A lot of guys aren‟t clear. They‟re just chasing cars. They want to go out and have fun, and that in itself is not a bad thing, but if you just want to go and have fun, I think you need to be very clear on that. So a lot of guys just randomly go out and try and meet women because they want to meet women with no purpose or point whatsoever and they wind up meeting the wrong type of people.

You‟ve got to be clear on why you want to do that, and it‟s absolutely different for every single guy. It‟s absolutely different in different phases of your life because that also changes as you get older and go through time. I‟ve always said that the reason that you want to go out and meet women is to build equity in your life, not just for romance, but you‟ll never know when some female friend who is attracted to you could bring opportunity or the woman you commit to for life.

The second thing is make it your business to be around women and hang out with women and like women. I mean, I just don‟t understand why guys want to go out with the guys at night. I want to go and hang out with women. So make it your point not to be the guy who they all give hugs to and make fun of, let‟s say, nice guys. Be the guy who now is attractive to women.

There really are very few men who act like men, talk like men, are 100% congruent being men, and that‟s really what women want. Because they want men who act like men, not these panties and limps that are floating around nowadays.

So when you‟re just known as a cool man to hang out with it, women and men will hang out with you because they can‟t get that anywhere else.

And then if you joke with them and say, “Help me; there is not enough women here. You girls need to go out and bring me some women.” It‟s just a funny joking thing, but one woman will show up. So that‟s really how I approach it, keeping in mind from the very beginning that there needs to be a purpose with the women you want to bring into your life. One woman can make your life great and one woman can make your life hell, and very few guys actually think about that.

So think about it now.