Despite what you may have heard, hypnosis is completely safe and you will never lose your ability to wake yourself up if you feel in any way uncomfortable with what is going on. The likelihood is that you will wonder about this sometime during your experience, but you will feel so good that you will not feel the need to try to wake yourself up. I invite you to test this for yourself once you have gone through the induction stage.

There are three accepted stages of hypnotic trance which most professional hypnotherapists use. For the purpose of this explanation, we’ll call them Light, Medium, and Deep. In professional practice, the deep state is often used for treating really serious psychological conditions as well as medical and dental anaesthesia.

It is unlikely that you will ever reach a state of Deep (‘Comatose’) hypnotic trance using Self-Hypnosis. Even if you do, the techniques contained in these scripts will work in exactly the same way, to emerge you back to your full waking state when it’s time.

In this Stage One exercise, we’ll be targeting the Light state. In this state, most people remain fully aware of where they are and what is going on around them, but they choose to ‘switch off’ that consciousness and ‘go inside’ to explore their own internal thoughts, images and feelings. You may achieve this Light state on your very first attempt. You may even recognise it when it happens, or you may perhaps feel that nothing has changed, and you’re just relaxing in a chair with your eyes closed. It doesn’t matter, because you’re going to repeat the same exercise several times, and each time you go into hypnosis you will go deeper than the last time, and you’ll find new sensations and experiences which will encourage you to go further.

hypnosis techniques and advice

Remember, it’s a conditioning process, and the more often you do it the better you will become.

When you emerge from your first hypnotic experience, we’re going to conduct a little ‘de-brief’ so that you can reflect on how you got on.

Here Is A Self-Hypnosis Script For You

When you’re ready to enter hypnosis, take a long deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. As you exhale this breath, allow your eyes to close and let go of the surface tension in your body. Just let your body relax as much as possible right now.

Now, place your awareness on your eye muscles and relax the muscles around your eyes to the point they just won’t work. When you’re sure they’re so relaxed that as long as you hold on to this relaxation they just won’t work, hold on to that relaxation and test them to make sure they won’t work.

Now, this relaxation you have in your eyes is the same quality of relaxation that I want you to have throughout your whole body. So, just let this quality of relaxation flow through your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Now, we can deepen this relaxation much more. In a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes. When you close your eyes, that’s your signal to let this feeling of relaxation become 10 times deeper. All you have to do is want it to happen and you can make it happen very easily. OK, Now, we can deepen this relaxation
much more. In a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes one more time. Again, when you close your eyes, double the relaxation you now have. Make it become twice as deep. OK, now once more, open your eyes … close your eyes and double your relaxation.. . good. Let every muscle in your body become so relaxed that as long as you hold on to this quality of relaxation, every muscle of your body will not work.

In a moment, I’m going to have you open and close your eyes one more time. Again, when you close your eyes, double the relaxation you now have. Make it become twice as deep. OK, now once more open your eyes… close your eyes and double your relaxation… good. Let every muscle in your body become so relaxed that as long as you hold on to this quality of relaxation every muscle of your body will not work.

Now, that’s complete physical relaxation. I want you to know that there are two ways a person can relax. You can physically relax and you can relax mentally. You already proved that you can relax physically, now let me show you how to relax mentally. In a moment, I’ll ask you to begin slowly counting backwards, in
your mind, from 100. Now, here’s the secret to mental relaxation; with each number you say, you’ll double your mental relaxation. With each number you say, let your mind become twice as relaxed. Now, if you do this, by the time you reach the number 97, or maybe even sooner,your mind will have become so relaxed, you will actually have relaxed all the rest of the numbers (that would have come after 97) right out of your mind. There just won’t be any more numbers. Those numbers will leave, if you will them away. Now, start with the idea that you will make that happen and you can easily dispel them from your mind.

Now, in your mind say the first number, 100 and double your mental relaxation. Now the next number….. Good…. Now double that mental relaxation. Let those numbers already start to fade. Next number…..Double your mental relaxation. Start to make those numbers leave. They’ll go if you will them away. Now, they’ll be gone. Dispel them. Banish them. Make it happen, you can do it, Push them out. Make it happen! They are all gone.

