Most men will take a look at a woman and then wonder how to talk to her. When they get their opportunity, they think to themselves – due to their limiting fears – that this’ll be the only chance they have to speak with her during the entire night. So, they go over there, and the conversation starts to waiver after 30 seconds. It goes in a whole different direction, and it’s not working. Here is how to beat limiting beliefs.

What do these guys do?

They continue trying extremely hard to get her to like them. After a minute and a half, they’ve tried so hard to get a woman to like them, they’ve actually succeeded in repelling her. It happens to all of us. You go in there, and you give her a good 30 seconds, you get a little nervous, you get inside your head, and then for the next minute you end up smothering her.

Not good. So how can you avoid this?

Simply walk away before it has a chance to get to that point! That’s right, you can just walk away, and regain your thoughts. You regain your observations, so you have another chance at her, later… Otherwise you’re just going to smother her and turn her off. Now, just so we’re clear, I’m not saying just turn around and high-tail it mid conversation.

Walk Away the right way

You understand the need to walk away from some situations, but how can you do that smoothly, without making things akward and making yourself look like the dog who just got scolded and is retreating with his tail between his legs?

Take this example. You walk up to talk to a woman you’re really attracted to, you connect and have a good conversation ( If you are bad with conversation, read conversation tips )with her for a couple of minutes, and then say “it was really nice talking to you and I want to talk more about XYZ, but I’ve got to go catch up with my friends for a minute.” and then just walk away. When you walk away, it gives her a moment to reflect and think to herself “That guy just walked away. No one just walks away. Most men smother me. How come this guy just walked away?”

walking away from women

It creates powerful intrigue in her mind. She’s wondering who you are, what you’re all about, and how you could walk away from her. It creates incredible attraction on her part.

What usually ends up happening is she’ll seek out a way to find you again at the party. Or, you’ll walk around that party, and the minute she sees you, she’ll plant a very seductive, sexy smile on you so you stop. Or, she’ll talk to you about something going on at the moment or ask you a question to reignite the conversation that she was having with you before.

Most guys are afraid to walk away from a woman they’re really attracted to, because it took a lot of nerve to talk to her in the first place. What you learn when you practice speaking to a lot of different women however, is walking away from a woman you’re interested in is a great way to see whether or not you’ve connected with her.

When you’re in Smotherville (smothering a woman with conversation that may or may not be going anywhere) you’re just talking to her in random thoughts and thus not really knowing if you connect with her or not. (Remember, “He-Talk” = NOT Good) Don’t do this!

Ask yourself, why do women go for the “bad boy?” Why do women always go for the guy who doesn’t like them or doesn’t pay them any attention? Simply because many times that man has learned the art of “the walk away,” whether he knows it or not.

You need to learn and then perfect the art of the walk-away, and you need to use it the next time you see a beautiful woman and you talk to her. Here’s another example of what you can do to further increase her attraction:

After you’ve been talking to that hot woman you’ve said hello to and started a conversation based on observations for a few minutes, you need to walk away and let her simmer. For five, six . . . maybe twenty minutes, and let her see you talking to other people. It’s going to bring out an incredible competitive fire in her, especially if you’re speaking with other women as it generated massive social proof.

It doesn’t matter what the women look like; it’s sufficient that they’re just other women. And even when you’re speaking to men, it will also work, because you’re confident and having a good time and making everyone else around you comfortable and glad to be in your company. And like clockwork, that woman who has been watching you in action and has her curiosity piqued will come over to you, because you’ve used the power of the walk away.

You’ll find mastering the power of the walk-away will attract beautiful women everywhere you go. It’s because women love a leader, and women love men who can walk away from something right at the height of the conversation, when things just have the potential to get interesting. It’s going to make them want more… and that’s what you need to create. You need to create this desire and curiosity in women, so they want to figure you out, and as a result want you more.

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Keep learning and one day you will have more than you could ever handle.