Memory Improvement can be a great thing for anyone. Remembering what you hear is very different from remembering what you read (Did you know you can increase your reading speed ?. It is harder to control the inflow of data. However, a telephone conversation is a two-way interaction, you have some measure of control. You can ask the person you’re talking to to slow down or repeat information. Likewise, you can repeat information back to them to check you have heard it correctly.

Of course, anyone who is given crucial information over the phone is going to want to write it down if at all possible, your aim may be to hold it in your mind only for as long as it takes for you to locate some paper and something to write with. But thinking of any information as temporary data that you need hold onto only for a minute or two is a sure way to forget it. Using the techniques in this post will prevent this from happening.

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The following exercise gives you training in combining a whole miscellany of different techniques to memorize different types of information at speed.

Telephone conversations often require us to remember numerical data: dates, telephone numbers, quantities, flight details, and so on, as well as names of people and places, and directions. So, in addition to the Journey Method, you are going to be using several other techniques along the way, such as Number Shapes, Number Rhymes, the Dominic System, Remembering Names, and Directions.

Exercise: Remembering a Telephone Conversation

In this exercise you will practise combining various techniques at a moment’s notice. When using the Journey Method at such short notice I always choose one of several tried and tested routes which I know won’t let me down. Ask a friend to help you do this exercise. Your friend will act as your tour operator, who has called to give you the details of a vacation booking. Finally, answer the 10 questions.

1. Select your most tried and tested journey – perhaps a route around your home.

2. Ask your friend to read out the telephone message on the page opposite.

3. As you listen to the spoken message, convert the essential details into key images and position them at each stop along your journey.

Hint: To memorize a single-digit number, I would use the Number-Shape or Number-Rhyme System; to memorize a two-digit number, I would use the Dominic System, to memorize a three-digit number, I would use the Dominic System combined with a Number Shape or Number Rhyme; to memorize a short sequence of letters, I would use the Alphabet System; and to memorize a mixture of letters and numbers, I would use the Alphabet System combined with the Dominic System and a Number Shape or Number Rhyme.

You can practise this exercise as many times as you like – simply ask your friend to change the original details to new ones.

“Hello, I’m calling from Caribbean Tours to give you your vacation details. You are flying from New York to Barbados with Caribbean Premier Airlines (CPA).

You fly from JFK airport, terminal eight – your departure time is 0735hrs. You will arrive at the Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI), terminal one, at 1315hrs. Your flight reference number is CP/45022.

Once you arrive you will need to report to your tour representative, Sally Gardiner, who will be standing to the left of the foreign exchange desk in the arrivals lounge. You will then take the transfer bus to your hotel – the Island Bay Resort. If you require travel insurance, then you will need to pay an additional $38.20. I think that covers everything. Do you have any questions?”

1. Which airline are you flying with?
2. Which airport and terminal will you depart from?
3. What is your departure time?
4. Which airport and terminal will you arrive at?
5. What is your arrival time?
6. What is your flight reference number?
7. What is the name of your tour representative?
8. Where will you find her?
9. What is the name of your hotel?
10. How much are you required to pay for travel insurance?

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