This is a technique I’ve made from a modified anchor collapse. It is designed to eliminate or minimize cravings and desire.

The Cravings Crusher was first tried on weight loss clients for chocolate and chips and was later incorporated for smokers.

To begin I ask “do you have cravings? Many people will easily say “yes,” but others may need a further explanation. ‘:4 craving is when you have a thought to eat something  and that thought won ‘t go away until you’re satisfy it.

Then ask them, “if you thought about it could you bring up a craving right now?” This is important for the process to work and most people will say yes. If they say no, or “I don’t know” then encourage them to try and remind them that for the the process to work well they need to bring up a craving.

“Here is what is going to happen. I’m going to ask you to sit with your hand resting either on your lap or the arms of the chair palm up. You’ll be looking into the palms of your hand. When you look into your right hand I want you to bring up a craving. In you left hand I want to imagine being completely free of cravings, at your ideal weight (a non-smoker) and feeling great! At some point I’m going to have you bring your hands together and it is going to get very confusing so just follow along with me. OK?”

In the hundreds of times I’ve done this I never had anyone ask anything more about the process. Begin the process as follows:

“Okay. sit with your hands resting comfortably either on the arms of the chair or on you lap. Look in to you right hand. As you focus intently on the right hand I want you to bring up a craving. When you notice that craving … simply nod your head. Take your time. (wait for response) Good! Now as you notice that craving focus on the feeling of the craving. It’s not about the food/smoking. It’s about the feeling of the craving and imagine that craving is in the right hand. Either you’re holding that craving or that’s where it originates hut that craving is in the right hand.”

“Take a deep breath. .. and look into the left hand. As you look into the left hand. . .imagine that you are completely free from cravings. You’re looking through your own eyes at your ideal weight/a non-smoke~ you’re feeling fine/ in perfect health. When you notice that incredible feeling and all the wonderful resources you have simply nod your head (wait for response.) Good!”

“Now tum to your right hand and notice the craving. (wait for response). Now, turn to you left and notice all those wonderful resources there waiting for you … and close your eyes … and I want you to SLOWLY bring those hands together as if they’re being pulled together by an magnetic force … and soon they will come together … and those two feelings will crash and collide and smash together … it will he very confusing … hut that confusion will pass … so let them come together (wait until the hands meet) … and when that confusion passes you’ll know it … because you’ll feel fine … so let those two feelings m~ merge and intertwine and when the confusion has passed nod your head (wait for response.)”

“Now I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me … what happens … now … when you go ahead and try in vane to bring up a craving … what do you notice? (Wait for response. They will typically report that they cannot bring up a craving or that it’s drastically minimized.)”

“That’s right. Notice that response. So now imagine taking any last minimal remnant of the craving and tossing it behind and it just begins to fall away … it doesn’t even matter. It isn’t even important. You don’t even have to do a thing about it. Gone … and notice that incredible feeling of relief.”

“Now imagine yourself, today, tonight or tomorrow when you would have normally had this craving but NOW you have this response. As soon as you notice it you take the very thought of a craving and you toss it behind you where it doesn’t even matter … and feel that relief”

“Now just create one event right after another where you already have this response. Different places, different times and this response is already there. Again and again and again and again. (pause, give them time to do this fora while)”

“So when you notice … NOW. .. that you can’t even bring up a craving no matter how hard you try … what sort of thoughts and feeling come up? (They usually will mention a positive feeling like ‘relief”or control.” If they say something that is other than clearly positive then guide them to a positive feeling.) Good! Notice that relief. Focus in on it and say this loudly within you mind … and feel it in your heart … hear yourself say,  deserve this. I deserve this. I deserve this. # You do deserve this feeling of relief.”

The next step is to have them open their eyes and notice what it’s like to be free from cravings. Most people will not be able to bring up a craving no matter how hard they try.

The nature of this process is similar to an NLP anchor collapse when two opposing feeling are brought together. These two feelings cannot coexist at the same time thus creating a temporary feeling of confusion. But the mind sorts it out because the mind cannot easily maintain a constant state of confusion.

Once the subject has an experience of NOT having a craving they are taught a useful response to cravings, one of tossing it behind them. This is follow by rehearsing the process until it becomes unconscious and automatic.

The concept of “Deserving” is introduced to help the subject at the level of their self-worth and personal identity, and is sometimes the most powerful part of the process.

This process is often done just preceding the “hypnosis” process because it is not entirely like what people think of hypnosis. Usually because of the dramatic effect it has on the subject it encourages the subject to be more comfortable complying to the suggestions during the hypnosis that follows.

The Cravings Crusher also provide an example of how to “throw something behind you and let it go,” which is a useful process to learn when you want to change old behaviors.

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