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Joseph Matthews Likes To Use Situational Openers To Open And Attract Hot Girls

“Hi.” You know, there are so many openers. I really like to do situational openers where there’s something going on in the environment that I can comment on or something about her specifically that I can comment on, because those are usually, in my opinion, the best ways to engage someone. I would say if you want to start a conversation with a woman take a couple seconds and just kind of look at what’s going on with her, what’s going on in the environment and try and think of something to either ask her about or comment on.

Like if you’re standing in line in Starbucks, you could say like, “You know, I really don’t know what to get. What are you getting because we have the same taste in coffee?”

openers to attract hot and attractive girls

If she’s wearing an interesting piece of clothing, you can comment on it and ask her where she got it. One of the best openers I ever performed was I saw a girl walking by me one time and I asked, “Sorry to stop you like this. I just had to comment, are a dancer by any chance?” And she said, “No, why?” And I said, “Well, you walk with such grace, you know, like I just thought that maybe like you’re a professional dancer.” And she’s like, “Well, I used to dance, but not anymore.” Then she said, “I can’t believe that you commented on that because no one’s ever told me that before.” And I said, “Well, I’m happy to be the first. Hi, my name is Joe.”

Drew Canole Shares One Of His Best Openers To Talk To Attractive Girls

One of the best ones I have used in the past is to ask: “You can use one dance move for the rest of your life. What would it be? Go.”

Women like to dance, it’s just something that they like to do and I’ll joke around about it, I’ll create a little sexual tension; sometimes I’ll do my dance move. Those are the types of questions I ask. You can create your own unique style. For me, acting like an entertainer works. I am always acting like I am on T.V.

So, you are always on the spot, you are always on the show, you are always cracking jokes, you are having fun. Get them talking about the things they like, maybe its actors or People magazine – “Did you guys see this?” In Facebook Famous we have a whole section or my Twitter page where I post these different topical comedic things we incorporate into a conversation.

Jordan Harbinger Says Situational Openers Are An Art

Usually, I have a real situational opener, which is somewhat of an art in itself. I usually make a comment that might generally be funny about something in the environment. For example, I was waiting in a bank lobby the other day and I was looking at the carpeting and it was just ugly and I turned to the girl next to me and said, “Whoever was allowed to decorate this bank should not be allowed to decorate anything ever again.” And she just started laughing and I realized that it wasn’t me trying to be funny, but it was just that was going through my head at the time. And it’s not brilliant. It’s not ingenious or anything, but women will riff on that all day.

And it didn’t hurt that it’s a female-relevant topic: design or clothing. And sometimes I’ll just straight up ask a girl for advice on something. I’ll say, “Listen, I feel like these jeans are a little bit too baggy. I just got them, but I’m still on the fence about taking them back.” And sometimes the girl would say, “Actually, you know what? I think they are really nice. I think those really look good on you.” And then I’ll say, “Great, thanks.” And I’ll transition that right into a regular conversation.

Now, if I’m out at night and I want to do something a little more high energy, a lot of times I’ll do playful teasing. What works for me all the time is, with a big smile with a very playful delivery, I’ll turn to girls and I’ll say, “You know what? You guys are trouble. Get out of here.” And it seems kind of intuitive when I tell them to get out of here, right? It works all the time. It’s always about the delivery, though.

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If you’re growling at people and you say, “You’re trouble. Get out of here.” And you look like the bouncer they’re going to get scared. It’s all about the delivery. You can say anything, but those are the two that I tend to just throw out there when I’m not thinking.

Julian Foxx Shares His Default Opener

I do have a default opener. It’s going to sound a little cheesy but I am going to tell you anyway. This is the last resort if I have nothing that is situationally relevant. I’ll go to a very direct opener or I’ll go to the ultimate cheese line which will be something like: “Oh my God, I totally know you from somewhere,” which is just a variation of “Hey baby! Don’t we know each other from somewhere?” or “I just had to tell you that you are absolutely stunning” and that’s it.

So, just classic direct or “Oh my God, listen, I don’t know where we know each other but I definitely know you from somewhere.” Now, what’s great about having a default like that is it really can work in 99% of the situations. But, the challenge is that those defaults require real significant commitment, verbal commitment, physical commitment, your energy needs to be congruent with what you are saying, there has to be a certain amount of playfulness and charm in what you are doing. If it’s not there, it’s not going to work.

Stephen Nash Prefers Direct Approach To Meet And Attract Women

My favorite one is a direct approach and it’s really simple. You see a woman, say in a café and you want to meet, you simply go up to her and say, “Excuse me, I noticed you from across the café and I had to risk complete embarrassment to meet you. My name is Stephen.”

You start things off on a very honest foot, which is good because you’re being direct. There’s nothing dishonest. You’re not manipulating. There is no bullshit and you get this kind of chemical feedback I was talking about where your body has a certain charge from a direct approach. That’s good. That’s helpful, but that little line is very effective because you’re not saying she’s hot, you’re not saying she’s got great eyes or a great ass or great legs. You’re saying you noticed her. In addition, you are past the reality of it being a little uncomfortable by saying “I had to risk complete embarrassment.” So you’re saying it’s embarrassing for you and what that does is it alleviates any embarrassment she might be feeling.

So it’s a little social skill called pacing that alleviates any kind of bad, negative feelings that are happening in that moment. You give her your name and then you stop talking and what happens is 9 times out of 10, actually 95 times out of 100, what is she going to say? Well she’ll say, “Oh, so what did you notice?” And then at that point, you’ve got to be prepared with something about why you approached her, some kind of a reason, something that you actually did notice about her. And usually it needs to be something very complimentary like, “Well, I heard you on a call earlier and you’re laugh was so infectious. I had to come meet somebody who seemed that happy.” It’s something like that, very simple, not about her looks. Anytime you compliment a woman’s looks, it’s a subtle insult actually because she probably had very little to do with that. It’s better to compliment her personality and her choices. That little structure has served me extremely well. I was more successful with that than I was with indirect more gimmicky things.

Yad Has A Very Simple Openers For New Seduction Newbies 

It’s a very simple opener. Nothing works better than this. The physicality is very important and the tonality is very important, but the opener is nothing more than, “Hey, can I just tell you something really quickly? OK, I just saw you, and I have to come over and say hello. I thought you look dead nice, you know.”

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And that’s pretty much it, and then I won’t wait for a response. I don’t wait to see how they respond in any way because it’s up to me to be the leader. So I will say, “Do you know what? I really love your stomach. I love girls with a flat stomach. I love just how athletic you look. You know it’s really cool. Do you like playing tennis or something?” That’s it. Finish. I’m into the conversation.

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