Dominic O’brain is famous for this memory stunt. But the truth is that anyone can memorise the names of all people present in a room and in this post you will be learning how to perform this memory feat.

First off you should select a journey consisting of 40 stages (if there are 40 people in room). If the list of 40 names is grouped in some way, may be a seating plan of five people per table, or may be five business man from one company or country then you may want to use 8 separate five stage journeys or alternatively you can use a journey eight stages with five mini stages (For more info on this read Roman Room System )

Now you are ready to memorise the names of all the people present in the room.

Let’s suppose that the first name on the list is Victoria Green. Now it is possible that we have not met Victoria Green before so we have no past memory to attach her name to. In this case we will need to create an image that will represent her name. For some of you, Victoria may make you think of Queen Victoria of England. Now to remember Victoria Green, all you have to do is picture Queen Victoria wearing a green dress and place this image on the first stage of your journey. After you have done this, you will have no trouble remembering Victoria Green.

That is how you perform this memory feat. You just get people’s name, create an image to remind you of their name and then you simply places these images on different stages of your journey.

If you want to perform it this trick in a party, here is how you do it

Ask people to stand up and tell their names one by one. As people will be telling their names, you should be creating images and placing them on different stages of your journey. Once you are done, all you have to do is simply to retrace your steps. Just start from stage one of your journey, recapturing images and turning them into names.

It appears to be an uphill task if you think about it, but it really isn’t. It is as simple as memorising a list of 40 words, in fact in some cases it is even easier than memorising a list of 40 words.

Start today, you do not need to be in a party to perform this trick. I am giving you a list of 20 names, just try to remember them using the method that you just learnt.

Jane Little Mike Stetson Steve Ranger Eve Rowe Peter Lyones Jill Taylor June Harvey Rupert Watts Sally Bishop Bill Hatcher Andy Cushion Nina Harley Henry Whale Fred Noble Lilly Bedding Terry Ward Susan Dance Mary Brown Dave Lark Rowena Ward

Do not get discouraged if you fail to remember all names, just keep trying and you will soon find it very easy to remember a list of names.