In this article we will be reading from some of the top experts who will be teaching you how to get over approach anxiety so let’s get started.

Entropy On How To Handle Approach Anxiety

I absolutely do and it sucks. I’ve been doing this shit for 6 years and I hate it. I still get approach anxiety, but it’s like any other anxiety. If you think of public speaking when you were 12 years old and had to give a book report or something, you were shaking for days beforehand. You wet yourself and puked in the bathroom and were terrified that the kids were all going to laugh at you.

Well, as you get older and you get more used to it, you just get up and do it, and I think that’s the key. For most people their anxiety never goes away. The actual skill involved with approaching is not about having the right angle to the girl or the perfect line. The skill is being able to feel those butterflies in your stomach and not care. It’s training yourself to ignore those feelings and after a few years and after literally thousands of approaches, you feel it but you don’t pay attention to it anymore. It’s there, but you don’t really care anymore, you just do it.

The following video is a simple guide to banishing approach anxiety.

Marni Wing Girl Talks About Approach Anxiety

(Do women get anxiety about being approached?) Oh, my goodness, of course, yes. We freak out, too. We’re humans. We’re exactly like men. We get freaked out. The only time that we’re not freaked out is when we are being approached by somebody whose character we don’t value. It’s by the energy that the man gives to us. If we don’t value it and we feel better than it, we don’t really care about it and therefore, there is no anxiety. If anything, there is just the feeling of annoyance. And most women will be kind and not hurt a man’s feeling who they don’t want to be talking to. But eventually after about 5-10 minutes, they will break away from the conversation.

methods to beat approach anxiety

On the flipside, when a woman is into a guy a hundred percent we feel anxiety. Do you understand how many females (have told me) that after  they’ve been approached by somebody they’re into and he walks away for a moment she goes crazy. And she wants to know why he hasn’t asked for her phone number yet? If she is into it she wants to know: Does her lipstick look good? Does her hair look good? Does she have anything in her teeth? There is much anxiety for females. If anything, it’s equal, especially if a woman likes a guy. She does feel that the man is in full control and that she doesn’t want to be a needy woman, so it’s really difficult just like it is for men. It’s really hard having emotional control and sitting back and waiting for someone to come to you.

Nick Quick On How To Deal With Approach Anxiety

Yes, I absolutely get approach anxiety. In fact, if I were to put it on a scale of 10, my approach anxiety would probably be a 9 or a 10. I tell that to guys, and they don’t believe me. They’re like, “What? You seem fearless in approaching.” Well, it’s not that I’m fearless. It’s just that it’s almost exhilarating.

Let me give you a metaphor. Recently I was in Mexico, and we went to this sinkhole right outside the Mayan Pyramids. There was this cliff that everybody was jumping off. And I’m looking at it from the ground thinking, “Oh, that’s not so bad.” But I get up to the top and I’m looking down, and I call this principle “The Precipice,” by the way. So I’m standing on the precipice of this cliff, and I was about to jump and all of a sudden every thought in my head was, “Oh, this is crazy. This is suicide. I can’t do this.”

An old man who just did a back flip off it a second ago told me, “You’ll be fine.” But at the same time, internally I’m thinking, “No, I’m going to die. I’m going to die. This is horrible.” Finally, what do I do? Well, fuck it. I took one step forward, jumped, and it was exhilarating. It was one of the most amazing experiences. When I hit cool waters, I was like, “Oh, holy cow. Holy! That was awesome. Why was I so scared few minutes ago? That was amazing.”

You’re going to find the same thing happens with women who you approach. If you are thinking about it before you approach, it’s like standing on the precipice. Sure, it’s scary, but the second you just take that step, it is exhilarating.

Funny thing was, though, the second time I went to go and jump off the cliff, that fear came right back. So it’s one of those things, it just doesn’t seem to go away, but every time you get that same exhilaration.

Richard La Ruina Shares His Method For Bating Approach Anxiety

I don’t get approach anxiety anymore. It’s something that I guess is a function of the way I am these days so I don’t get it. I guess I could get it in front a journalist or something like that. Working with other guys, there are a few things that I found to really work on approach anxiety.

tricks to beat approach anxiety

The first thing is to take away as much of the pressure as possible. A lot of the pressure comes from the idea that you need to get laid, you need to get a girlfriend, or you need to get her number. Make your goal just to say something. Even have a line that you could use when you want to escape, so if you want to go in and just ask for directions and then get out of there. Think of ways to desensitize yourself rather than focusing on the end goal. So if you can just approach and say one line and then get out of there, you’ll be doing something that’s moving in the right direction. Do that a few times and then add a bit more. Do it a few more times, and then you’ll be having five to ten minute conversations. So work up slowly and have no attachment to the outcome if you haven’t done any approaches. Don’t try and think you’re out to get numbers or get laid.

