It is really easy to know when a girl is interested in you yet so many guys miss relationship opportunities. In this post, we will educate on the signs a girl displays when she is into you. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Vin DiCarlo’s Take On How To Know If A Girl Is Interested

The way I think about it is this: When do I want to take it to the next level? I remember watching an interview with Mike Tyson – back when he was 20 years old and no one could touch him – and the interviewer asked him “How do you see your openings? He said, “I create my own openings.” And I was really inspired by that and it made me take a lot more control in the process.

I stopped waiting for “indicators of interest” and started doing things proactively that TRIGGERED a certain response in a woman.

The highest level is when you are in control of the openings – you can consciously create your own opportunities either with your body language or with your words, where you’re thinking 3 or 4 moves ahead and saying that thing that’s going to make her ask you a question. For instance, when you ask “Why are Scottsdale girls so friendly?” you almost ALWAYS get her to ask you where you’re from. So if you do use that opener, you want to be prepared to answer that.

psychological signs a girl is interested

But yeah there’s ways of creating your own windows of opportunity. There are ways of training her to initiate physicality with you. There are ways of getting her to invite you inside her house. A really basic example that you can use immediately is forcing a YES by asking a question you know the answer to.

I was in the city one time on a first date and I was kind of familiar with the area there and I knew that her building had air conditioning in all the units because it was university housing and it would be ridiculously hot in the summer so as we were walking by her place, I said “So this is where you live, huh? WAIT. Do you have air conditioning? And when she said YES, I grabbed her hand and said NICE. Let’s go. I grabbed her hand and we went up to her place.”

Because I was able to force a “YES” from her on the question about airconditioning, I created a state of agreement that served as a window of opportunity where I could grab her hand and confidently lead her up to her apartment where we could be alone.

Action Jackson Talking About Indicators Of Interest

There are always going to be little indicators of interest: whether it’s complying with one of your qualification questions or touching her hair a certain way. The big one for me when I really know it’s on is when you can get her to physically move with you, getting her to bounce with you to another venue, that’s a huge, huge one. But even if it’s just getting her to move with you, maybe 15 feet across the room to another part of the club. That type of compliance is one of the strongest indicators of interest because every time that I’ve been able to move a girl with me and take her by the hand and I’ll say, “Come on.” And she follows along with me, it’s turned out great every time that that happens. So that’s kind of become my barometer for judging if it’s really, really on with the girl.

Bill Preston Says, “Keep Your Eyes Opened”

If you open your eyes, you„ll know. Guys are so worried about what they are going to say next, how they are acting, how they are looking, that they are not paying much attention to the girl. Women give the most ridiculously over the top signs that they want to hang out with you or go somewhere with you and kiss you. They’ll give all these signs, but the guys aren’t paying attention. It’s like the guys are turning off their ability to watch women because they are so into their own head. So, just get out of your head and just pay attention and she’ll let you know. She’ll do a lot of classic signs: she’ll smile more, she’ll listen to what you have to say, she’ll touch you very innocently. All these signs mean that you should take it to the next level. And, let me tell you many guys don’t. The women give them these signs and the guys do not actually recognize them or act on them and what you are doing there is completely rejecting the woman. And if you do that, you may never get those signs again because nobody likes to be rejected.

Lance Mason Advices To Always Ask For A Date

I would tell guys to always take it to the next level. Always ask for the date because if you don’t always ask for a date, when you talk to a woman that you really want to ask out, you’re going to screw it up. We’re creatures of habit. The way I ask women out for a date is really mellow, so it’s not like this big thing.

how to tell if a girl likes you

If we’re talking, I’ll say, “Oh my God, this is so much fun. I love you. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to take you to Barcelona with me. Yeah, we’re going to throw these big rave parties all across Europe except for Paris. Screw those guys. We’re not doing it there, but everywhere else.” She’ll say, “Oh my God, that’s awesome.” It’s almost a rehearsal for asking her out for a date, right? Because I’m suggesting something that’s totally fantastical and she’s like, “Oh yeah, we’ll do it.”

If she says no, I’ll say, “Wait a minute. You don’t sound that excited. You know what? You are so not invited to my European Rave Tour.” And she’ll say “Really?” So I’m basically training her to get excited. I’m training her to say yes to things that I’m proposing and it is super fun. It’s not at all creepy and basically what I do is over time I make the scenarios more and more believable, right? So I’ll make them closer to home, “You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to hop in the car, and we’re going to drive to Vegas.” That’s a little more believable, we could actually do it, but we’re not really going to do it, right? And so I’m kind of training her and training her and I’m always asking for the date and then eventually it gets to the point where you just know she’s going to say yes. In my mind there’s this conversation where you asking her out becomes less and less of a fantasy, it just a fun fantasy thing and more and more of a reality.

Joseph Matthews Says It Takes Time To Calibrate Female Emotions

It’s a feeling that comes with experience. You just know in your gut. It’s usually when girls look at you deep in the eyes with really strong eye contact. She’s smiling at you. Her pupils are really dilated. You can touch her and flirt with her and stuff like that and she doesn’t shy away, and you can escalate it into kissing and making out. If the girl is kissing you back, it’s on. You know that it’s almost a done deal. There’s just a lot of stuff that you can do to basically keep escalating it. If you get the nonverbal attraction signals and kiss her, then take her by the hand and bring her into the bedroom and get her on the bed and start third-base, heavy petting and stuff like that. If she’s willing to go into the bedroom, chances are she’s willing to sleep with you, so you can take things a little bit further.

Drew Canole Says If A Girl Is Laughing She Is Interested In You

Because I like to joke around and am such a light hearted personality, I watch if she is laughing. If she is continuously laughing, she starts touching me, like touching my arm, feeling my side, playing with the buttons on my shirt, whatever, I think these are huge indicators. And then if she starts asking me questions, lots of questions then I know that she probably wants to take it to the next level. Sometimes, I become insanely aggressive. I don’t know if this is going to work for a lot of guys, but a lot of times I have grabbed the girl by the back of the neck and bite her, you know, just a little bite and I just do it in a funny way. It takes a lot to get away with that.

A lot of times when you raise your energy level to them, you can walk up to any single girl in the bar, kiss her right on the lips, and you’ll be fine, she is not going to slap you and it„ll be fine. I have actually done that. I’ll walk up to a girl and I’ll smack her right on the ass, grab it. It’s just raising your energy up to that level and having fun with them.