One of my personal favorites is airports. Airports have lots of women traveling to a variety of places and perhaps visiting the city in which you live, maybe for the first time. It’s an amazing place to strike up a conversation with people.


There are so many women at airports, and the obvious observation is built into the situation: “Where are you going?” It’s that simple. Airports and even airplanes are great, because you have a captive audience right in front of you, with nothing but time to kill.

If you’re traveling and waiting for your flight at the gate, you can sit near someone you find alluring and comment on the book she is reading. Open up a conversation, and then when you’re on the flight, keep it going.

Whenever you walk by her, just say, “Hey, how’s the flight going? Anytime you get bored, we can just go meet in the back and hang out.” Be a bit playful. “Are the flight attendants taking good care of you?” You could walk over and be friendly and hand one of them your magazine and say, “Hey, I’m done reading this. Maybe you need something to read.” Just kind of play a little bit. Ask them how the food was. “Hey, is the food any better back here, because I’m afraid I had a bad lunch.” Start being playful and enjoying yourself. On an airplane, people are so bored, that if you’re playful with one, she may actually come over to your seat. You can even tell her, “Hey, I’m in 7C; if you get bored, come on by, and we can hang out. The person next to me doesn’t want to talk at all.” Just have some fun with it!

how to pick up women at airports

Just relax and practice engaging with people. Remember, Smile, Observe, Comment, Listen… and of course finish with a Smile! Who knows: after some practice, you might hit things off with a fantastic woman who just happens to be on the same flight!

Best Times

Anytime you fly!

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms at doctors’, dentists’, or lawyers’ offices are great places to meet women, because most people wait for their appointments, on average, a half-hour. You have plenty of time to make eye contact and strike up a conversation with someone who intrigues you. Most women really enjoy and invite good conversation with someone who is also waiting for an appointment.


The monotony of waiting for your appointment can be boring. However, this is your chance to be radiant! Why don’t you break the boredom and start talking with someone? Whether you ask her to pass a magazine or you share your dislike of going to the doctor or dentist or lawyer, it’s easy to start a conversation.

You can also ask your doctor or lawyer about the woman sitting in the waiting room. Depending on your relationship with your doctor, you may be able to get a background of the woman and even have the doctor mention you to them later. Some of you may be thinking “yeah right, I’d never ask my doctor about another patient” but one of my good friends to this day is a woman I actually met in a dentist’s office. Years ago, I was getting my teeth cleaned, and a beautiful woman was in the waiting room when I left. A couple of months later, I returned to the dentist, and I told him that last time I had an appointment I saw a beautiful woman, and I was wondering if she was single. My dentist looked at me and said, “That’s really funny, because when you walked past, she was wondering who you were too. I told her I would get in touch with you, and I told her that he’s a regular; he comes back. She felt embarrassed, but said next time he comes in, have him call me. We ended up going out for six months. So depending on your relationship with your dentist, it’s possible to ask about someone else. You won’t know unless you try!

Best Times

Whenever you find yourself waiting for an appointment!