. You can do them weekly and invite people who you don’t know so well, maybe your neighbors, people you should know, people you work with and ask them to bring either significant other or friends, somebody who you don’t know.

Now, you’ll start these parties pretty calm and collected, and you’ll be talking and chatting a lot, maybe even just small talk, but it’s OK because if you tell people that you’re new in an area and you’re looking to meet friends or you just want to expand your social circle, people will really respect that.

When I moved to Los Angeles recently, I told everybody I met: “You know what? I’m new here. I want to make new friends.” And my phone was ringing off the hook. People were calling me, “Hey, we’re going to happy hour. I’ve got five of my girl friends with me. Why don’t you come by and join us. I’d love to introduce you to them. They’re going to love you.”

I couldn’t actually meet all of my social obligations because I literally told everybody from the guys working at the grocery store across the street to the guys working at my gym and people that I’ve met at clubs and bars that I was looking to meet new friends and meet new people. And I always gave out my contact info, and like I said they were really, really helpful and very proactive with just getting me in front of as many of their friends as possible, so it became so easy to meet girls by meeting 20 new people a week.

Julian Foxx On How To Build A Social Circles

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Making friends with girls is a great way to make it easier to meet girls. I think where a lot of guys go wrong with this is they make friends with girls but they have that ulterior motive: “OK. I am going to bang this girl later.”

But the real trick to this is really actually letting go. Let go of having any objective or ulterior motive. Really just having a genuine friendship with women is a beautiful thing. If you get it right, you are going to get laid all the time because she is going to have other friends who you are going to meet.

I had a number of friends in the New York City night life who are night club promoters and if you can make friends with some of them in the better venues you are automatically going to have a huge advantage just going into any environment that has lot of women.

Stephen Nash On Making New Friends And Building A Social Circle

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It’s really simple. Start doing the things you want to do and just meet the other people who are there doing it with you. I mean that’s it. You have certain interests as everybody does, and for the most part by and large people don’t follow them. They kind of fall into the standard American lifestyle, that doesn’t really lead them anywhere different than where everybody else is going. So I encourage people to get out of that and to start doing things they really want to do. By exploring your interests you will meet people who also like to do that thing and from there you form a community. It’s really very, very simple and anything else I think would over complicate that. Do the things you want to do and meet the other people out there who are doing that with you.

Yad Shares His Lifestyle Building Tips

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This is where day game wins hands down over night game. Having done day game for so long, you can put me in any situation and I can verbally get myself in or out of it of depending on the situation. My verbal skills have been challenged and developed now and it’s the best thing I could have taken away from day game. Never mind the girl. It’s literally the social ability to just talk to anyone, anywhere, in any circumstances. I don’t need any sort of environment. I don’t need it to be at a certain time.

I can interview for a job that I am not even zero percent qualified for, I’ll be totally the wrong person for it, and I will get that job.

Here Is What Adam Lyons Have To Say

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I’m really good at building new social networks. I think right now I’ve got four independent social circles that I built in my new hometown. I’ve only been living here for just about a year now, and each of the social circles are independent and they’re all quite large and most of them actually contain a high proportion of girls who are all pretty attractive.

The way that I did that is by finding things I’m interested in, and then either organizing groups or joining groups. So for myself, I’ve organized an acting class. I’ve organized a fitness class. I’ve organized a geeky hobby class for all my friends who are into geeky stuff and I do some stuff within the pick-up community.

And each one is set up separately. I might have used for one of them. One I might have built up one using my Facebook group, and I think with one I actually joined a forum and I got people to come along. The idea is that all these different social networking tools are available and it is about taking the initiative to go out there and set them up.

If all else fails, if you really are lazy and think you can’t do it, join a gym and sign up for those girly classes like kickboxing or dance. I love when the really big dudes are working out together and showing off their bodies to each other and I’m in a dance class with a bunch of girls who are really hot with no other men talking to them. It’s a really quick way to build a social circle of hot female friends.

Alex Coulson On Building Social Networks And Winning Friends

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I actually read an article in the Daily Mail a couple of days ago and it was all about how to build social circles, but also how to make friends. Some of us have this mindset: “I have enough friends and I don’t need anymore.” The article said that if you have that mindset, change it to, “I have enough good friends, but I’m always on the lookout for more, even if it only means adding to Facebook.” So what I’m trying to say is, make an effort to always make friends because more friends always mean more social opportunities. I’ve got a friend, he befriends everyone on Facebook. This guy goes to bars and clubs. If he meets a guy and talks to him 5 or 10 minutes, he’ll say, “Hey, you’re on Facebook. I’ll let you know if I have any parties coming up. I’ll shoot you a message.” And eventually, he shoots the guy a message. That guy might bring a female colleague, a female friend or an ex-girlfriend or something.

So it just adds value to his life in building a social circle. Just start making more friends and they’ll probably have friends. You do the same thing with girls. Don’t try and have sex or date every girl you meet. Try and have female friends. You will know more about women and learn more about women spending a day with one girl and her friends than reading ten ebooks on women.