Money and Status account for 30% of a woman’s Base Attraction for a man. Money and status is the excuse most men give for why they can’t get girls. However, as you will see, even if you can’t be on the cover of Forbes Magazine, you can still hit some attraction triggers in this area.


Money is one of the first things that pop into a man’s mind when he wonders what would help him get that special girl and there is some truth to it. Money alone is an attraction trigger, but it’s not as big as you might think. Money accounts for almost 9% of a woman’s Base Attraction. That won’t do it all for you. So many rich men make the mistake of thinking that women will want them just because of their money. So they get rich and they go out and they wonder why they are getting rejected so often. It is because they are missing the other 91 percent of the things that hit attraction switches in a woman.

The billionaire Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook has more money than he could ever spend. So he should be spending his time with super models and famous actresses, right? Wrong. He is missing so many other attraction switches that even though he has an out of this world bank account, he isn’t landing any high value women.

If you are thinking about getting more money as a way to make women more attracted to you, it will work, but there may be other ways that aren’t so time consuming that you can get the same result. If you have tons of money, but it is the only thing you have going for you, then those cute girls only care about the money. In fact, they are probably not even very attracted to you. After all you only hit one of their attraction switches.

Part of the reason money is such a big switch is because it also comes with the lifestyle. They will dream of traveling the world, riding in fast cars, big houses, and nannies. You can compensate for money by selling a good lifestyle, one that doesn’t require so much ‘dinero’.

raining money

Another reason for so much attraction to money is the obvious reason of security. Even though today many women can take care of themselves, the show of security is a hardwired attraction switch that girls cannot turn off. You may wonder why you see rich women going after rich men; money is still an attraction switch, even to a girl who doesn’t need it.

Status and Fame

Status and Fame are other attraction triggers that men believe are more powerful than they really are. It is only 9% of the total base attraction.

I remember meeting a girl from Los Angeles who told me she once met Seth Green at a club. She said that when she first saw him she became giddy with excitement, but after he came over and talked with her, she realized how many unattractive qualities he had. Seth Green is very famous, but he is lacking many other attraction switches. Don’t think that fame and fortune will give you everything. It will give you 9% of what you need, but there is still 91% left to go.

A doctor is one of the most attractive careers that a man can have. They make good money, they are highly thought of, and they save lives every day. What more could a woman want? Well, many doctors still have trouble finding dates with the girls they think they deserve. They think that because they are a doctor that girls should just swoon over them. Being a doctor is a high status job, but there is still 91% more he needs to have to hit all those attraction switches.

However, if a high status job is something that you want to do with your life, take the attraction points and keep adding on. Some prestigious careers that offer status are: doctor, CEO, lawyer, pilot, and many more. If you have it, use it.

status photo

Another reason status is important is because it goes along with lifestyle and bragging rights. She may dream of what it’s like attending parties with high status people, and then afterwards she will go brag to her friends about it.


Another thing that will cause attraction in a woman is hearing about a man’s accomplishments. Did he scale Mt. Everest? Travel the world? Go to Harvard? Save someone from a fire? Hearing, or especially, witnessing an accomplishment will trigger very strong attraction.

Another aspect of accomplishments is ambition. Ambition is very sexy to a woman, even if you only have a plan become a rock star. As long as she sees it as a possibility, it will still hit an attraction trigger.


The social attraction trigger is much more important than you may think. Women are naturally more social than men, so they place more importance on who you know. In a woman’s eyes your friends are a part of who you are. So the higher value that your friends are, the higher value that you will seem.

Every woman has dreamed of going to their boyfriend’s party and running into a political figure or famous actor. If you can’t pull that off, just having a large network of friends to set up good sized parties will still hit an attraction switch in women.

On the other hand, if all your friends are low value or you don’t have friends at all, this will massively kill attraction. If you are lacking in the friends department, start a hobby where you can meet other guys or join a club or organization. The easiest is video games, but do not use video games to make friends. Video games are one of the worst ways you can spend your time. The friends you will make playing video games will most likely not be high value friends.

Social attraction triggers only account for about 5% of total Base Attraction. So if you don’t want to ditch the friends you have known all your life, don’t worry it’s just a small part of attraction. Just keep in mind that it won’t hurt to make new friends.

status and attraction

Another aspect of social attraction is how loyal to you your friends are. If you look one way and your friend throws you under the bus, the social attraction that they originally caused the girl to feel for you will not only vanish, but it will kill even more attraction. However, if your friends are always talking you up as a person, it will cause a lot of attraction. Friends are important to women, so remember, if your friends aren’t loyal, they won’t do anything but hurt the attraction a woman will feel for you.


All of us have potential to do many of these things. If you can show that you have a good chance of making these things happen in the future, it will cause her to have attraction for you.

If you are still studying you may hit some of these triggers with your degree choice, or even with the fact that you are pursuing a degree. Be ambitious in life, it will pay off in many ways.

How to Use Money and Status to Create Sexual Attraction

Money and Status are things that you never want to brag about. If you brag about them they will, at best, do nothing and, at worst, kill attraction. If you are bragging about having money you will only attract gold diggers, who aren’t really interested in you.

The best way to show that you have money is in your clothing. If you have money, use on it expensive brand name clothing. Women will notice and it will create attraction. Drive your expensive car around town, but don’t go out of your way to make sure that the girl notices it; she will pick up on this “try-hard” behavior.

The best way for a girl to learn about your money, status and accomplishments is actually through somebody else. If she hears it through somebody else it will seem much more credible, and you will be seen even better as you are not going around bragging about it. If she asks you about your career you can also tell her, but don’t bring it up yourself.

If you there is no other way for her to know of your status or your accomplishments than to hear it from you, then you should hint to it in stories. You can tell a funny story and just mention in small details things about what you are trying to tell her. For example, “Today the funniest thing happened; one of my patients was blah blah blah.” She will immediately ask “Oh, you’re a doctor?” You disguised your bragging with a humorous story. You can use this tactic with anything having to do with Money and Status.