Memorizing telephone numbers should no longer be an issue for you, since you have become familiar with a wide range of techniques and are sure to have found a system you prefer. But remember that your brain loves variety, and it’s all right to employ other systems every now and then. ( Read memory palace technique redefined )

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Even if you can recall the seven digits of a new acquaintance’s phone number without a system by now, a little story is sure to help you keep the numbers in mind much longer. Besides, it’s fun to think of crazy pictures in your head. An important part to memorizing telephone numbers is always linking information about the person’s face with his or her name and the number. This is most successful when you set the person in a story or include a short route directly linked to the person. Th is could be a situation in which you have gotten to know him or her, or you may choose a few striking route markers from the person’s particular work or home environment. ( Read Memory techniques are fun to learn and apply ).

For example, the phone number of your new acquaintance, Mr. Arthur, is 694-1793 (69 41 79 3) can be memorized using the following bizarre little story. Imagine Mr. Arthur wanting a new piece of artwork (art, the first three letters of Arthur). Disguised as a sheep, he searches the attic for his rat. His rat is hiding because it does not want its photo taken again. But Mr. Arthur finds the rat, puts a yellow cap on it, and photographs it in the May sunshine. Once the rat sees the picture, it’s so proud that they are good friends again. ( Read How To Use Memory Techniques In Daily Practice )

memory technique for memorizing telephone numbers

You think this is too complicated? Not in the least. Once you have played this story out in your mind, whenever you think of Mr. Arthur, you’ll imagine him in a sheep costume and remember the story of the rat in the attic. All you need to do then is decode the images. And there you have it—the number 694-1793 is once more at hand.(Read Introduction To Long Term And Working Memory )

You may also link the keywords for the four double-digit combinations of this phone number—sheep, rat, cap, and mail—with four objects that you imagine to be on the way from Mr Arthur’s front door to his living room. However, you should make sure that no objects are present at these markers that might also appear on your own apartment route, because that could cause confusion later. ( Read How To Remember Anything You Hear )

In theory, you would not need to learn the entire master system in order to memorize phone numbers; it would be enough to understand the logic of the system and to know the terms for the numbers 0 to 9. You could work out stories for the phone numbers in your own time with the help of the tables. However, the story for a seven-digit number is likely to be rather long. For Mr. Arthur’s number you would need a story with the words shoe, bee, ray, tea, cow, bee, and May, which is quite complicated. This means it’s worthwhile learning all the keywords for the master system. The more often you use this system, the more advantages you’ll discover and, in turn, the more opportunities you’ll find for using it. I suggest you also read how to never forget an appointment again.

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