That’s fine. The mind is relaxed and the body’s relaxed. Just let yourself relax much more with every single breath. And I do want your body to relax just a little bit more so let me help you do that. This time I will count from 5 down to 1. With every number I say, let your mind and body relax together like a team so that by the time I reach the count of one, mentally and physically you easily let yourself relax much more. All right? 5-deeper–that’s good—4 – 3 –that’s fine-2 – deeper down and ————- — 1.

That’s great, doing fine. I’d like you now to see if you would allow yourself, to let yourself, to go to your very basement of your ability to relax. And you know there is no real basement of a person’s ability because we’ve never found a basement, only on every particular instant in time your basement can be many, many times deeper. And I’ll help you to get there.

I want you to imagine that there are three more levels to take you to your basement of your relaxation.–levels – A, B, and C. To get to-level A,- you– simply- double the relaxation that you have now. To get to level B, you must double the relaxation you have in level A. And finally to get to your basement, you must at least double what you have in level B. To help you with this, I want you to use that powerful imagination of yours. And I want you to imagine that you’re standing at the top of your own private escalator, like they have at the shopping centre only this is your own private escalator.

I am going to count to 3 – and at the count of 3, you’ll step onto your
escalator that will be taking you from where you are now down to level A, double the relaxation that you have now. When you get there, you’ll let yourself know by simply raising one finger gently. Here we go-1-2-3. Step on to the escalator and go down, deeper down, doubling that relaxation which feels so good. When you reach the next level, step off your escalator and relax. Good wonderful.

Now in a moment we’re going to go from level A to level B. To get to level B, you simply have to double the relaxation that you’re allowing in level A. Just let it grow twice as deep. All right. Imagine yourself at the top of your next escalator. Here we go, 1-2-3 and step on… Let it take you all the way down where you will have doubled your relaxation. Now, if you’re following these instructions, you may find it difficult to move your finger, but that doesn’t matter at all. But try anyway. Just take all the time you need to get to level B— and when you arrive at the bottom of that escalator, step off and relax. Good.

Now there’s one more level that I’d like you to go to: Level C–the very basement of your ability to relax. Once more, find yourself at the top of that escalator. At the count of three, step on and it will take you all the way down to level C — the very basement of your ability to relax today. Here we go: -1-2-3. -deeperdeeper- letting go-deeper-deeperdeeper- to the very basement of your relaxation-drifting down-much more relaxed. OK. That’s fine. Way down. Now just let yourself stay there for a moment and notice at this level every breath you exhale just easily helps you relax even more. Every breath takes you deeper and deeper relaxed. Now as you relax, drifting deeper with every word I speak, the first thing I would like you to know is how much I appreciate and admire you for the decision you have made to try hypnosis for yourself and to explore the wonderful benefits that it can add to your life.

Now you have those physical signs that allow you to know that you have moved from one conscious state to another in a calm and confident way.

In this calm and confident state you can offer yourself generous portions of self confidence… large helpings of self-esteem, breathing out self-doubt as you relax even deeper and continue to enjoy the journey towards your goal.

Now you’re going to take a short period of silence, relaxed in this
beautiful hypnotic state, and experience whatever comes to you. See what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, and simply let the waves of physical and mental relaxation wash over you.

(Silence for two minutes)

You’ve done great. PAUSE. I’m going to count from ONE up to THREE. At the count of three your eyes are going to open, become fully alert, totally refreshed. Any cobwebs that you might have had, any sleepiness of mind is going to dissolve and disappear, and you’re going to feel bright eyed and full of energy. You’ll be fully alert and wonderful and marvellous in every way. ONE, slowly easily and gently feel yourself coming back up to your full awareness, At the count of TWO you’re still relaxed and calm but notice that your eyes under your eyelids feel as if they’re clearing, kind of like they’re being bathed in a sparkling cool mountain stream, you feel GREAT. On the next count those eyes are going to open, totally alert, fully refreshed, just feeling excited, wonderful, in every way, and every time you go into hypnosis you can let yourself go deeper than the time before because you know that just feels good. All right, get ready, and on the count of THREE open those eyes and notice how good you feel.

Welcome back!