A nice, little mental exercise you can do is imagining a beautiful girl that you’d love to talk to and think about three scenarios. One is that you approach her and she loves you and you end up getting together with her. The second is you approach her and she says, “Sorry, I’m busy,” and she walks off. And the third is that you stand there thinking that you should approach and then five seconds later, she’s still there but you don’t approach and then she walks off. How do you feel when you’ve missed the opportunity? And what everyone agrees on is that it’s much better to walk up and have a go and have it not work and know that at least you tried. So every time you see a beautiful girl, know that you’ll feel worse if you don’t do anything, than if you walk up and she rejects you. That should be something that spurs you into action.

Scot McKay On The Art Of Dealing With Approach Anxiety

I think I’m going to blow you away with the first part of this answer. I am happily married, and I still approach women all the time. There is just one big difference: I’m not expecting to go out on a date with them. I’m not expecting to get their phone numbers. But make no mistake, I could approach even the most beautiful women and talk to them all the time. Nothing has changed. You’re saying, “Well, how is that?” Well, because of what I said before, it’s not a competition. It’s just a conversation.

how to talk to women fearlessly

So what I do is go and I talk to women and yes, sometimes they’re attracted. That’s not my problem because, you see, as far as tactics go to attract women, I think if you’re masculine, women are going to be attracted because they’re feminine. Every time a guy asks me, “Why am I being putting in the just be friends zone?” It is always because he failed in the masculinity department as women defined it. So simply put, just see it as, “I’m just going to be talking to people.” I go into the Subway store a couple of times a week and grab $5 foot long. I’m a normal human being, and all the girls who work there are adorable, and they just smile at me, and they joke with me, and I smile and I joke back. And I don’t get their phone number, but I bet I could. I fly a lot and sometimes I have cute flight attendants, and they’re always very nice to me. They’re always extra friendly to me. They always joke. They always ask me questions and I’m never going to ask for their phone number. But I could.

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a second. If a woman is beautiful, are guys going to stop being attracted to her, even if she’s married? Are they going to stop having conversations with her? Are they going to stop even fantasizing about her because she’s unavailable? No. Should she somehow be frumpier and start acting butch, so that guys won’t be attracted anymore? Not on your life. Her husband is not even going to appreciate that. And believe me; (my wife) wouldn’t appreciate if I stopped mixing in that secret sauce that makes me attractive to her, which is masculinity. I’m either authentic or I’m not. I’m going to be masculine and sexy to her. And if I’m that way to her, if I’m authentic, that’s the way I’m going to present myself in public wherever I go.

Women may find that attractive, or they may not because like I said earlier, I’m going to be somebody’s cup of tea and I’m not going to be another’s. But that doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with me. So in terms of getting over approach anxiety, again it’s not a competition. You’re not going to get rejected. There is no „get beat by a girl syndrome as I call it. If you preapproved this woman and then she shoots you down, not only have you just lost, but you’ve just been beat by a girl. I think that’s what we guys really, really fear. Just take it off the table. Stop pressuring yourself and just start talking. Start opening conversations with people because that’s really the secret to it. It’s not complicated.

John Sinn Gets Approach Anxiety And Here Is How He deals With It 

I get approach anxiety as much as I get approach reluctance. I think they are two kinds of things: approach anxiety is a physical thing. Your heart beats faster, your stomach aches, your legs feel heavy and maybe you have sweaty palms. It’s actually physical. I don’t get that anymore. But I do get approach reluctance, where I see a girl who’s hot and I’m like, “Oh, I would like to have sex with that girl.” And then I’m like, “Oh my god, it’s so much work to go talk to her and then she’s with three guys and… Oh, this is going to be so much work.” So I don’t really get the anxiety. The anxiety part does go away, but you still will find reluctance to approaching and make up excuses. They’re two separate issues.

The big thing is that you get yourself used to talking to hot girls no matter what – even if you do it badly. My number one rule for approaching is that doing it badly is better than not doing it at all. So if you just get in the habit, you can even make it pretty easy. If you just get in the habit of telling every hot girl that she’s pretty and walking away, after a week or so of doing that, you will strike it major. Then you move your openers on to something else. But the idea is that you’ve got to put the ball in motion. So getting yourself in motion and prepared to do it all the time is the best step. Then if you’re kind of anxious, take a deep cleansing breath: a 15-second breath which is a 6- second inhalation, holding for two seconds, and then exhaling for 7 seconds. That really helps. Taking a couple of those will really flush all of that actual physical anxiety out of you.