Most guys fail miserably when it comes to relationship. They are afraid of talking to women and approach anxiety ends up killing all the relationship opportunities. Today you will be learning how to talk to the sexiest and average looking women.

Jordan Harbinger Explains Approach Anxiety

A lot of approach anxiety is rooted. How do I transition? Well, you’re going to have to be playful. You’re going to have to banter for a little bit in the beginning to get that attraction going and to get that conversation started. Once you’re past the introduction, if you don’t know what else to say through practice, you’re just going to figure out, “All right, I can talk about just about anything that is going on.”

You can always talk about how people know each other because it doesn’t turn into the “where you from, what do you do” conversation, but it actually rounds that area. It actually is a conversational way to get that same type of information which you can then use to relate to those people. So that becomes much easier.

how to talk to the sexiest women

You can also talk about anything that is going on around you. For example, once you get that playful introduction, if you’re in a dance venue, for example, or a place in the dance floor, you can tell a short story that relates to something funny and girl-relevant: “The last time I was here I saw this guy out there busting a move on the dance floor and he was dancing by himself for a good hour before anybody else got out there.” I mean, you don’t have to be entertaining and hilarious.

And you can also ask women their opinion. For example, I can walk into a group of females, point to a guy and the girl chatting at the bar and say, “OK, quick quiz for you guys. What do you think? Are those two on a date? Are they co-workers? Does he like her and isn’t getting anywhere, or how do you think he’s doing? Because I’ve only been watching them for a few seconds, but I’m sort of on the fence between option A and option B.”

And then watch the debate ensue and bounce your ideas back and forth and they love that because guys don’t really talk about that stuff and to get a guy’s perspective on that type of thing is very rare even for girls. Girls never tire of talking about social dynamics.

Julian Foxx Teaches How To Talk To The Sexiest And Average Looking Women

I mentioned earlier about developing that ability to associate and ultimately when it comes to conversations, there are other aspects to an interaction that are just as important.

Many of my best moments with women or best introductions had very little conversation in them. I can certainly identify and empathize with not knowing what to say and do next. I„ll give you quick exercise. It’s a fun game we teach in the Supernatural training academy called word association. If I say the world “cat” then you must associate as quickly as possible. You might say “mew” or you might say “woman” as in cat woman. But your association has to tie back to mine. And we go back and forth like that. It is a simple exercise that can really improve our confidence and our ability to feel like we always have a place to go when the conversation feels like its dying down.

Stephen Nash Teaches Guys And New Pickup Artists The Conversation Skills

There’s a skill I learned a bunch of years ago that is really useful in this situation. When a guy gets nervous, he gets anxious, which is understandable, and he starts asking questions and it’s not the worst thing that can happen. The worst thing that can happen is that you walk away.

how to talk to the average looking women

A bunch of years ago I started watching guys who were the naturals who had no routines or gimmicks or anything like that at their disposal. What they had was what I call the gift of gab, but it was a gift of gab with an edge. What they were doing was they have this ability to just talk. They could just talk and I was mesmerized by it because what always seemed to happen was the women were interested.

Well, there are two parts to this ability. One is that they have an interesting life. You’re not going to be attractive to women past five minutes unless you have an interesting life, unless you’re doing things you like to do, unless you have something real to offer. There’s demonstration of value – you have to have a real value to have any meaningful lasting interactions with people, much less a relationship. OK, so you have to have this kind of inherent value that all these guys have, but they also have the gift of gab, which I’ve turned into a skill called baiting. This is where I can talk about anything, literally anything that I can dangle into the conversation – various pieces of fact about my life that serve as bait to the woman.

