In this post we will be discussing how to take a girl’s number and how to take her home. In addition to that, experts will also talk about when to talk a woman’s number and when to take a woman back at your place. Let’s get started.

Christian Hudson Thinks It Depends On What She Wants

It just depends on what she wants. It’s so easy when you say, “Hey, I’ve got some wines and a hookah back at my place; you want to come and chill out and watch a movie?” That’s the easiest thing in the world, and if she’s not feeling it, she’s not feeling it, but you’re not saying, “Hey, come back to my place, and let’s have sex.”

In my experience, after years of having gone through this, my feeling is that cheaply arrived at sex and relationship are unfulfilling. I like to work for a girl a little bit, and if she’s going to come over too easily or if she is just jumping at the option you want, probably I’m not going to respect her too much the next day. And I hate to say it, but it is coming down to the sort of girls you want in your life and how that’s going to come about.

Here is the thing: I’m going to ask for her phone number when it makes sense in the conversation and we’re talking about something that we enjoy. “Oh, you like fish tacos and margaritas and grilled corn with cheese? All right, give me your number because we’re going to get together some time. We’re going to get some.” And that may be 5 minutes into the conversation or may be 30 minutes into it. Ask for her number when you find something in common that you guys can do together. You don’t ask for it at the end of the conversation. If you don’t know already, here is how to get a girl’s number.

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So let’s say I do that and then we keep talking for another 30 minutes, or 2 hours, and we’re really getting along and I’m like, “Hey, you know, you want to come back to my place? I got some hookahs, some wine and everybody is heading back there.” Maybe she’ll come, maybe she won’t, but I’ve already got the number one way or the other. So my priority is more about reading what is appropriate for that moment and acting on it.

David Wygant Explains How To Take A Girl’s Number And How To Take Her Back At Your Place.

Are we talking about a one-night fling or are we talking about a date? Whatever comes out of dates, I don’t rush to sex at all. I always seem to have sex with women by the third date. Why? It’s because I’m not rushing it. I’m not rushing her back to my house, OK? I’m not acting like I haven’t had sex in six years. I’m just being patient. I don’t even give her tone until the end of the second date. I’m just a patient person. I have learned patience.

You want them to go back when they’re ready to go back. You want it to be their idea. And if you hold out an extra date or two, man, they’re just dying for it. They’re dying to come back to your house. They’re dying to let you in. Sometimes when I was dating, the woman on the second date would say, “Do you want to come in?” I’d look at her and say, “You know, I’d love to, but I couldn’t control myself tonight and I’m just so enjoying this with you.

Next time.” It would freak her out. She’d be dying. I know she’d be home hanging out with battery-operated boyfriend and getting herself off because the thought of having sex with a real man that could control himself would drive her up the wall. The next time I drop her off, she would say, “Do you want to come up because I don’t want you to control yourself.” They would say that. So it’s just being patient.

Dean Cortez Says It Depends On Logistics

Well, this really comes down to one word – logistics. You’ve got to find out certain things about her situation tonight before you try to get her back to your place. For instance, who she came with and what her plans are for tomorrow. If she mentions she’s got to work at 8 a.m., a samenight lay is probably not in the cards tonight and getting her number is a better bet. But if the logistics line up, by all means, try to get her back to your place. A lot of guys could get the same-night lay, but they don’t push for it. They play it safe. They get the phone number and they never end up seeing her again. It’s because the next day or whenever he text her or calls her, she’s in a totally different mindset than she was when he met her, especially if it was in a bar or at a party where she’s in a very sexually spontaneous mindset where she’s ready to go with a guy.

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I usually don’t try to get her back to my place right from that first location where I meet her. The trick here is to get to multiple venues to get her to roll with you to some other spot and then hopefully a third spot, whether it’s a late-night after hours bar or whether it’s to get some food in all-night diner. Visiting multiple locations in the same night with that girl is going to sort of trick her senses. She’s going to feel like she has known you for a lot longer than she actually has. Whereas if you meet her at a bar and then 40 minutes later, you’re like, “Let’s go back to my place” that’s setting up red flags in her mind because you’re this guy she just met at a bar. It doesn’t sound very good. But if you bring her out for a couple of hours and have drinks in several locations, it’s going to feel a lot more natural when you suggest the next step, which is going back to your place to do something or to show her something.

You’ve got to have a cloaking motive, a reason why going back to your place is a good idea. It could be a video you want to show her. You might want to play her a song on your guitar. You might want to show her some pictures from one of your trips. You might want to loan her a book. Have a reason. That’s crucial.

But the bottom line is always go for that same-night lay whenever possible and the same-night lay doesn’t mean it needs to be a one night thing. The difference between one-night stands and same night lays is that a samenight lay can lead to a relationship and it has, for me, in many situations. So go for it whenever you can. Don’t miss opportunities.

DJ Fuji You Talks About What You Need To Find Out

Really what you want to find out before is whether it is in the cards to begin with. If she’s there for a bachelorette party, and they are a hundred miles from home, and they took a limo to get there, you’re not pulling that girl. I don’t care how good you are. The logistics just aren’t there. If she is there with her husband, it’s the same thing. Logistics are not there, it’s not going to happen, right?

Adonis from Charring Road talks about asking the screening questions, the SNL (Same Night Lay) screening questions, which are things such as, “Who did you come here with today? What’s on the agenda for later? What time do you have to get up tomorrow?” Those types of screening questions are going to solidify, or they’re going to let you know, is this even possible?

Now, if it is possible, then the idea is to get her number in the middle of the conversation. Get her number in comfort. And then, ten minutes later, don’t ask her if she wants to go back with you. Just assume she does and extract. And if she doesn’t, and it doesn’t work out, then you already have her number and you already have plans to meet later.

John Alanis Says It Depends On What You Want

It depends again what you want your outcome with women to be. If I meet a woman out somewhere, I’ve got to make sure that she’s the type of woman who I want in my life. A lot of guys will try to get a woman that he just met an hour ago and find out that she’s a drug addict and all that bad stuff. So, when I’m first talking to a woman, I’m evaluating her to see where, or if, she fits in my life. If there is no red flag that shows up during the interaction, just say, “Look, I’m having a great time. Let’s continue this conversation elsewhere. How about here and here? Okay, let’s exchange contact information and meet up.” Here is how to get rock solid numbers.

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I’m a busy guy and women like busy guys. And so that really is it.

There are times I’ve been out and a woman will fall right in my lap where she’s ready to go. In that case, there is going to ramping up of touch, getting more intimate. She squeezes your thumb under the table, and then when that happens, it is like, “Let’s get out of here and go somewhere more private,” and then that’s that.