Looks account for about 38% of the total Base Attraction that a woman feels for a man. Looks are the very first thing that a woman notices about a man. It is one of the most important things in creating attraction with a woman, but keep in mind it is not everything.

Facial Looks

Facial looks are something that many people prize and a good face is the main standard of beauty in our world. Facial looks make up 10% of total Base Attraction. It is a size able chunk but, keep in mind it is not everything. The reason women are attracted to facial looks is because those genetics will make the faces of their children better looking. If they have a girl it means that that child will have a very easy life, even as a male, things will be easier. All these things will subconsciously run through a woman’s mind when she sees a pretty face and it will cause immense attraction. It has actually been shown that cuteness is an adaptation meant to keep a baby’s parents from abandoning them.

Eyes – It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are very important, but that is because of body language, which we will get to later. Eyes are one of the first things that a woman notices about a man. The reason women are attracted to pretty eyes is because it signifies health, and thousands of years ago if your sight wasn’t good, you wouldn’t last long. The strong possibility of passing on good genes to her children will cause a woman to feel attraction when seeing attractive eyes.

When it comes to eye color, the rarest color of eyes is what people usually see as beautiful. In South America blue or green eyes will leave girls in awe, but in the United States they are not treated with as much reverence; this is because blue and green eyes are not as rare in the United States.

Because of the importance that eyes have in feeling attraction, it is important to take care of your eyes. Don’t let them get bloodshot and don’t cover them with glasses, if you have the choice.

Jaw – A strong, defined jaw is another feature that is part of a woman’s attraction switch. A strong jaw is a sign of high testosterone levels, and thousands of years ago high testosterone levels meant that the man was higher in the social hierarchy and that he was stronger. The only way to improve your jawline is to raise your testosterone. There are natural ways to do this, for example: going to the gym, adding aggressive hobbies to your life, etc. A quick internet search will lead you to plenty of ways to raise your testosterone levels. High testosterone also signals that a man has a healthy sex drive. That is relevant because, biologically, the two most important things that human beings, as a species, are programmed to do are survive and reproduce.

Hair – The popularity of Rogaine is a testament that men know a thick, head of hair is attractive to women. However hair is just a small part of facial beauty. A bald head, if done stylishly, can still look presentable. Hair still accounts for roughly 1% of total attraction, so do all you can to keep it looking good.


Overall Body

Many people believe that facial beauty is more important than having a good body, but biologically it is actually less. A girl will be more attracted to you based on your body than any other single feature there is. The Body accounts for 10% (16% including height) of the Base Attraction that a woman feels for a man. 10% of that you have a say in improving. There are many things you can do, and it is a good idea to make it a priority.

Muscle and Body Fat – Everyone knows that muscle on a man is attractive, however too much muscle can be a bad thing. The idea of putting on muscle is to make yourself look like a healthy, strong man, who is able to take care of himself. If you want to strictly hit attraction triggers don’t overdo this by taking steroids and dedicating your life to body building. However, if you aren’t just trying to hit attraction triggers a body builder will still hit many of those attraction triggers. The key word is healthy looking, a jacked guy is still a lot more healthy looking than a scrawny 110 lb man and he will come off as more of a protector. In my opinion about 7 to 12 percent body fat is what women find ideal.

The Shoulder to Waist Ratio– Throughout time there has been a feature that all women have found very attractive, it’s called the shoulder to waist ratio. 1:1.68 waist to shoulder ratio is preferred. This is called the Golden Ratio. To learn more about this concept of beauty, do a quick Google search. Do all you can to broaden those shoulders and narrow that waste. You will hit an attraction trigger just with that feature.

Chest– A large, not overly large, and shapely chest is not only something that triggers an attraction trigger in men; it does so in women as well. A chest is seen as one of the leading indicators of strength when someone looks at a man. When a woman sees a nice chest, she subconsciously sees him as somebody who can keep her safe. Keep in mind not just to go for improving the size of your chest, but also the shape and definition.

chest photo

Arms – This is the second feature that people use to gauge a man’s strength. Big arms are something most women love, but again mixing size and definition is the best way to get the best results from women. Good arms will also subconsciously send her the message that you can protect her.

Abs– Abs are signs of good health, being athletic, and able to take care of a girl. Getting six-pack abs are a must if you like to find girls at beaches or pools, but they won’t help you much in the beginning stages of a relationship when you are in a place that you’re supposed to keep your shirt on. It’s good to prioritize what features you work on based on how you like to spend your time.


Height is one of those things that, short of flats and thick soled shoes, you can’t do anything about. However, it is still important to understand that this alone is a very strong attraction switch.

Taller people are seen as more masculine. It is a subconscious sign of status that whoever is the highest in a room is the person with the most status. Subconscious things like this are the reason that women are so turned on by a taller guy.

Tip: If you want to get those tall points, you could try traveling to South America or Asia. On average people in those places are a lot shorter, so you will get more attraction with less height.

Dress with Style

One of the simplest and most important things to remember about having good style is to dress to your body type. It is much easier to follow than all the current fashion trends. If you have muscle, wear a tighter shirt that shows it off. If you have a good waist to hip ratio, wear a nice tailored shirt so people can see your waist. Never wear big shirts if you have a narrow waste. You want your shirts to show it off. If you are trying to hide a little extra fat you can wear shirts that are thicker with more layers.

men's dressing

Make sure you have a nice pair of clean shoes. Shoes are one of the first things women notice. It’s also good to have a basic idea of what colors go with what. You don’t need to dress like a male model, you just need to dress to maximize your attractive qualities.

Hygiene and Grooming

Hygiene is an attraction switch, but more importantly, it’s one of the main things that can kill attraction. It is very important to make sure you are keeping up on the following:

Clean Body – You want to make sure your body is clean. Use soap and make sure to wash everywhere. Remember your neck and around your ears. Greasy hair or dreadlocks may look good at times from far away, but up close it will kill attraction, and fast.

Trim Your Hair – Get frequent haircuts so that you will look very crisp. Also make sure to shave, and trim your beard when needed. Don’t let your pubic hair get out of control either. If you have bushy eyebrows, pluck them. If you have a hairy back, wax it, shave it, or get laser treatments done. If you can see your nose hairs when you look in the mirror it means you should pluck them.

Fingernails, Acne, Boogers, and Goobers – Make sure to keep your fingernails cut and clean, you should see no white part. If you have acne or something else on your face do your best to get it treated, and get in a habit of always checking yourself before you go out for boogers and eye goobers.

How to Use Looks to Create Sexual Attraction

Looks are one of the easiest attributes to show. Everywhere you go people will see your looks, whether you want them to or not. One of the best tips I can give you is to look your best whenever you leave your home. You never know when a cute girl will cross your path.

attractive girl

A previously mentioned way to show your looks is to dress to your body; don’t hide a nice chest behind a sweater all the time, show it off. If they can’t see it, it won’t create any attraction. If you have good arms, wear a short sleeve or tight shirt. Loose clothing is meant to hide your body, so only use it if you have something to hide. If you’ve got a big package, you better wear some tight pants or no woman is ever going to know, well, until all the hard work is already done they won’t know.