In this particular method you will use the “tougher dominant alpha attitude more “as a pleasant surprise to her.

If you go on using female language even if you lead her emotions well will – sooner or later – that will put you into the male girlfriend role.

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This will not necessarily with all the good girls but with the majority of them: the ones with a strong sexual drive for example. When you have elicited her interest by leading her emotions if you feel that she is not getting into sexual state as much as you want you can start with push-pull for example:

Me:”you are so nice … ”

Me:”Maybe you are too nice for me . .. ”

Me:”I like you … but … maybe you cannot stand me … ”

Or you can use cocky and funny.

Me:”Stop staring at me! I am a shy guy!”

Me:”If you want to bring me to dinner that’s okay, I like sushi.”

Me:”Okay, okay I will adopt you, I will be your Daddy!”

Now with good girls keep in mind a couple of important aspects:

Many good girls may get horny, sexual for the simple fact that you lead their emotions and them into a new experience. In this case you do not need active dominant techniques and you can get straight to isolating and sexual seduction.

If you overdo the dominant part with a good girl you will lose her: in fact one main trait of the Good Girl is to test all the time for security.

If you will make her feel unsafe with too much masculine energy you will loose her. This is actually the most difficult calibration issue in this method.

When you calibrate the level of her sexual horniness you can start touching her which is what in pick-up and seduction slang we call: kino.

In a word: going for the sex same day makes you screen more for adventuresses than good girls. Of course there are exceptions.

This is not because she would be some kind of Madonna but because a good girl needs a certain time to feel safe with you, comfortable with you.

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With adventuresses is the opposite: she will feel you as a non sexual friend if you don’t exert tough dominance on her and fast.

One good way of starting kino is what I call (with modesty:) dissociative technique: you talk about something else neutral, maybe about the landscape or whatever else not boring.

These have to be emotional and not logical subjects!

At the same time touch lightly her fingers. If she responds well you keep the fingers little bit, then while talking you escalate to the arm, then put your hand on her shoulder and so on.

Then you kiss her.

If she withdraws wait for a while, go on with the emotional talk and try the dominant techniques, for example the cocky and funny, or busting her on some imperfection of her, or push-pulling her.

These are masculine dominant seductive techniques.

Then when she is more attracted you get back to kino – touching her – again, until she submits.