So I’m talking for two or three minutes and then I’ll just drop in: “Yeah, you know, I’m from the mountains from North Carolina, so being in a big city like this is still a little unfamiliar,” or I might say something like, “Yeah, when I got out of college, I traveled the world. This dance company was amazing. So I’ve been stuck here in New York for like six months and I feel a little stir crazy.” Little comments like that. They seem so innocuous, right? They seem so innocent, but the fact of the matter is that within that comment, there’s a little conversational thread, the tip of which I revealed. She can take the bait or not and in my experience if my inherent value is solid and I’m not sitting there drooling all over her, she’s going to take the bait, and suddenly she is now doing the work in the conversation. She is chasing me. She is asking me the questions and this is what you’re looking for. You want to be in that position. This is the power position in the conversation and I think that’s really the answer to that little dilemma, which is very common, having the gift of gab with an edge. That’s the key.

Yad On ‘ How To Talk To Girls’

I always like to talk about a girl’s style because I think it’s such a rich resource of conversation. It tells you so much about her. So if she’s dressed like she goes to the office, there’s just so much conversation there. If she’s dressed like a fluffy bunny, there’s just so much conversation there. You can tell her, “You know what? You would be so perfect for our poker night at me and my friend’s pad, you could serve our drinks. You could do this, you could that.”

conversation skills for men

Or if she has a sexy secretary look, “You know you could be perfect for my future secretary. I should I try and keep in touch with you, you know. I just think you’d be perfect for that role. But are you forceful enough? If you are working for me I’d like you to be a bit demanding, put your foot down, because I’m not very good at that. I’m not a very demanding person, but you seem like you’ve got that positive vibe about you. It’s very cool.” That’s it. I just assume stuff by the way they look and girls always are interested in how they come across.

Adam Lyons Teaches How To Maintain The Conversation And Keep It Going

I find that people often struggle with trying to maintain the conversation because they don’t know how to transition. A very simple way to transition is to stack opening lines. For instance, if you have a bunch of different openers, then you could just go opener, opener, opener, and that would form a very basic and rudimentary conversation. It wouldn’t be the best, but it’s the very simple way of doing it.

One of the best ways I find is to actually make observations about the other person. I like to look at them and way, “Where’s your accent from?” Or “You’re really friendly. You can’t be from around here. Where are you from?” Or if the area that you’re in is known for being friendly: “Well, you’re really friendly. It always takes me aback that everyone around here is so friendly. Are you originally from here?” Any of those three make very simple transitions into a new conversation. It’s making use of the opener and it’s based on the other person, so you’re actually getting into a conversation about them, about where they’re from, with things that you can maybe use to pull conversation from.

Alex Coulson Offers His Advice On ‘How To Keep The Conversation Going’

Again, it comes down to being unprepared. To keep conversation going you want to memorize at least one story and two teasers. What I do is I strategically place objects around my body that convey interest. I know Brad does this as well. He gets a poster and he puts it on his Facebook and he has a little pen, and you sign your name and write your thing on the wall. Do you think Brad had any problems with keeping the conversation going? Not really, the girls have done most of it for him. They’re always talking to him and asking him about it, and what his name is, and demanding to know who he is.

What I do to help keep the conversation going, but keep it interesting is well, I strategically wear certain things like a skull necklace that has one red eye and one green eye. I’ll say it’s hypnotic and it hypnotizes girls and don’t look at it too intently because you’ll be under my trance and you’ll wake up chained to my bed or something. I have this really cool ring I bought in Florence. It’s called a puzzle ring, and you can get them online. I made a video on it. The Florentines used to give these ring to their wives when they would go on long business trips. What the wives didn’t know is if they take this ring off, the ring actually falls apart into four rings, and they have no idea how to put it back together. So when the husband returns, if the ring is on the floor, off her finger and it’s in disarray and not put together, he would know that she took it off because she was cheating on him.

So I wear this ring all the time and girls will ask me about it. Or if they don’t, I’ll bring attention to it in some way, and I’ll tell them the story about it. That way I’ve got a story. If you want to tease a girl, you can say, “If we get together, I would actually get a more advanced one and I’ll put it on you just to make sure. I’ll have a little beep on your leg.”