You can now remember birthdays easily by using the master system. Let’s say that Katherine has a birthday on June 20. You can imagine Katherine is given a pair of very large shoes on her birthday, because she has suddenly grown a very large nose, and the shoes are intended to make her nose less conspicuous. Also read how to start memorizing with basic association techniques.

If you also want to remember the year of her birthday, just use the technique for memorizing historical dates and include these images in the story as well. Because it’s probably not necessary to memorize the first two digits of the year, you can imagine that if Katherine was born 6/20/1971 (6 20 71), she receives another present on her birthday, a beautiful cat. Read a successful formula for memory improvement.

Andrew’s birthday is 3/11/1969 (3 11 69). In this case, Andrew gets a teddy as a present in May, given to him by a sheep.

There are some foibles to watch out for with remembering birthdays. For example, you must keep in mind that May in the master system actually stands for the number 3, which is to say the month of March and not May.

A little more difficult situation is where one could imagine seeing the vision of a teddy in sunny May with the sheep that Andrew’s birthday is November 3 instead of March 11. In this case, you can do one of the following. Either trust your story and know that the teddy does not appear first, or mark the teddy by placing a number 2 on his robe to signify that he’s the second image. You might also remember that Andrew, whose name begins with the first letter of the alphabet, has a birthday at the beginning and not the end of the year. Read top three reasons why you have a poor memory.

To avoid the problem altogether, you could make up your own keywords for the twelve months of the year. It’s entirely up to you which words you choose, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

January – a snowman, a jaguar
February – Mardi Gras
March the – March Hare
April – the Easter Bunny, April showers, April Fool’s Day
May – May blossoms
June – the sun, the longest day of the year
July – vacations
August – a lifeguard, Augustus
September – the beginning of school, a backpack full of books
October – fall foliage
November – cold, ice, Thanksgiving
December – Santa Claus

Even though it might sound a very simple and basic memory technique but i request you not to ignore it. Read the myth of good and poor memory.

Most people end up ignoring basic memory techniques because they think that they can do without learning these very basic techniques.

memory improvement technique to memorize birthdates

But then:

These basic techniques are the very techniques that provide you with a solid base so do learn and master all the memory improvement techniques that you think are basic ones. Read how memory techniques help you become an expert in your field.

As a general rule with anything in life, you must not ignore anything.

These basic memory improvement techniques that help you master the complicated and rather hard to master memory techniques. Read how to create groups of information to memorize using the method of association.

If you need help with this or any other technique, do leave your questions in the comments section so that we can provide answers to your questions.