In this post you will b hearing from Kezia Noble and other gurus. They will be teaching you how to take control of your mental and emotional states and live a fun and happy life.

Kezia Noble On How To Change Your Emotional State

DVDs and music really, really help much better than alcohol. For instance, when I go out or go to a very important meeting or have to be very sociable, I have a box set of DVDs that I watch religiously. And I watch about three episodes and I feel so empowered and so great. Some guys say that they get that from watching Entourage. Some guys say that they that from watching the Sopranos. Some guys get it from watching the film Scarface before they go out. Some guys listen to their favorite music. That can really put you in a fantastic state of mind. I had heard about this a lot, and I didn’t really believe it until I started doing it for myself because, of course, women can do it too.

Unfortunately, what most people do is they start drinking before they go out, which I really, really don’t encourage. It’s not that I’m anti-drinking or anything, but obviously, it’s a slippery slope when you start having to drink before you go out. Watching a DVD or something inspiring or that makes you feel empowered or listening to a piece of music really, really gets you into a fantastic state. It works for me and it has worked for my students. You just have to find what that DVD or song is for you.

Entropy On How To Change Your Mental State

It’s vastly underrated how important it is to have fun when you go out. One of the biggest problems that I run into is that guys just take this so seriously. They get out and they treat it like a job or a mission – like they’re commandos in the military or something. You’ve got to make it fun. For me personally, I blast music before I go out. I like to sing, not very well, but I try. I dance – just anything that gets me in a good mood. If you’re going out with friends, I’ve found the coolest thing you can do is to create little games to get yourselves in the right mood.

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For instance, we would give each other silly words that we had to approach the first couple of girls with. So I look at my buddy and say, “You have to go talk to the blonde about dingle berries.” And he’d go do it. And then we’d sit there and laugh about it and it was completely ridiculous, but it put us in a good mood. And it gets you to a place where you are not taking things so seriously and not taking yourself so seriously.

When I’m out with students I usually play similar games with them. I usually do silly things with them in the club or the bar or whatever. And at first they kind of look at me like, “You know, Mark, this is kind of retarded.” But after we do it, we’re laughing about it and we’ve loosened up, and we feel pretty  good about the way the night is going.

Marni Wing Girl On How To Take Control Of Your Emotions

In the beginning it comes down to scheduling and making the effort to do the things that you want to do. So for some people, if they work really hard and they have a busy week, they say to themselves at the end of the day, “Oh, I don’t have to go to that barbecue. I’ve had a really hard time. I don’t want to do it.” I do these things myself. But the important thing is that if you’re trying to establish yourself as a social person and trying to re-invent yourself to be more outgoing and have the opportunity to be more social in practice, you do have to push yourself and you have to schedule. I use Google Calendars. I’ll say that on the 18th of every month that will be a day for me to do something for myself and do something that I’ve never done before. So whether it’s an art class or a cooking class or whatever it is that I want to do to push myself, I schedule it on the 18th and I have to do it. I can’t break it. It’s in my calendar.

Nick Quick How To Boost Your Mental States

The biggest thing that you can do is to remind yourself that women want to have sex more than you do. In fact, when they are in the bar, that’s really the only reason they are there. If you ask a girl, they will say something along the lines of, “Why you are here? I’m here because I want to dance and drink with my friends.”

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Now, if that were true, they wouldn’t have spent 2-3 hours doing their hair, another hour on the makeup. They would not be there wearing clothes that are uncomfortable but make them sexy like high heels which will make their feet hurt all night. Or some will wear corsets that push their breasts up and make them sexier.

If the girl really wanted to drink, she could do that at home. She could buy a bottle of grape juice, drink with her friend, and have a good time. It would be a lot cheaper. If she really wanted to dance, she could pop in the latest Lady Gaga CD and dance her little ass off with a friend, but she’s in a club. Why is she there? She wants to fuck. And it’s your job as a man to realize that, and go out and make these women happy by giving them exactly what they secretly desire.

Richard La Ruina On Managing Your Internal State Of Mind

A common thing is for guys to view it as a lot of effort to go out and talk to women and that’s why they don’t do it. Find mentors or guys that will push you, role models, and also make sure that your peer group is supportive. The first thing that influences your behavior is the people around you. If you can find someone to go out with, have fun with, enjoy being with, who puts you in a good state, you’re actually going to be in a fantastic position to attract women.

What I would suggest is that you pick a night of the week and you pick one venue. And before you go out, you pump yourself up: You wear your best clothes. You listen to some music that gets you feeling good. Get yourself feeling as good as possible; surround yourself with the people who like being with and go out to this same place. As you go there, you meet the guy at the door, you meet the barman, and you meet a few people inside the venue. Be as friendly as possible and have the goal of making short interactions.

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At some point in the night you’re state may dip, but go back again the next week and something nice is going to happen because you’re going to start building up positive anchors. It’s a psychological principle at play, which means that as you’re feeling good walking in the door of this place, it associates the two together. And you feel good when the DJ is there and he’s the same guy every week playing the same music, you get positive associations with that music. You get positive associations with the staff in that place, and you’ll start to feel comfortable there. It is not somewhere new or alien. It’s just like being in your own house, so you will start to relax and what will happen next is you’ll start to get results with women.

As you layer all of that on top of each other, what you’ll be left with is you’ll be able to go out, go into this place and as soon as you walk through the door, you’ll just be hit with positive feelings and a good energy. Work on that a few weeks and in the early days, you’re going to have to work at it, but after you’ve done that, you will be in a position where you never have an off-night.

Scot McKay On Changing And Managing Your Emotions

I get emails all the time asking, “How do I get in state?” How do I make sure that I am ready every moment of every day 24/7, 365, to meet this great woman, to just be the freaking man for every woman? Here is my answer to that: Why are you pushing yourself to do something you don’t even feel like doing? Why are you having unrealistic expectations? You can’t be on point all the time 24/7, 365. And if you are, well, then I think you should apply to be somebody’s deity or something because none of the rest of us can do that.

What you need to do is stop pressuring yourself. This isn’t something you have to do. The point is to meet women. The point isn’t to conquer something, whether that would be your fear or whatever. If you don’t feel like meeting women tonight, go do what you feel like doing. You’re going to have a lot more success at actually being in the mood to meet women ironically enough when you stop pressuring yourself to be that guy all the time. It’s just going to be something you more naturally want to do.

If you do want some practical things you can do to actually feel better and to maximize your chances of really feeling like approaching women and doing well, I don’t think it’s so much mindset. I think a lot of it has to do with actually eating right, getting some sleep and maybe mixing in a workout before you actually go on a date or go and meet women.

When you have slept well you feel better. When you need sleep, you’re not going to be as great a guy. You’re not going to be as happy go lucky. You’re going to be a little bit crankier. You’re going to be a little bit less mentally sharp and that’s a fact. I think a lot of us just beat the heck out of ourselves all day at work and we don’t sleep right. We don’t eat right, especially when we don’t have that woman to bring her feminine gifts to the table and in our life on a daily basis. And it kills us when we go out and try to be social.