A big part of qualification is telling the truth. The best way of qualifying a person, of finding out the qualities they’ve got, is to have preset in your own mind of what you want in a person. If you want the kind of person that’s interesting and can talk about politics and work, then at some point in qualification you’ve got to bring it up. You don’t want to be flirting withsomeone who’s not the kind of person you want to be with.

All of these techniques, whether you’re looking to preload something and just add it into your normal conversation or whether you’re looking to develop an entire sequence of qualification to get people moving down a path towards exactly what you want, qualification is an incredibly diverse and powerful process. It’s easily one of the most misunderstood parts of attraction and dating and yet it’s something that really shouldn’t be missed; because if you learn how to qualify.

You can make sure that if somebody dates you, they’re dating you in the way that you want; somebody who actually wants a relationship with you or who is OK with you seeing other people. Using qualification helps you set it up in advance so you can plan ahead, preventing any problems or issues that can arise. These powerful techniques of forced learning make people do the kinds of things that you want them to do; to encourage them to adopt certain behaviors. Holding them to their statements; if somebody says they’re spontaneous, if they say they’re fun and outgoing then they have to keep being spontaneous, fun and outgoing; and being aware that if somebody does verbally say that, they’re much more likely to adopt that behavior.

The process of qualification is incredibly in-depth and powerful. In our previous articles you’ve learned some of the key techniques that can help you use this to develop your own game, to build up your own skills of attraction and dating; to ensure that not only are you meeting the kind of people that you want to meet, but that they are going to end up staying the kind of person you want to be with; whether it’s in a closed relationship or an open one, you can set it up in advance so if worst comes to worst and you find that the person you’re talking to isn’t the person you want to be with and they don’t have the qualities you are looking for, then you can just move on and find somebody that does.