In this article, we are going to discuss the first element of your life: your spiritual self. Every part of your life begins with nurturing your soul and learning more about who you really are.

We look at spirituality first because this is the foundation for the other parts of your life. Just as you can’t build a house without a solid foundation, you can’t progress your life to its fullest without working on your essence. We will look at what spirituality is, hear from a spiritual master himself, and learn about three simple ways to achieve greater fulfillment with your own spiritual practice.

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Close your eyes for a minute, and look deep within yourself. What do you see? Do you see physical elements? Or do you see a part of yourself untouched and unexplored? Who are you really? Can you see and understand the depths of your soul? Let’s examine why this is important.

“Everyone has a responsibility to be spiritually healthy,” says Brian Korbelik, Director of Scottsdale Body and Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Center in Arizona, who has been running the practice for over six years. Brian has spent years of his life developing his spiritual self and now helps others to reach this level of enlightenment.

“When we really develop our full potential inside, we’re capable of much more than we realize. Everything starts with the brain. If you’re fulfilled on the inside, then you know how to utilize things in the best way outside of you.

“I was valedictorian of my high school class, I went to a prestigious college, and my family gave me plenty, but I was so miserable. I was in a place of anxiety and unhappy with my life. Anxiety lowered the quality of my existence. I felt confused about life and the point of being here. I hit rock bottom. I knew medication wasn’t the answer. Through intensive meditation, I felt breakthroughs and hope for the first time in many years. It brought me to tears when I felt that. It was a joyful tear. I had reset the path for my life.

“Spirituality is not chosen, but it is an aspect of everyone’s life. People need to have an awareness and awakened consciousness. Naturally, this leads to being spiritually healthy, and naturally your senses wake up. Every human being has an energy system. When you tune into your breath, you can quiet your thoughts and reconnect with your body and mind.

“You need to manage your energy well and realize we’re all one on this earth and with this universe. We’re all here on this earth together. If we’re truly living healthfully, that means we’re living a life that’s healthy for ourselves, for others, and for the earth. This is being spiritually healthy, what we call an Earth Citizen.

“When we’re really disconnected from ourselves and the state of our being, we’ve lost touch with that natural healing system inside. When you clear toxic energy from inside, you start to treat people differently. You need to know yourself if you really want to change. I’ve never seen anything like our practice that really helps people do that.

“Everyone needs some kind of mind-body practice. Practice is very important. Find what works for you, whether it’s through your daily meditation practice or a yoga class. Whatever it is, you need time to connect with yourself.

“I felt like I had lost myself before taking care of my spiritual health, and that’s the worst feeling. Now, more than ever, I feel fulfilled with my spiritual self. No matter what your circumstances are, look inside for your solutions. Nothing on the outside will ever fulfill you or make you happy. If you aren’t fulfilled inside, despite whether you have a lot of money, a great partner or a great education, nothing on the outside will ever make you happy. Know yourself well, and realize there’s nothing to fear.

“Bottom line, find something that helps you connect with yourself truthfully and sincerely inside. We rely way too much on doctors when in reality we’re our own best doctor. Get to know yourself well.

“It’s just like when an auto-mechanic wants to fix a car. They can try to fix all the first loose bolts they see, but when they study it, watch it, keep seeing it and noticing what’s really there, they can fix it very quickly. Same thing with us. When you connect with yourself, you can unlock a vast amount of potential you never knew was there.”

Research shows that “spirituality is linked to greater life satisfaction and well-being via positive mood states, high self-esteem, purpose, and overall quality of life” (Journal of Religion & Health, 2015). Spirituality deals with matters of the soul. It has to do with the spirit — your soul or your inner life. As Brian mentions, this is a key component in fulfillment.

Spirituality is distinct from religion in that it is associated with your specific purpose in life. One can be religious and not spiritual and vice versa. Being spiritual is being one with yourself and is something many people often overlook as an important part of their daily existence.

Having meaning in life and a sense of purpose is important when times get tough. Life has unexpected trials and challenges that force us to grow in unimaginable ways. Believing in something greater than yourself is essential to fighting through the tough times. Otherwise, your willpower and strength to persevere is left empty, and you see no point to keep moving forward.

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When you know your life is important and has meaning, you can rely on your inner soul to help you battle through the challenging stages. When you know you are here for a reason, that you are created with purpose, and that your being stretches far beyond your physical realm, life suddenly has a reason for living.

Your soul is your essence, your true being. It is the very core of you, something which exists deeper than your outer layer of skin and hair. Just as food nourishes our bodies, we need to feed our soul with nourishment as well. Without it, our souls cannot flourish.

I have outlined three key tips to help you gain momentum in your spiritual life that will keep your outlook broad, your soul fed, and your spirits high.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and stay tuned for more.