Today we will focus on improving your communication skills so that you can attract more girls. Are you ready to learn these cool social (conversation) techniques? Are you ready to meet and date more women? Let’s get started by teaching you how to talk to women.

DJ Fuji Avoids Logical Conversations

I avoid talking about logical things. A lot of people know to not talk about sex, politics and religion. I take it a step further, although sex is definitely something that is not necessarily a bad topic. But I would say don’t talk about anything logical for the first ten or twenty minutes. So don’t talk about what you do for work, don’t talk about anything that makes sense. Anything that bores an eight year-old, don’t talk about it.

John Alanis Teaches How To Become A Storyteller

The answer really is to become a very good storyteller. So you can take the boring job, you can take the boring weather and anything like that and turn it into a really good story – laying in colorful language, sarcastic commentary, colloquially incorrect, so you’re making her laugh. What you do is (the learnable skill) of taking the mundane and ordinary and making it exciting and mentally stimulating by becoming a very good storyteller, by getting into detail when you do it.

improving your conversation skills to date more women

Use details so she’s seeing it happening in her mind. She’s laughing at the politically incorrect things that you’re saying when she shouldn’t, and all of a sudden she’s feeling attraction. So what happens is, and I have this happen all the time, a woman will call me up and say, “John, what happened to your day? Tell me your story. I want to hear your story.” Because people love storytellers, and so if you make it your business to become a great storyteller – to be able to turn the mundane into the exciting – you’ll have women flocking to you because so few guys will learn that skill. Boring interaction is death. Exciting and mentally stimulating will get you the best woman in the world constantly.

Kezia Noble Helps Guys Improve Their Communication Skills To Attract More Women

A lot of my students will ask a series of questions with the girls and think, “God, I wish these girls would just ask me a question back, just one question, just so she can convey some sort of interest in who I am.” Sometimes you have to force that.

You have to break a pattern of you asking questions. The best way to do that is by using a strong opinion. It really does make the girl suddenly want to know more about you.

For instance, if you said, “Oh well, where are you going on your holidays?” and she says, “I’m going to go to Spain.” Most guys say, “That’s cool yeah, blah, blah, blah,” and she’s already bored. But if you say, “Oh yeah, I hate Spain or I think it’s one of the worst countries I’ve ever visited.” Very often the girl would come back and say, “Why do you think that?” Or she would say, “Where do you like going?” So what’s happening is a very, very, subtle shift in the interaction. You’re forcing her to start asking questions about you. You’re getting her subconsciously used to asking you where, how, why, and then the tables turn slightly, so it’s a very subtle shift.

Richard La Ruina Offers His Advice

There are two ways to avoid the conversation becoming boring. They don’t mix too well, so you wouldn’t do them both in the same one-minute stretch. One thing is to connect with her and another thing is you can mix it up by doing things such as cocky funny, role play, misinterpretation, sexual stuff. You can introduce sexual tension. I mean, it’s something that I do because I predominantly do night game. I try and escalate from the first time we’ve got eye contact, through the opener, through the initial stages of the conversation. Because if you’ve got sexual tension, and she’s feeling it, and her heart rate is increasing, you don’t need to worry too much about what you’re saying at all.

Scot McKay Says Listening To Girls Talk Improves Your Communication Skills

Listen when she’s talking. We dream about this moment and then as soon as we get her talking we’re looking over her shoulder at the scores on the TV. Or she’s naked and we can’t get it up or something because we’re freaked out about what she’s going to think about the size of our schlong or whatever.

communication skills to attract girls

There is something keeping us from enjoying that moment and it is selfimposed. It’s crazy how we do this to ourselves. We have these big dreams, these big moments come for us, and we squander them. We just don’t know how to listen. Show them that you’ve got their interest at heart, that you know how to be a masculine provider in that regard. Man, you can be so attractive to a woman just by asking her questions, getting her talking about herself and then actually listening.

Now, why is listening so important? Simply put, it gives you more to talk about if you’re paying attention. She’s going to say at least six things you can key on. You’ll be thinking, “Man, where do I start? She’s giving me so much material.” And you just go with what comes next. It’s going to be so easy if you just listen.

Guys who are fumbling for how to keep a conversation going and worried about the conversation lacking or lagging, they’re not letting her talk and they’re not listening.

Jon Sinn Explains Basic Principles Behind Conversation

I think the biggest thing that messes people up is guys don’t understand the basic principle behind conversation, such as the psychological principle of reciprocity. Well, basically a quick guide to reciprocity is that psychologically, human beings grew up to be pack animals. We had to work together to build things because we didn’t have natural evolutionary advantages like birds. Because of this, people are more likely to trust you if you give them something first, right?

how to attract more women with your words

The same thing works in conversation, which is why the boring, small talk, interview-style conversation doesn’t work because you’re just asking questions about the girl. At some point she’s going to want some reciprocity, where you start to tell her things about yourself. And guys just don’t know how to talk about themselves. The way you talk about yourself is to use what’s called grounding. And grounding is the main step from back in the day when I worked with Mystery. Mystery talked about grounding your identity to a girl’s reality. It is how you came to be who you are today. It can be about who you are. It can be about what you do. It can be about where you work. It can be about anything where you explain the situation that created who you are.

One of the things I say to a girl when I start talking to her is: “You know I grew up with three sisters and a gay brother, so I’ve always been really close to girls and had trouble making male friends. Because of that I’ve always seen the other side of dating. I’ve seen girls come back from dates and stuff which gives me more understanding about how much trouble girls actually have.” And now I’ve grounded myself as someone who understands women, right? It’s a simple little story, there are no DHV (Demonstrate Higher Value) spikes, but it gives a basis and a context to me bridging to my good subjects.

Now, I can talk about relationships with women. I can talk about psychology. I can talk about dating. I can talk about any of my strong subjects because I built that bridge, that baseline of grounding myself and kind of who I am as a person. And you can ground your past, your present or your future, right? I could say something like, “You know, I’m really excited because next week I’m doing a stand-up comedy show. I’m going back into it for the first time since 2005 when I was living in New York and I’m really excited because I love doing stand up.”

And that baseline just allows me to do so much. It is kind of like in mixed martial arts. It’s like the guard in jujitsu. It allows me to use attraction material. It allows me to build comfort. It allows me to kind of cheat. And it’s just a nice way of keeping the conversation going, giving her things about myself and then I can ask questions on top of it. Like with that stand up thing I could ask her if she ever does anything creative and because I’ve shared something creative about myself first, she’s going to be ten times more likely to answer that question. So that’s how you keep conversation from getting boring.

That is it for today.