The extent to which memory training can contribute toward better concentration can be seen particularly well when we memorize numbers. If we look at how this process works, we can see that the brain goes through many stages, layered one on top of the other. It must first change the numbers into the keywords from the master system, then visualize the images and the corresponding route markers, and then link and store the images and markers, all in the shortest time possible. The brain has a lot to do, and nothing will happen if we are unable to concentrate.

Concentration is a vital factor for many activities in everyday life. How often have you forgotten to turn your answering machine on before you leave the house, even though you were expecting an important call? Or you might go to the kitchen for something, then forget what you wanted once you get there. Even a small diversion is enough to break your concentration, and you may be happy to be diverted.

how to improve your concentration and focus

You have probably noticed that your concentration drops after you have been reading a difficult text for a certain amount of time. It’s now known that absorbing knowledge in short sessions is much more effective than working without a break for two full hours. It’s not a waste of time to interrupt your study and move around a little every now and again to get your circulation going. You can even take a minute to look out the window and admire the blue sky.

While you’re working, your body posture can also affect your concentration. Scientists have discovered that when you slouch over your desk, the brain requires thirty times more oxygen than if you are sitting up straight, because the marked curvature of your spine inhibits blood circulation.

Exercise To Train Your Concentration Power

This exercise is intended to help you practice concentrating and train yourself to perform two tasks at once.

Recite the numbers and the corresponding keywords from your simple memory system—that is, 0, hero; 1, fun; and so on—or the master system—0, sea; 1, tea; and so on—and draw a simple picture like a tree or a bunny at the same time. You can intensify this exercise by writing down phone numbers or the directions to a friend’s house instead of drawing.

There are many techniques you can use to improve your concentration levels. Being expressive also helps you stay motivated and concentrated. Now we are going to talk about some very simple tips that can will help you with both memory improvement and with your concentration as well.

Learning mnemonic techniques in themselves help you improve your memory power. I am going to recommend some mnemonics exercise for you. Please try out the following exercises :

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