The same principle that you use to remember numbers works when you memorize words. The only difference is that now you’re no longer linking together images from the master system, but only the words given with the points on your route. This can be more difficult, as some terms can be very abstract. Therefore, your images must be particularly unusual and memorable. If you do forget a word, it’s quite difficult to remember it again, because there are no tricks to help you like with the master system.

However, if you give yourself enough time for memorization and use your imagination, this shouldn’t be a problem. This is also a perfect way to sharpen your brain; you need to create a new, independent image for each word, since you’re no longer using a prescribed set of keywords. This exercise will help you develop the useful skill of visualizing abstract terms as concrete images.

Words and phrases such as pain in the neck, catchy tune, or mama’s boy already contain such images; they almost offer them on a plate. But with other abstract terms, such as mood, it’s not quite as easy to find a suitable image. With mood and a bed as a route marker, I would imagine various people in different moods all sitting together on the same bed. There is a grumpy old man sitting next to a small sulky child and a young woman beaming with happiness. [ Read How To Memorize Poetry ]

I recommend that when you practice, you note whether the terms you’re memorizing are in the singular or plural form and whether they are capitalized or all lowercase. If you want to memorize a speech at a later date, this will not be important, but for practice purposes, it’s crucial to take such small details into account in order to train your attention. [ Read How To Use Roman Room System To Boost Your Memory ]

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Using the tools of visualization and linking, you can memorize not only nouns, but all kinds of words—even conjunctions. It may take a little longer to find a keyword or technique that will make memorizing easier, but with memory training, nothing is impossible! [ Read How To Memorize A Room Full Of People ]


Try to find images for the following words and memorize them with the help of your fictional route. Again, make sure to have plenty going on with the images you create and try to include smells or other sensory impressions.

1. teddy bear
2. refrigerator
3. candle
4. pot holders
5. bouncing
6. pen
7. proud
8. DVD player
9. stapler
10. vase
11. tax returns
12. sweet

Now cover the word list and try to remember the twelve words.

Suggested Images

The following are some ideas I applied to our fictional living room route.

1. A teddy bear is lying curled up on the couch (1), snoring gently.

2. The refrigerator is on top of your glass coffee table (2) and is about to break it.

3. You’ve left a yellow candle burning on the carpet (3), and wax has dripped onto the rug. Fortunately, the carpet has yellow spots, so the wax drips won’t be so obvious.

4. As the material covering your armchair (4) has become frayed in several places, you’ve sewn together a new cover from your old pot holders.

5. The magazine rack (5) is bouncing with joy, delighted by the new cover.

6. You find your lamp (6) a little boring, so you take a pen and draw a cheerful pattern on the shade.

7. As your shelves (7) no longer match the new style of your room, you buy some new ones. Now you’re standing proudly in front of them, taking a souvenir photograph.

8. A DVD player comes flying through your window (8), and you can hear the glass breaking.

9. The old stapler you used in school is lying on the dining table (9), and you’re wallowing in nostalgia.

10. Someone used your expensive vase as a planter for your potted plant (10).

11. You turn on your TV (11) and see yourself filing your tax returns.

12. A sweet smell suddenly wafts from your wastebasket (12), confusing all your senses.

I hope you enjoyed reading this memory improvement technique for memorizing numbers. I suggest that now you read how to memorize spellings for further learning.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below. I am more than happy to help.