There are mental blocks that I have standing in the way of getting what I want. And it even makes me not sure how much I want it. And that causes self sabotage and me blowing for myself at last minute. And I m seeing Women as THEM and not as us and that will not make me feel comfortable around them. Once I get the US framework it will get much easier and I will avoid the self-sabotage, neither that insecurity to score the goal or to back out at the last minute. I should reframe the way I see women (view them as friends). Then the fear will vanish, the self sabotaging my chance will stop. Everything will change and I will be excited by the process. This belief will manifest in strong body language, a different vibe and energy, and I am going to see a stronger motivation to go out and meet women.

We are going to get a new framework. Look at the world with new eyes. It’s all about the framework through which I see women which should be us! Not us vs. them (reality is just a frame it’s what you make of it that’s why the saying “the world is what you make of it”). Reject all the negative frameworks such as women a foreign to us and are something to be feared, remove the deep rooted anger, resentment and hatred towards women.

Little 10-11-12 year old kids have dictated my entire life on how I see women. Go to the middle school and watch them (the ones that think they know so much but they don’t) go watch them and let go! Let go of the feeling and just realize that really I should not live my life that has been dictated by kids that didn’t know shit. Just let go.

how to become a pua

My thoughts my feelings and my action all stems from that us vs. them mentality I am going to change my frame work so my framework will work for me.

Now what works my framework?? it’s verbal programming (everything I have heard from friends, family and media and things I’ve idiotically repeated to myself, even telling negative beliefs as a joke and telling those stuff to myself over and over again so it stuck in my subconscious), my modeling (how my friends view women, how media showed it to us), and specific incidences (these are some certain emotionally charged moment that shapes are frameworks.)

Write down all the shit programming and the shit things I’ve heard over and over again (the negative ones) write down what is the effect it had on me, and then just recognize that it is not true.

Consciously model people with the right framework than people with the wrong framework.

PS: The best thing to do is to be comfortable in my own skin around women and this is very attractive to woman.

Talk to women like they are friends that I have known for years that will always makes things much much easier and it almost always gets them receptive and open.

Make a list about people I model and movies and everything that is currently influencing my framework and how? (Do they have an us framework or do they have an us vs. them framework) and how my framework is being affected by modeling.

List any specific incident and see what are (at least 3 strong ones from my life! ) the emotions that I anchored to women due to these feelings.

The inner world creates my outer world. So in order to change I must change my framework so I will get a different result.

Our internal blue print is based on this framework, it causes the decisions we are making, our conditional response and how we are perceived.

PS: So how do I actually change my framework?? Well I need to eliminate negative programming, find new models and change the meaning that assign to situations and event, practice pro-active empathy, and replace my negative framework with a more empowering frame work. Plus this is an important one start spotting things around me that contradicts my negative beliefs and take mental notes of it. And eliminate talking about things like “ girls only like assholes,rich guys, handsome guys) and eliminate the word “hot” from my dictionary or any synonym of it. And eliminate the word girls and refer to them instead as women activley make new statements like pro-active self-talk. Seek out friends that are naturals and have empowering frameworks toward women. Pay attention to their thoughts, feeling, attitudes, and make notes of frameworks I want to develop in myself. So find evidence to believe it, think it and act as if I have believed this for my whole life.

Change the meaning behind the specific incidents that happened to me, add context to them, reframe them (for example that girl in 5th grade was not attracted to me not because who I was it was because how I was acting like a wuss at the time.) forgive myself and accept the fact that it happened, let go and release.

Practice the art of empathy and learn to see things from the girl’s point of view. And realize that sometimes she is also the victim of conditioning just as much as I am. And begin to get the feeling for what she would want (remember Boby Rio’s story about his trip to Brazil.)

Set a condition that ensures I find new models, and a condition that will eliminate negative frameworks from vocabulary.(make a bet that if for example I say women needs money and cars and they are gold diggers I have to pay a friend 20$)