In this article you will be hearing from Kezia Noble and other dating and relationship experts. Everyone will be busting the myth of nice guys.

Kezia Noble Busting Nice Guys Vs Bad Guys Myth

I’ve done a whole chapter in my book about this. I‟ve done videos and talks about this. It‟s called, “Good Guy Versus Bad Guy.” You see the fantastic great guy and the bad guy both get women. It’s the nice guy who doesn’t. There is a big difference between being the nice guy and being the great guy. The great guy actually has certain elements of the bad guy, which is very, very interesting.

So I would ask the nice guy, “Look, are you the bad guy or the good guy? That’s what I want to know?” And a lot them will say, “Well, I’m a great guy. You know, I really care about women and I love women, and I wouldn’t want to play those games that bad guys do.” So I would say, “OK, fine. Let’s go with that, so you‟re a fantastic one in a million great guy.” He gets as many women as the bad guy, so let’s look at that.

I’ve been out with bad guys and I’ve been out with great guys and I’ve enjoyed the sex, the company of both of them to the same measure. The interesting thing about the bad guy is the girl is on a mission to fix him. She’s on a mission to get the good side of him out, whether he’s got a good side or not is beside the point. She’s on this absolute focused mission to make him see her as the one, the one who melted his icy heart, the one who tamed him and the one who he surrendered to, so she’s on this mission. And it‟s that mission and that challenge that is so exciting. A lot of guys say, “Well, what about the great fantastic guy you have been talking about? Where‟s the challenge there?” The challenge there is that she always wants to better herself in order to be good enough for him, so it’s still a challenge.

I ask my students, “What type of challenge do you want to be because they both work?” Whichever one they choose (bad guy or great guy) they are going to have to be a challenge to her because that is what women look for rather than bad guy versus good guy.

kezia noble busting nice guy myth

Entropy On How Nice Guys Can Get More Girls Than Bad Guys

I actually think it’s pretty easy. What separates so-called bad boys from nice guys is that bad boys and jerks naturally set boundaries and nice guys tend to have very weak boundaries. So, if you just teach the nice guys to have a strong boundary, usually it will end up making him far more attractive than the bad boy was to begin with. The crux of the matter is that women like men who stand up for themselves. Women like men who take charge. It just so happens that assholes have good habits about taking charge of doing what they want. So if you just teach a nice guy to set strong boundaries, stand up for what he wants, stand up for what he believes in, usually he can always benefit from these same types of qualities and attractiveness that the bad boys benefit from.

Marni Wing Girl On Why And How Bad Guys Attract Women

Well, they can just grow a backbone and not be wimpy. There is a difference between being a nice wimp and a nice guy. I always say this: It’s not like girls sit around and say, “Oh, I can’t wait to meet a jerk and bad boy who is going to treat me horribly and not return my phone calls and be unreliable.” It’s not like that is our goal. Every woman wants to be with a good guy and a good partner and a nice person. They just don’t want to be with someone that they can walk all over.

So what I actually call it is “nice guy manipulation,” when guys use their niceness to try to manipulate you to get what they want, and it always is just that. You have to be strong in your beliefs and yet open to compromise. And if you’re a man who can be strong willed, willing to communicate and open to compromise, then you will be an attractive option for women, always, and an attractive option for other people. But as soon as you let other people start walking all over you and stepping over your boundaries, then you’re just going to end up in a bad situation and in a bad place without a partner.

Nick Quick On How To Attract More Women

I’m glad you ask this because the big problem with this is that the “nice guys” are really not being nice at all. In fact, they probably are the most secretive, manipulative, deceptive and dishonest. What women find so attractive about the bad boys, and why they flock to them, is because at least with the bad boy, they know what they’re getting. They’re going to be up front, honest, direct and not beat around the bush with their desires. That’s very, very sexy to a woman.

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Richard La Ruina On How To Be Confident And Attract Women

Nice guys are what women want, but they don’t want boring guys. That was something that I struggled with for about six or nine months. I kept getting into relationships and then get getting dumped by the girl. And it was not because I was too nice, but it was basically because I wasn’t man enough. I wasn’t being a real man. I wasn’t giving them what they wanted. So I would let them make all the decisions. I let them boss me around. I let them tell me what to do. I’d change whole things that I was interested in, music or places I’d like to go – it would all be dictated by them.

The key is to understand the qualities of the bad guy that women find attractive. The funny thing is that you can actually look at the qualities of maybe a CEO or a very successful business guy, and they’d actually have a lot of the same qualities: such as being busy, having a lot going on, having drive, being passionate about their things and their interests and not just dropping them at a moment’s notice. It’s recognizing that what makes the bad guy attractive is that he’s a little bit unpredictable. She never feels like she’s totally got him. He won‟t change for her. He takes the lead. He knows what she wants and he gives it to her. It’s recognizing that these are the qualities that she’s attracted to, and you can behave like this and still be a good person.

I think the key is to still be a gentleman. So you’re not going to slam the door in her face and try and sleep with her friends in front of her and things like that.

Scot McKay Nice Guys Versus Bad Guys

Well, now, we’re going to get into something that‟s one of my soap boxes, and that’s the whole “Do I have to be a bad boy, or do I have to be Mr. Nice Guy?” Well, the answer is no. I do not for a second buy that Mr. Nice Guy is the opposite of the bad boy and that you have to be one or the other or some combination or hybrid of the two. A lot of times you hear dating coaches say that you have to be somewhere in the middle. Well, I don’t want to be the middle of either one of those things. I don‟t want to be a guy, first of all, who is rude to women, has no respect for women because he has no self respect and wants to go around doing bad things. I don’t want to be that guy, and I certainly don’t want to be a guy who is such a milk toast that women just roll all over me because I come off like a desperate, needy sales guy.

I think there is a third option: to be a great man, and I call that man a Big Four Man. It’s kind of like my trademark. You want to be masculine. I also think you need to be confident. You also need to be able to make a woman feel safe and comfortable in your presence because that’s what helps her bring out her feminine gifts for you. And then you need to be a man of character, which you almost never hear about in the seduction community. You should have a cornerstone belief system of some sort. So that at your core – who you are in your decision-making process, et cetera, – you are the same person in six months or ten years from now as you are now. I mean, you can evolve, but you can be the same person at your core. That’s what attractive to women.

The reason women would want a bad guy is first of all, they have low self-esteem and think that they deserve to be punished. And make no mistake; there are some beautiful women out there who think that way. But I think when people talk about bad boy stuff; they’re talking about a guy who is onto the masculine stuff. I think a woman just wants to know that you have enough guts to speak your mind and do what it is you want to do and in her mind that’s credited to you as masculinity. I think that in a very real sense, being a real man with real virtue, as opposed to vice, is what women really want.