We all know the feeling of embarrassment when we can’t remember the name of the person to whom we’re talking. With a little memory training, you should be able to avoid this in future, you must simply trust your perception, imagination, and capacity for association. You’ll see that targeted training will improve these capacities further and greatly strengthen them. ( Read How To Get Rid Of Spellings Mistakes )

The magic word association has come up again. Especially when memorizing names and faces, it is vital to develop visual images for and strongly link them to each person and his or her name, so you’ll be able to retrieve the appropriate information at a later time.

A new name nearly always leaves your memory quickly when the person is a complete stranger because you rarely have the opportunity to make links to particular personal qualities. When you’re meeting someone new, only unique external characteristics or notable features are of help. ( Read How To Get Rid Of Absentmindedness )

As an initial exercise, over the next few days, I want you to begin taking more careful note of the faces around you. For example, if you’re sitting on the subway or on the bus, or as you’re shopping, take a look at the people around you and try to find their distinctive physical features. You might notice things like almond eyes, a striking nose, or an unusual hairstyle. Just note whatever spontaneously strikes you about each face. Then turn away or briefly shut your eyes and imagine the face once more. ( Read Phonetic System For Memory Improvement )

Now let’s turn to names. Some, such as Miller, Baker, Taylor, or Bird, are easy to remember because strong visual images readily come to mind. Names such as Wood, Stone, or Glass, associated with well-known objects, are also relatively simple. But there are also names such as Horsfall, Rhinehardt, Giff horn, or Kowalski, which are not so easy to imagine. Here is where your linking exercises and association forming can help. Just as with words and terms, associations can theoretically be found for all names and help you to remember them better as you match them to faces. Here are some cool exercises.

memory improvement techniques to memorize names and faces

For instance, the name Horsfall reminds me of the fall season, and I associate the beginning of the name by imagining Mr. Horsfall riding a horse through a landscape during fall. Another possibility is to look for a striking feature in the person’s face and link this to the name. In the case of Mrs. Horsfall, a slightly wispy fringe falling onto her forehead might remind me of a horse’s mane, which also triggers a vision of Mrs. Horsfall riding a horse through the fall countryside. (Also Read The Slap In The Face Principle By Harry Lorayne )

You’re probably asking yourself whether such associations can really help you remember a name. Based on my own experience, I know it really does work. Simply by taking note of a face and associating an appropriate image with it, you are already paying such intense attention to that person that these little reminders will often not be needed. Many people forget names because introductions are often no more than formal transactions. When we meet someone new, we give little interest to really perceiving this person we don’t know, storing the name, and then linking it to his or her face. ( Read A Powerful Method To Remember Speeches )

Assigning fictional names to photographs of unknown people in newspapers and magazines is good practice for these situations. You have plenty of time to recognize a special feature of a face, to consider appropriate images for first and last names, and finally link the person’s face and special features with the associated images. ( Read Should You Read How Your Memory Works Book )

With a certain amount of training, you’ll also be successful at using these processes when you’re introduced to a stranger. The person may remind you of someone you already know. If so, the simplest thing to do is to combine these two people into one image and always have them doing something together in your imagination. It does not matter what the image is, as long as you constantly see both people together, such as riding a rollercoaster side by side or just laughing together. It makes no difference. I suggest you read how to develop a powerful recall in 48 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, do leave your questions and feedback in the comment section below. Now watch this video with even more techniques to remember names and faces.