Today in this post, experts will be teaching you how to meet open and attract girls in a club or bar environment. So let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo Shares How To Open Women In A Club Or Bar

If I’m in a bar or club, it’s not much different. I don’t really change how I approach things. With a group, however, yes there are a few different factors you have to keep in mind.

So first of all, you need to know if there’s a guy in the group who wants her. That is going to change things a lot. Because if it’s just a girls night out, then yes each one of the girls is going to be receptive to hooking up and they probably don’t care what their friends think.

In a situation where it’s an all girl group, you just have to be friendly and flirt with all of them equally. Groups of three or more are easier. In fact the bigger the group the easier it is. It’s a more social event for them and there’s no way they can all just focus on each other the whole night so it’s understood they will be splintering off and meeting new people.

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Now with guys there’s another factor – and that is a much bigger threat of being cockblocked. Guys are much more aggressive – obviously. The good news is that most guys aren’t very good at it.

When there is one or more guys in a group, you have to make sure to DISARM them before you do anything related to getting a girl alone or focusing solely on the girl you’re interested in.

And you do that by actively talking to him, and finding some kind of commonality. Show him that you like him, and he should likeyou. You’re recool, he’s cool, and you both like the same kinds of things. And you MUST make sure the girl you like SEES this positive interaction. This gives her license to also be friendly and trust you and be alone with you. That way later on after you’re talking to the girl if he tries to be negative or say bad things about you or “protect her” he will look like a jerk and discredit himself. All of his negativity will actually be projected back onto himself because he was cool with you before, so it exposes him as a bitter, insecure cockblock.

Action Jackson Teaches How To Go To A Bar And Meet Girls

If I know I’m going to be going out to a bar or a club, I’ll go out and do the Hiroshima opener. It’s fun. It’s not about necessarily picking them up. You get to mess around with them and just be social and what’s cool about it is you end up getting great social proof photos for your Facebook or MySpace profile which raises your lifestyle attraction online and makes it really a win-win. Even if I don’t like any of the girls I meet that night, I’m still going to be going home with social proof photos that will raise my value and help me attract girls on Facebook. (You can visit Brad Jackson’s profile to learn more about the Hiroshima opener.)

Bill Preston Shares His Club Game Method

Once in New York this really attractive girl walked by with a friend in a really crowded place and I actually leaned out and said “Hey! I just want to tell you that I’ve been sitting here in this bar for the last couple of hours and by far you are the most attractive girl who has walked in here. I want to find out more about you.”

If you come across somebody and you are open and you literally say “Something about you enchanted me and I had to talk to you,” then it’s going to be really super easy to go from there. Now, she might be nervous, she might actually be with her boyfriend or whatever; in that case she is going to smile, thank you and move on. But, often they have never been told that directly and they are instantly very curious about you and they want to talk to you.

With a group of girls, you have to have a little bit more energy. You have to come in and have a reason to approach them. Maybe they are at the bar and you say “Excuse me” and get right between them and then you can immediately turn that into talking to them. Take a drink and ask “What are you guys drinking?” and engage all of them. I am not a big fan of weird openers or things that feel forced that you have already thought about. It is really the same thing you would do if there was a group of guys at the bar and you are all waiting for a drink. There is just small talk between you: “What’s going on with the bartenders?” or something like that. That’s how I’ll treat them; I’ll treat them like anybody else.

Lance Mason Method For Meeting Women In Clubs And Bars

Approaching a group is different. What you say doesn’t matter so much, “You guys look fun,” or “Hey, I won’t be that guy who hits on you in a bar, but yeah, I’m that guy.” You can do a lot of same openers. You do need to be higher energy and you need to make contact with the entire group and this is where touch is so important because imagine if there’s a group of five women, and I’ll walk up and I’ll kind of address the women who is farthest away. So I maybe point at her and look at her, but my shoulder is kind of touching the girl next to me or maybe making eye contact with a different girl and my body will be facing a different one. So it’s kind of hard for people to visualize, but it’s actually a really good technique, by touching people, by moving around you can actually keep the whole group engaged and that’s actually really, really important. And you’re not going to be able to do this if you’re not comfortable touching women. I’ll tell you even if you want to meet women during the day you need to learn to touch women.

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I just want to take a moment to talk about touch because it’s one of the biggest issues that guys have. And I’ve got basically three rules. I recommend you touch women before you say anything and you need to do it early. When I’m walking up to women I„ll just kind of tap them on the shoulder before even saying anything. I’ll just tap them on the shoulder and say, “You guys look fun. Come on, what’s going on, right?”

The other tip is you’ve got to do it easily. It’s got to be really soft, really relaxed, really light touches on the arm, really light touches on the hand, give them the high five, give them a bump, do a pinky swear. The other key is you need to touch everyone. You can’t just touch the women that you’re hot for. You’ve got to touch all the women. Remember this is just communication touching, right? We’re not groping people and you’ve got to touch the guys and touching guys is a little different. Put your hand on their shoulder, but cool guys touch each other. Look at jocks. Look at athletes. Look at rock stars. They all touch each other so learn how to touch everyone and that’s just one of the real keys to being a social guy and really getting it through the noise that happens in a bar environment.

Joseph Matthews Talks About Meeting Women In Club And Bars

I hate approaching girls in bars and clubs. I don’t like to do it. What I recommend guys do is meet girls either on the Internet or during the day, and then invite them to come out with you to a bar because there’s an interesting dynamic that happens when people go into a bar because unless you’re a real alcoholic, people don’t go to bars or clubs by themselves.

So it’s very hard to meet a girl in a bar or club who is not in a group and who doesn’t work there. And if she is alone, chances are she’s got some problems or she’s looking for something that you just aren’t willing to offer her like drugs or getting sloppy drunk or whatever the case may be.

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When you approach a girl in a bar in a group she is anchored to that group and reluctant to leave. The best thing that you can do is meet the girl outside the club, you bring her into the club and now she’s anchored to you. And that’s the way I do things now and it’s so much more effective because I walk into the bar with a girl in my arm and I leave the bar with the girl in my arm, and I didn’t have to go through all the trouble that most guys do when they’re trying to pickup girls.

But let’s just say that, for the sake of argument, you’re in a bar or club, you want to meet a girl what do you say to start up a conversation? Instead of just zeroing in on one group, I’ll approach every group in the bar. It’s just a quick approach where I walk up and say, “Hey everyone, how are you all doing tonight? You’re doing good? What type of drink is that? Oh really? I’m going to then have to try that later. Anyway, I’ll talk to you guys later. It was nice meeting you.” Boom!

I’ll go to another group and do the exact same thing and move around so I’ve approached pretty much everyone in the bar and they’ve all like seen me and heard me and stuff like that. That way when I come back later, I’m not a stranger. I can come back and say, “Hey, how is that drink still treating you? Still like it? It’s still good? Oh, you know, like I tried this, this is really good. Who are you people? How do you all know each other?” Eventually you can come back to the group that you’re targeting and sit down and start talking to people. So it’s more about getting people acclimated to who you are than it is about what you’re going to say.