Coffee Shops

Pick one that you feel comfortable in, and make yourself a regular there. Learn all the people’s names who work there; this way, you become a familiar and friendly face. A great thing about a coffee shop is it’s not like a bar with it’s alcohol fueled patrons, but instead a place where people go to relax, catch up on some studying or work, and have friendly conversations.

In fact I sat in a coffee shop when writing most of the article. Not only did I meet very interesting women while I was writing, but I had tremendous feedback from women who were intrigued with the subject. It was easy and it was simple, and I would always start with a simple observation to someone when I was ready for a quick break.

You can easily do the same thing. For instance, let’s say you notice a woman standing in line looking at the muffins, looking like she’s having a hard time deciding what to get. So what can you do? It should be coming naturally by now. You smile, make a comment based on your observation, and then listen to what she says: “I’d go with the glazed donut if I were you…” you can say with a smile, and then wait for her response. “Oh yeah, why is that?” or “I don’t know, I was really thinking about the blueberry muffin…” Just react and respond to what she says, because you’ve already done the hard part, you’ve started the conversation!


The great thing about coffee shops is that all of them have a different ambience. In other words, you’ll find different types of women at different types of coffee shops.

It’s best to pick and choose which coffee shops you want to spend time in, which ones you’ll find women whom you find attractive, and with whom you want to spend time.

For instance, Starbucks draws a different crowd from the local, unique coffee house. Find the one with your type of crowd. I personally spend time at different types of coffee shops because of the differences in ambiance.

Some play music, while others are known for being a great place to enjoy some quiet reading.

Best Times

The mornings before work are great from 7 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. After dinner during the week is a really good time to go to a coffee shop, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Coffee shops are an excellent place to meet intriguing women all weekend long. And remember–you’ll be able to change your approach throughout the day. You can be a little more casual if you see someone who is lounging around casually, or you might strike up a small conversation with someone while waiting for your coffee. A great thing about coffee is that it takes some time to make, especially gourmet coffees. This will give you plenty of opportunities to observe the situation around you and strike up interesting conversations.


Ok, so you’re probably thinking that the last time you were in an elevator, nobody was talking. Yes, this is true; most women in elevators stand next to each other and wait until the door opens to their floor. However, look at the other side of this — here’s a perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with a simple smile and “hello.”


The atmosphere in an elevator is very intimate, because you may be in a secluded area with someone who you don’t know. What’s the best thing about this? There aren’t any distractions, no one else is there to interrupt, and you have this woman’s attention all to yourself! If you’re alone in an elevator with someone whom you find attractive, this is an excellent opportunity!

women in elevators

One of my favorite things to do is to go in an elevator full of people and say, “Let me guess–everybody is going to look at their numbers. All right, what number are you getting off on? You must be 12…” and you look at the numbers and you try to guess which floor people are getting off on.

Another quirky thing to do is to walk in and say ”What is it about elevators? Why are people so quiet? Are we afraid we might be traveling in an elevator with a crazy person? Is Dexter Morgan on this elevator?” (You definitely need to say this one with a smile!)

Basically walk into an elevator and make any observation. Just start conversations with people.

Here’s what I want you to do: the next time you get in an elevator, engage the first person you see in the elevator, a male, woman, child; it doesn’t make a difference. Walk up, and just say “hello” to them. Stand across from them and say, “How are you doing today?” Force yourself to be friendly with everyone. An elevator is great practice, because you get out of your comfort zone, as people are in your space, and you’re literally in a closed box magically riding up into the sky. Don’t ride in silence! Practice what you’ve learned so far!

Best Times

Umm, any time you’re in an elevator! And if you’re not ever in an elevator, go out and find one! I’ll say it again, this is a great way to get out there and have fun, practice your conversational skills, and overcome your fear of talking to new people!