When working with people for therapeutic reasons one of the greatest obstacles to overcome is the subject’s own lack of self worth, self esteem, and deservingness. Often the subject has a personal history filled with attempts and subsequent failures that effect even their willingness to try any further. They often approach hypnosis as a final attempt and are already disheartened and desperate.

When working with people for weight loss I will often propose a thought experiment in which I ask the subject to pretend that they are actually an identical twin separated at birth. Upon finally meeting their twin they both realize they need to lose the same amount of weight, and they both set out to do it.

At the end a certain period of time they both are successful. Both lost the same weight over the same time doing the same activities. The only difference is that one of them lost weight because they hated themselves and the other did it because they loved themselves. The story ends by asking them which twin would they rather be?

The purpose of the The Mirror of The Future is to rebuild the self image so that they proceed with purpose and commitment.

”in a moment I will count hack from five to zero, and as I do you will go further into that deep and pleasant state. Imagine that there is a zero out there in front of you, and with each count you get closer, finally going through that zero, inside that zero and the all the way down into that zero. From that point on every word you hear can he made absolutely true allowing you to change in all the ways you’ve always wanted to change for so long. ”

“5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … Zero. FORGET. .. trust your unconscious mind to do it’s perfect work … and notice that you can see yourself in the mirror. From this point on when you look in the mirror you LIKE what you see in the mirror. ”

”i am speaking directly to the unconscious mind … so the conscious mind can just drift away in whatever direction you like, or it can stay and pay attention to each and every word as you go deeper and deeper inside. ”

“From this point on you LIKE what you see in the mirror. From this point on you LIKE that person you see in the mirror. From this point on you LIKE yourself. ”

“Unconscious mind., you like (name) and from this point on you like, love and DEEPLY accept (name) and because you want to make him/her happy you do EVERYTHING necessary to make (name) happy and healthy. From this point on you like what you see in the mirror, you like (name) and no longer do you see what you had seen in the past. No longer do you focus on the pain, bitterness and failure. No longer do you see the (name) that was, the (name) that had to he. From this point on when you look in the mirror you see the (name) that CAN he. You see the (name) that WILL he … you see the (name) that IS going to he .. .for the (name) that WILL BE .. .IS the (name) that exists right now … and you do EVERYTHING in your power to make THAT (name) happen. You do EVERYTHING necessary to make (name) healthy – Financial~ Spiritual~ Emotional~ Relationally and Physically. Those five areas of health are from now on THE MOST important thing to you without exception. ”

“You release all sabotage. You have no need to struggle any longer because you’re done. You’re done with the bitterness the hurt and the failure. You’re done with any need to punish yourself or to feel guilt or shame. You are done with ALL of that … FOREVER. ”

“You like yourself from now on and and you let go of any need to notice criticism from other people or even yourself. ”

“You let go of all self criticism because from this point forward you like yourself and have no need for it any longer. ”

“(Name)J if I throw a dart at a wall it will damage the wall and if I throw it a window the window will shatter … But if I throw it as a river it doesn’t damage the water because the river does not make a wall out of itself; and you are no longer making a wall out of yourself any longer either. You no longer make walls out of your self because you realize that by being that river you cannot he damaged by the darts of criticism. You no longer need to worry about the darts of criticism any longer because you have let go of the need to notice criticism from others and even from yourself. ”

‘From now on you are done with self-sabotage in every way. You are done with any sabotage of yourself.

“You feel good about yourself from the INSIDE now. Your river flows from the spring within you so your self esteem comes from the INSIDE now. What other people think and say does not matter. If there is a lesson you need to learn you learn it without feeling had and you can learn any lesson and it will not hurt your feelings. You simply use EVERYTHING to improve your health … financial~ relational~ emotionally and physically.”

“From this point on you ‘Fe DONE with failure and you focus ONLY on the future. That is THE most important thing from this point on.”

This script has been know to bring tears to subjects eyes because for many this is often the first time they were told that they could feel good about themselves for no reason.

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