In this post some of the top experts from the field of dating and psychology will be sharing their opinion on how to meet women and have fun. Let’s get started.

Drew Canole

First of all I get the women completely out of it. Every single time I go out, it’s not about going out and meeting women. It’s about going out and crashing the parties or taking over the place.

It becomes a game about how much fun can we have in a night and who is going to be a part of it. Women are not a part of that equation and because of that the more detached we become from the final outcome, the more attractive we are and more women come home with us. Every single time it’s like that. This method is probably completely different than anything you have ever heard and it is insanely successful.

tips to meet women and have fun

Jordan Harbinger

In teaching guys to go out, have fun and meet people in the field, we have drills such as Improve shows that we do as a group and we really get into a kind of a zany, wild mode. But we’re not always going to be the big group of really fun zany guys, sometimes we’re the only one in our group of friends who actually wants to go out and meet people. Or maybe I’m with a bunch of people who are really shy and they’re going to be really introverted and reserved. Well, that’s OK. You might want to go out alone in the beginning. I started going out alone when I was first learning this stuff and really it made things a lot easier because I was able to really approach and get rejected hard with no fear of judgment from any of my other buddies.

Now with that said if you really want to get yourself in the mood to go out, you’ve got to do something that is fun for you on a personal level. I like to sing and I’ll sing in the shower. I’ll throw in some really good music and start dancing in my living room. I’ll do jumping jacks if I feel tired. I might watch really funny YouTube clips or some of my favorite portions of movies or Dane Cook or some other comedian that I think is hilarious, even if I’ve seen it a hundred times.

I like to get myself laughing and I like to change my physiology into something that’s fun. Because we know and we teach it here at the Art of Charms that the mind follows the body and the body follows the mind, so if I get myself dancing, singing, smiling and laughing, my mindset is going to change and my physiology is going to change into that confident, fun, charismatic physiology that women find attractive, that everybody finds attractive.

Let me throw in one last thing: Put your computer away and don’t check your email and don’t read things. Anything that’s heavily logical is going to take you in the opposite direction, so you want to stay away from that stuff.

Julian Foxx

This works like gangbusters so feel free to use it: We have little contests and I’ll do this with my clients. This one is a rejection contest where I’ll say, “OK guys, now, we are going to have a contest right now and the loser has to pay for everyone’s drinks.”

There is something real that they are betting on, something at stake and the contest is who can get rejected the most. So, each time you get rejected by a girl you basically score a point. Now, here is where it’s a little tricky. We can’t just walk up to a girl and say, “Hey baby! I’ll kill you.”

You can’t purposely get rejected; you actually have to go up and try to do well, but if we do get rejected, we still score a point. And whoever scores the least rejections by the end of whatever time period has to pay for all the drinks, has to pay for lap dances, or whatever the bet is. And something as simple as that can completely alleviate a lot of the anxiety that we have regards to approaching women.

Stephen Nash

Music is great. I could remember me and TD and Poppa once in my car in LA and we have this Rolling Stone writer, this fellow riding with us out to the clubs. We were going to the Highlands or something, one of the big, big scary places, and I threw on “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy. It was blasting along the way and by the time we got there, man, we were in state. We were ready to go and I learned something from that,it’s like music is energy and has an impact. So I have a whole thing on this where I teach guys to try three different strategies.

how to live a fun life

One is music. Put some headphones on and listen to some really hard, good driving, positive, energetic songs.

Another thing is when you walk into a particular venue, whether it’s a party with friends or a club go in and smile. It’s a simple little thing, but just go in with a smile on your face. There’s something that happens physiologically when you do it that you can’t otherwise make happen. It kind of opens me up.

The third thing is to go out with friends. That’s the best way: to have a friend or two with you so you are going to have fun regardless of whether you meet women or not. And that’s really the big thing. If you’re out alone prowling for women, you’re not going to have a lot of success anyway. It’s more healthy and a good idea to be out with friends so that you’re going to be having fun anyway and meeting women becomes a side thing that happens as a result of that.


Anything could pump you up. I listen to a lot of hip hop, for example. I listen to a good bit of Redman & Method Man before I go out. It could be anything as simple as that or it could be you actually going into a shopping mall and talking to the girl on the shop floor and saying, “Do you recommend I get my little sister something?” So, I have no problems with guys using whatever tools at their disposal to get into the mood. It could be lots of different things for different individuals.

I’ve reach the stage where I don’t need pumping up anymore. I feel totally comfortable in my own skin to actually go up to women anytime. Even if I’m pumping down for a pint of milk, if I see a hot girl, I’ll be on her, and that’s ultimately the state you want to reach. But for now, as a beginner, you could go with finding what works for you, what pumps your energy up, so it could be anything. Whatever gets you into the mood – do it.