Many people openly interchange the terms “conversation” and “talking.” Be aware that I am not just talking about verbal communication here.

Being a good, natural conversationalist is crucial to your success with women. A woman’s attraction is by and large governed by how a man makes them feel.

Everything you do (even anger) creates sexual tension of one form or another because it is natural and it is not the kind of empty shell of a man giving her blind compliments she is used to.

Alpha males however are the men who don’t get upset, angry, worried, tense or any of that crap.

All in all a good conversationalist is:



Slightly arrogant


Always Joking

Always Laughing

Sexually Comfortable




I am also not socially conditioned to believe that just because I went to college means I need to speak in an educated way or that I have become more insightful or knowledgeable than others.

I would much rather talk to you as if we were sitting at a Starbucks together having coffee over breakfast.

men and women not talking

Becoming a flirt is not very hard. We all have a natural ability to flirt and be lighthearted with women. The only primary thing you really need to do is get your social programming out of the way; touch her, laugh, make sexual jokes, play around with her.

That means getting rid of your inhibitions and fears so that you no longer care how others judge you.

Girls are often far more giddy and giggly than guys because they get involved with their emotions on a much deeper and more hard-hitting level. They will always play with your hair, playfully slap or punch you and will always do things like that.

Many attractive women will tell a guy who can effectively communicate like this that he is “special” because he is likely one of the only guys who is actually willing to step out of his comfort zone and… well… be comfortable.

He is that rare man who will truly be himself; he will act “childish” and playful.

The reason this is so powerful is because it is something that very few guys do and it creates a special sensation in a woman’s body.

Doing whatever you feel like, being friendly and leaving her with a sense that she is loved but can’t quite pin you down or control you is going to be a deathly powerful combination for you.

Did you get an image of that in your mind?

That friendly, cute yet uncontrollable man that a woman just can’t pin down. Did your brain give you a sort of green light that verified for you that this is how things are designed to work?

Being uncontrollable and unexpected creates a sensation between you and a woman where you are both getting your needs met.

When you lead a woman in to this state she feels it 10 times more than you ever could. This doesn’t mean that you try to control her. It simply means that you lead her, make your own decisions and don’t let her control you.

confused man talking

Did you ever notice that when you know a joke is coming you don’t seem to find it quite as funny?

There is a good chance that when you knew something funny was coming you didn’t find it as funny as if it were spontaneous (Think about the first time you watched a really funny comedy movie versus later viewings); you still find it funny but not anywhere near as much.

Equally as important as how you convey yourself in a conversation is making sure that you maintain your confidence; the key to everything.

Over the years I have talked to many people who are involved in umm… shall we say the hobby of attracting women.

There is one interesting thing that all of the most successful ones have in common which separates them from the fakes:


Of all the men who try to pick-up women the ones who are most consistently successful are the ones who know how to go after what they truly want.

This is easier said than done. Many guys who are fail with women are still trapped in the old mindset that they need to display their value to a woman. They will try to respond to a woman’s views by something other than a display of dominance.

However the most consistently successful guys don’t. These are the guys who will be flat out with a woman; no bullshit, no excuses.

Group Conversation

Possibly even greater than the fear of approaching one woman is the fear approaching two – or three – or four – or five – or six – or…well you get the idea. I will stop before I get to 100.

These situations can have an infinite number of variables. You may be talking to three women. You may be talking to two women and a man.

You may be talking to two men and a woman; this is easier than you think – when done right.

Personally, having a no apologies attitude I will walk right up to the woman I am interested in and tell her that I think she is gorgeous and I want to meet her.

Her friends may try to pull her away which is easily disarmed by exerting my alpha authority.

But – and this is a big but – if I don’t exert enough confidence and dominance over the situation the woman is NOT going to be interested in me and is going to welcome her friends (assuming they’re female) pulling her away.

But – and this is another big but – if her female friends see that she is happy and welcomes you her friends won’t interfere.

Assuming they’re guys they will do one of two things…

1) See that the girl is happy and not dare to try and interfere with the interaction at the risk of upsetting her.

2) Try to throw you off by putting on a persona and acting cool or impressive. Usually they try to act tough and controlling.

These situations are usually easy to handle because there’s total honesty about why you’re there.

Again if a guy tries to “get to you,” he’ll do it in a way where he tries to “out alpha” you. But he’ll be doing it indirectly by putting on a persona and trying to act tough or cool with his real intent hidden while you are being totally honest, he’ll always lose – he’ll never openly admit to a woman that he’s trying to bring you down because he’s jealous and insecure and wants the woman for himself.