Here is a suggested plan for your first week. You certainly don’t need to stick to the schedule exactly, but don’t omit any of the exercises, because they will introduce you to all the techniques.

Day 1

Mentally combine everyday tasks with scents, emotions, or tastes that you enjoy. For example, think of lavender while brushing your teeth or link using the telephone with the flavor of chocolate. (Technique: integrating sensory perceptions)

Day 2

Write your shopping list for the coming week on a small piece of paper. Link the items to create a short story. Repeat the story to yourself once, then a second time before you go to sleep, and a third time the following morning before you go shopping. You will not forget a single thing. (Technique: making up stories).

Day 3

Repeat the fictional route or run through your personal route. Link the terms of your shopping list from yesterday with this route. Can you remember everything? (Technique: the route method)

Day 4

Put together a new route with twenty points, and find twenty interesting words from the day’s newspapers. Try to convert these words into lively pictures and remember them with the help of the new route. (Technique: visualizing abstract terms).

Day 5

Review the number-symbol or another system for numbers 0 through 9. (Technique: number coding).

Day 6

Memorize your most important telephone numbers using the simple memory systems and a route or story. (Technique: memorizing coded numbers).

Day 7

In your mind, assign the selected telephone numbers to the corresponding numbers and faces. (Technique: remembering names and faces).