The reason that body language is so important is because it is visual proof of all the positive attributes of Base Attraction. Your body language can improve your looks, say that you have money and status, and convey positive personality attributes. Body language is a very large part of attraction. You can lie very easily about your job, but it’s much harder to make your body lie. Body language is a very big subject.

Eye Contact – Eye contact is the most important type of body language because it shows others where your thoughts lie. Are your eyes fixed on the floor or in the eyes of the person you are speaking with? Somewhere in the middle?

Here is some body language you should try to do: With women, you want to have strong eye contact at all times, however, it is good to look away at times. Look away as you think about what they are saying, then, go back to looking into their eyes.

Smiling – Smiling is very important, but not just smiling, smiling the right way. Among primates, smiling is seen as a sign of submission. If you smile you do not want to smile as a sign of submission rather, as a sign of confidence and reassurance. Your usual smile should be more of a smirk and your other smile should be one of reassurance. If somebody says something funny, don’t laugh because you want them to like you, laugh because it’s funny. If you do this it will come out in your body language.

Posture – It’s very important to have good posture. The two important things to remember with posture are to have your chin up and shoulders back. You want to keep your chin parallel with the ground, and you want to keep your shoulders back with your chest slightly protruding at all times. This will make you come across as more confident and dominant.

Be Relaxed and Comfortable – Look at the body language of James Bond; he is always calm and relaxed up until the moment he springs into action. His movements are sure and not rushed. He slowly and confidently faces what he needs to.

Voice tone and speed of speech – Listen to President Barack Obama speak. There is a reason he was the first African-American president in the United States. He oozes charm and charisma. If you listen to his speeches you will hear how he has a deep voice tone. How he speaks slowly. How he pauses for dramatic effect. As his words get more meaningful he will get louder and his speech will quicken. He is in complete control of his words.

body language tips and techniques

Only 7% of communication is done through words. People will only believe you have the desired attributes if you have the body language that goes with it. In fact, if you show good body language they will actually believe you have more positive attributes than you really do.