A lot of online dating sites have a feature where women can send free short messages. Match.com has “winks”, Yahoo has “icebreakers” other sites have “shout outs” and so on. These can be used to your advantage and if you use my strategies for writing a profile, you’ll undoubtedly get a ton of winks. I get them ALL the time.

So, if an attractive woman sends me a wink, this is how I respond. Its fun and you’ll love it!

wink photo

I imagine that the two of us are at a bar or restaurant and she is winking at me from across the room. I’ll say;

“Hey, who is that cute girl winking at me from across the bar? You seemed to have caught my eye. Why don’t you come over and introduce yourself.”

See, that’s an awesome way to respond to winks. It’s confident, mysterious and humorous. All great things to convey!

Now, she’ll respond to you and the email correspondence begins. Follow the established formula from there.


Sending a wink to a woman is not only a waste of time because 500 other guys are doing it, but it’s too passive and weak. A confident man takes charge and sends her a message not a wink. Obviously this means you’ll have to be a member of most dating sites to do this.

I can’t tell you how many profiles I’ve seen where a woman will say, “No winks please.” Good advice. Don’t do it!

So, see if you can come up with something similar when responding to winks or icebreakers. This will get things going. Remember, any woman who sends you a wink is already interested in you. That makes it much easier to progress from there.

OK, so now we know how to handle responses to our profile and we know how to respond to winks. We’ve covered just about all the aspects of email communication. Now it’s time to take things to the phone and then LIVE in person!!!

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