The techniques that experts are going to share with you will help you meet women during the day and that includes Russian women too. There techniques work very well on Russian women.

Vin DiCarlo’s Day Game Approach Method

I live in New York City so I do a lot of this stuff. But the way I do what I do isn’t going to be exactly the same as what someone else would do. For example, I approach women by just saying “Hi.” If you get to a point where your mindset is completely optimized to the point that it should be, you don’t plan anything, and you don’t really need to rely on techniques. Really you’re going to be approaching without even thinking about it.

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So if you’re asking me how I would do it, you’d have to put me in a situation and see what happens automatically. If you want to know what I would recommend for a guy who is just starting out, then I would tell him to approach her and just start a simple conversation. Again, his mindset, and his thoughts are going to be controlling his mannerisms, body language, how funny he is and how his conversational flow is. So I would focus on fixing that stuff first.

Then he would be able to say anything he wants and it would work. And if you follow my advice in the question about overcoming fear of rejection, approaching a woman during the day becomes as easy as tying your shoe.

Action Jackson Shares A Great Opener For Meeting Women During The Day

There is one opener that I use called the “Shocking On”opener and I gave it that name because it’s insanely direct and works really well. And the reason I like it so much as a universal daytime opener is because the problem during the daytime is women have a lot of different time constraints.

If she’s at a coffee shop and she’s sitting down working on her laptop, then you know she’s going to be there for a while. But what if she’s across the street walking to her car? You know she has somewhere to be. So the cool thing about this opener is it only takes about 60 seconds to run the whole routine and you can get a solid phone number out of it.

You can’t get a solid phone number at a night club just talking to a girl for one or two minutes. When you approach a girl during the day, even if it’s just for 60 seconds, she’s going to remember you because you’re probably the only guy who even approached her during the day that week or month or year or her own entire life.

So I came up with this opener by accident when I was actually at a music festival and I saw this girl. I was with my friend and my friends wanted to leave and I thought “Crap.” I had been putting off going over and talking to her and she hadn’t seen me yet.

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So I told myself, “You know, I’m not going to pick her up, but I’m, at least, going to go over and give her a compliment or say something stupid just to get it off my chest.” So I just went over and basically said, “Hey, you know, you caught my eye from over there and I know I would have been regretting it for the rest of the day if I didn’t come over and at least say „Hi.” I’m Chris.”

And it went great and just from those 60 seconds she said, “Oh, nice to meet you.” And then we had a couple little seconds of small talk and then I said, “You know, screw this. Let’s exchange numbers. You know, I barely know you, but I’ll shoot you a text and you know, if we like each other, we’ll go from there.”

I texted her and at first it worked great, but then it fizzled out. A few years ago I finally realized the problem with it. The problem was I didn’t qualify her. So use that opener but just make sure you qualify her: Go up to her just like I said above, but then make sure that in those 60 seconds you throw out at least good qualification question. Then if she qualifies you and you qualify her, then for some reason that’s just enough for her to be that more interested in you, and then you can get the number. And I don’t know, man, it just works like gold. This is the new product that I’m working on. One of my students approached five girls in an outdoor mall and out of the five girls; he got three of their numbers and dates with two of them.

Bill Preston Teaches How To Meet Women In Daytime

I’d like to treat them like any other human being. One time I was in the elevator on the way to the coffee shop and there was also this pretty attractive woman there. I just started randomly talking to her. And there was another guy talking about how long these elevators take to get to the coffee shop because it stops at every floor and we were just chit chatting. And the next thing you know, we are in line together and I was making a bet with her to buy me a drink or buy my coffee or whatever it was. So, I don’t really see it as approaching; just think of it as another person you want to talk to and see if they are interested. And if you do that with everybody you meet, you are going to meet a lot of women.

Lance Mason Seduction Method And Techniques For Day Game

I’m really, really big in meeting women during the daytime, in your everyday life. I think it’s just so much more efficient. I think you meet women who you connect with in a much better way than you do in going to bars.

If I see a woman alone in a calm environment, I like to take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to be funny. In a bar, at night, if there are a lot of people around you do have to be funny.

But the truth is women don’t necessarily want that. In certain environments, you need to break through the noise, but if you look at what women want, women want the romance novel. They want a guy who is sincere, who’s vulnerable, who’s very powerful, but is also touched very deeply by something unique about a woman that only he can see.

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If I saw a woman sitting down in a café and I was really struck by her, I might just walk up to her very slowly, very quietly take a breath and say, “You know, I was over there just trying to read a book, and there’s just something about you. I just had to come and say hi.” It’s very sincere, very quiet and very moving. I’ll tell you something. Women have been waiting for a man to approach them like that for their entire lives because they’ve been reading about it in romance novels and even in little fairy tale books when she was six years old. She’s been reading about the powerful man who makes himself vulnerable and is touched by the princess and I’ll tell you most women have never been approached that way in their entire life and if you do this right, it’s so amazingly powerful.

And I know it sounds a little bit cheesy maybe, it definitely sounds very simple, but I’ll tell you this takes a ton of balls to do it right, and if you do it right it really touches women. Our students tell me all the time that they do this on women who happen to be in relationships or they happened to be married or whatever and some will cry because they’re in a relationship and they’re so touched by this stranger. Other women will cry and say, “Yes, I’ll go out with you.” It’s a really powerful and the one way to understand it is really to do it.

Joseph Matthews Prefers Approaching Women During The Day

I actually prefer approaching women during the day – there’s lot less pressure. The girl’s defenses aren’t up as much and it really comes down to just being in the moment and seeing what’s going on around you like doing those situational openers that I talked about before. But the important part about day time approach is really about quickly building rapport and getting some type of bridge. And the bridge can be something that leads to a future interaction, so it could be an email address, a phone number or a Facebook profile.

So the first thing that you need to know when approaching a woman during the day is that anything is fair game. No matter where you’re at if you see a woman you want to approach, you have to be willing to approach her. The only exception I might make with that is the workplace because some people don’t want to date people they work with.

When you do approach, you need to find something that you can comment on to get a conversation going and quickly build some level of comfort, trust, or interest, and then bridge that. If you’re at a bus stop and you don’t have a lot of time, what you need to do is build up something so she feels comfortable talking to you later and then find some way to continue that interaction at some later date.

For instance: “Hey, you know, you seem like a really cool person. I’d like to get to know you better. Obviously, this isn’t the best time. Are you on Facebook?”