In this post, you will be learning how to meet more women in your life, have fun and be in a confident and fun state of mind.

Alex Coulson On How To Meet Women

I’ve actually got a mate who sings before he goes out. He’ll drive into the city before we head out and he turns on his favorite song and sings. There are some guys I know who like to listen to “Eye of the Tiger” – a really pumping sort of song to get them into the state and to get them in the mood or the mindset to go out and have fun. I’ve got guys who play the guitar because they have a ready guitar and they have a jam session. After they finish, they feel fantastic. They feel really pumped. They feel happy to go out and meet women. So you really want to do something you enjoy before going out.

I used to sing as well. I was trained as an opera singer. Before I went out, I usually just sang my favorite tune. I used to just really let it all out and I used to feel fantastic and really good. When I went out, I felt pumped, and it’s easy. If you go out and you’re depressed and you haven’t been out for a while, and you haven’t had much social contact or you haven’t talked with your mates for a while, it’s kind of hard to get into the state. And you don’t really feel like talking to anyone, so do something you enjoy before you head out. It definitely helps.

Bobby Rio On How To Meet And Attract Women

The one thing that I really have been preaching lately, and that I actually use when I’m out now, not even meeting girls but even just networking and trying to connect with different people, is the concept of curiosity. It lets you get outside of your own head. That’s what’s really important about mindset – you can’t be in your own head. You can’t be thinking about how you’re feeling or what you want or what you have to do. So by being curious about everything around you, it allows you to stay involved in a moment. You should also practice this consciously. There’s a personality type called the “Othello personality” and this personality type is the best type for reaching the state – some people may know it as “flow,” where you are just basically in the zone. And you reach that by becoming fully engaged in everything you do. This means, whether you’re washing the dishes, you’re at work at a boring job, or you’re out hitting on chicks, you‟ve got to learn to have fun with everything you‟re doing and not be constantly in your head thinking about, “Oh, man. I’d rather be doing this, or I rather be doing that.” The guys that really do well with women have this Othello personality where they’re able to enjoy any situation.

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Brad Jackson Revealing The Secrets Of Positive Mindset

This is pretty simple. Listen to some great music that pumps you up. Tell yourself that you’re in the mood to meet new people and have an adventure tonight and that no matter what happens you’re happy that you got out there and tried – do this before you go out.

Also, focus NOT on meeting a girl or taking her home and nailing her, but instead focus on something you can directly control. Focus your outcome on saying “I will make somebody smile tonight if it’s the last thing I do.” Have the outcome that you’re going to meet at least one new person no matter what. That’s something you can control and the good news is, good things usually come from outcomes like that … and adventure.

Brent Smith On How To Make Friends With Women

Well, what I do is I change the reason that I go out. I don’t go out to pick up women. I don’t go out to get laid. I go out to have fun, and I go out to amuse myself. And I go out to have a great time, and I go out to help other people have fun. That’s huge. The moment that I started doing that, there was an avalanche of women and an avalanche of sex which is why I’m always pursued. I never pursue women. I’ve never had to since then because they find that so alluring and attractive that they come after me. So the number one thing is change the reason you go out. Change it to having fun, helping others have fun, and just go out and have a blast.

Number two, I visualize my night before I go out. So during the week, if I’m going out on Friday I’m already thinking about how great Friday night is going to be. I’m visualizing all the crazy off the wall stuff that usually happens to me is going to happen to me again, such as having a girl come up and ask to make out with me as soon as I walk in the door.

So then on Friday, I’m still running that through my head and I’m really psyching myself up. Right before I walk into a place, I will say – the phrase that me and my friends say as we walk in is – “Showtime!” And we get all really psyched up when we walk into a place with an explosion of energy. We don’t hesitate because we used to have horrible approach anxiety, too. And now, we just start talking to people. It makes such a big difference. And we tell ourselves, while we’re walking around, how all the women in here want us. I mean, it must be tough for them because they’re all competing for us because we are the sexiest guys in here. And I teach that to all my very average and below average looking clients, and it works really well for them and in fact I learned that from very average looking guys, so that’s what we do.

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Carlos Xuma Offering Lifestyle Tips For Men

It’s really all about lifestyle. One of the things I talk about is The Alpha Lifestyle or The Alpha Men Lifestyle. It’s the lifestyle that you want to lead so that you don’t even have to focus so much on women because you’ve got a full and complete life. You’ve got the social circle you want; you’ve got the relationships and friendships you want. You’ve got a good family life, you’ve got a good career, you have a good spiritual life, hobbies, and all that stuff. It creates a more complete picture of a man overall.

So the first thing is, of course, have a happy life without women. Because if you can’t do that, it’s kind of a cliché, but adding a woman only screws your life up even more. So go out to be social and give energy. This is probably one of the best mindsets you can have: to go out, have fun for yourself and meet women along the way.

Go out and give energy away. Because if you’re an energy vampire, if you’re looking to get something for nothing, if you’re looking to approach groups so that you can leech on to their good time, or trying to get a phone number, or get laid, then it’s all about getting. You’re creating an energy which eventually is going to destroy your game. So you have to go out there with an attitude of giving value, giving energy, and not to the point where you’re totally depleted, mind you, because you will get some of that back, but it comes from that source first. You’re a source of energy; you’re not a drain of it.