1. Place the eye patch over one eye (either eye will do). Adjust it to fit comfortably

2. Experience the patch for several minutes – 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable whichever is less

3. Place the patch over the other eye for several minutes – 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable whichever is less

4. Practice patching one eye, then the other, until you are comfortable wearing the patch on each eye for about 20 minutes each

5. Patch the eyes at least twice per day – morning and evening

6. If you feel distressed, take off the patch, do RET first aid, patch again, and call me for an appointment soon – you’ve probably found an issue that’s ready to work

What you might experience after eye patching:

1. Some physical discomfort – nausea, headache

2. Physical cleansing – diarrhea, nausea, sweating, cold symptoms

3. A change in visual acuity – you may want to have your eyes checked by a qualified optometrist if you notice a change

4. A clarity or clouding of thought – usually a clouding or confusion will arise before a clarity

5. Lessening of mental clutter after a period of increased mental chatter

6. Lessening of overall stress after a period of increased stress

Activities to do while eye patching

1. Reading – practice reading with one eye patched, then the other, for a few weeks to improve speed and comprehension

2. During a conflict with a family member – for greater positive results both participants patch (usually the right eye)

3. Just prior to any test or examination – during preparation time (to assist in comprehension and retention of material)

4. Listen to Baroque music – Handel, Telamon, Beethoven, Mozart – enhances the patching effect (keep eyes open while listening)

5. While listening to verbal instructions or during a presentation – patch the eye that clarifies the material for you

A word of warning!

Do not patch the eyes during times when depth perception is important (such as driving, operating dangerous equipment or machines, cutting with knives, walking up/down stairs, etc.).