The following suggestions have been written in such a way that they are going to help you get rid of the fear of public speaking. Please Read Carefully but before that watch the following video because this might help as well.

“I always feel confident and relax when i am speaking to a group of people.

“As I get up for speaking, I will slowly draw the first, deep breath. And
as I will be releasing  release it slowly, i will feel all the tension and anxiety I feel leaving my body, mind and soul. I will get to know that I feel fine.I will feel comfortable talking. I will feel as if i am talking about a favorite subject of mine.

“i am well prepared and i know what i am going to talk about. I am aware of all the thoughts and ideas that i will be sharing.I know my subject so well that my talk will come across as just natural.. I am well aware of the fact that i know more about my topic than the people who will be listening tome. So i do not feel tensed or stressed as i know i will create a strong impression.

“The people who will be my audience are equal to me. They are in no way superior to me so i do not feel self-conscious. i do not feel as if i am not as great as they are. In fact i could be greater than them.I will feel confident during my speech. I will focus on the thoughts and ideas that i want to share. I will not allow myself time to be nervous and i know that there is no need to be nervous at all. i can handle it all right. I know how to keep people engaged with my words and thoughts.

“When i begin talking i feel super confident. I know that i am here to share my great ideas with people so the more people, the better. I do not feel afraid of crowd as i understand that the more people as listener, the better the impact.. I feel confident in front of everyone. My tone stays confident and pleasant.

“I will always remember that the people in the audience are just ordinary people who eat,work, sleep and use toilet. Just like the rest of us.

“When i think of speaking to someone, i feel fine and i know if i can entertain one person, i can entertain the group with my words as well. I know it does not the matter that how many people i am talking in front of but the fact that i know i can talk and i feel confident about it.

“And i feel great about delivering speeches. It makes me happy to realize that i am providing people the information that they want and that can be of help to them.