Apart from things that we admire or about which we feel enthusiastic, we also remember situations that are somewhat strange or out of the ordinary. For example, if a man in a squirrel costume were to stand next to you on the subway, you would most likely remember him and his costume later on that evening. However, you would probably have forgotten the woman in the ordinary black jacket who was also standing beside you. If you believe that you are talented in a particular field and can achieve something in it, you have succeeded in developing your intellectual skills in that area. As memory training stimulates both hemispheres of your cerebrum, you may be able to open up previously undeveloped and unused potential. Memory training exercises also help. You will be amazed at how you will discover unknown facets of your personality through memory training. [ Read How To Retain And Remember What You Read]

You are now familiar with several techniques, but you probably you want to know the practical uses of memory training

So shortly we will be covering a series of articles focused on teaching you how to practice memory improvement techniques in your daily life.

But lets not end this post here. Let me share with you how i practiced memorization techniques in daily practice.

I got to know about mnemonics by a random search on google and came across you can have an amazing memory by Dominic O’Brien and that is how my journey into the world of brain and memory training began.

That book is a classic and covers all the major memory training techniques. I started learning from that book.

First of all i learned all the basics of using association and location as a memory aid to boost my memory power.

I found it very complicated in the start but then within the next few days i would start feeling comfortable with memory improvement techniques and i was all excited.

how to use memory technqiues in daily life

After learning how to memorize numbers and specially how to memorize binary digits i switched to learning how to memorize speeches.

This was all very much fun and then i started using these techniques to improve my grades at school. It was not as easy as i had imagined but i did learn how to use these techniques in school and college.

Then i learned how to memorize quotes and historical dates. It did help me with my school and college life as i was able to cut down my study time by half and was able to score even higher grades.

At this point in this article, i want to stress the importance of teaching students mnemonic techniques. These techniques will help students a lot. I assure you that by learning these memory techniques students will be able to score a lot higher grades then they are currently scoring.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below and i will make sure to answer all of your questions.

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I am sure you will enjoy reading that. I will see you soon.