It is a hot topic on many forums related to reading techniques or speed reading and today we are going to talk about. This post is not going to be based on assumptions but on facts. We are going to understand what these two terms mean first and then we are going to discuss whether they should be used or not. So let’s get started

What is vocalising?

Vocalizing simply means to read aloud. There are no technical concepts to be explained here as almost everyone knows what it means to read aloud.Most people who feel that they unable to read without vocalising or simply do not enjoy reading without subvocalising use this technique.

What is subvocalising?

Subvocalising is different from vocalising as it does not include voice but inner voice. When you are using this method, you find your lips moving and pronouncing the words you read silently. In some cases you do not even move your lips but you just hear the voice in your head.

Both of these techniques limit your reading speed…!

Yeah that is true whenever you are using any of the two techniques that i just mentioned above, you are limiting your reading techniques. As you have to move your lips and there is a limit to the movement speed of your lips, it will not let you get ahead of it. Subvocalising has the same restriction in place as well because you have to hear the inner voice or in other words, you have to vocalise what silently what you read.

But it is nothing to be worried about!

Most people when they realise the truth either get frightened or get disappointed but the fact it it is nothing to be worried about. Science has discovered no cure for this and everything without a cure is something to be lived with. More ever there is no research supporting the idea that vocalizing or subvocalizing is bad for your memory. Some scientists believe that it is in fact good to  use these two techniques while reading as while using these two techniques you are using more of your senses namely sense of sight and your hearing ability as well.

But you can get over it with practice

If you really want to change the way you read, there are certain techniques that you can use to change your reading habits. Reading habits can be changed just like any other habit. I will be covering some tips and tactics that you can use to change your reading habits in an upcoming post so stay tuned for that.

Key points that we covered in this short post

1. We understood what is vocalising

2. We understood what is subvocalising

3. We understood how these two methods can restrict our reading speed.

4. We understood how vocalising and subvocalising are nothing to be worried about and according to some experts they can even help improve your memory.

I hope you understood well what i was trying to convey. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below