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Usually when it gets to that point where the guy is really not making his move, the girl would become overtly sexual with him, actually porno style again. These girls often go into when they really want to get that man that night, sticking out her breasts a lot more, letting him touch her and being overtly flirtatious. It’s ridiculous because they’re starting to get desperate. They’re starting to think, “Oh gosh, you know, maybe I’m not sexy enough for him. Maybe he’s not attracted to me. So that’s when it’s really, really getting quite desperate.

When the girl wants him to ask for her number, usually she gives him load and loads of hints that she’s going to go soon. That’s a big one: “I’ve got to go in ten minutes.” Then in five minutes, she says, “I’ve got to go in 10 minutes,” even though it’s only 5 minutes now. That’s a huge, massive hint.

To get the girl home, it’s got to be very playful. If you suddenly say, “Oh, let’s go back to my place and have sex.” Then it becomes an ultimatum. Girls don’t like that. They don’t want to be picked up. They want to be seduced. So make it playful. So you can say to her, “Do you want to come back to my place? But I’ve got a few conditions.” She thinks he’s going to say, “Well, you’ve got to sleep in my bed with me,” and even if she likes him, she does not want an ultimatum. But he will say, “Well, you know, you’ve got to sleep in the spare room because really I can’t do anything on the first date.”

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You make it more playful and you have all these kind of rules when she comes to your house that she has to abide by. Rules that most guys don’t give, such as “You have to make me coffee in the morning.” It’s always playful friendly banter. So she’s sitting there and thinking, “God, OK, he invited me to go to his place, but I do fancy him. I do want to sleep with him, but he’s not going to pressure me. He thinks I’m sort of friends with him. I’m definitely going to make my move tonight on him.” So he’s flipping it completely. The moment a guy says, “Let’s go back to my house and have wild sex.” Suddenly the girl, even if she’s really into him would be like, “Hmm, I don’t think so.” Because there is too much pressure, way too much pressure. You might also be interested in some cool techniques to get a girl’s number.

Entropy Asks A Few Questions Before Taking A Girl’s Number Or Taking Her Home

There are a few questions I always ask. I ask every girl I end up talking to for more than 5 minutes a handful of questions. “Who are you here with? Where do you live?” and “What are you up to tomorrow?” You basically find out what her story is. Say you meet a girl who is from out of town and staying with her sister. Her sister lives an hour away so there is probably no chance that you’re going to hook up with her. So in that case, just take a number and maybe meet up with her some other time. But if you meet a girl who lives 5 minutes away from you, and tomorrow is Saturday and she has nothing to do, and her friends want to throw an after party, well, then that’s absolutely a girl you want to try to take home right then.

He other thing that I look for is, and eventually you develop a 6th sense for them, but you can tell when you talk to them if they’re very conservative types of girl. If she’s only had really serious boyfriends and gets uncomfortable with your sexual jokes, you can basically figure that she’s kind of a prude. It depends on what you’re looking for, but it might not be worth all the time and effort with her. Here is how to ask for a girl’s number.

Marni Wing Girl Talks About Getting A Girl’s Number And Taking Her Back At Your Place

It’s very similar to what I said before: If a girl is talking to a guy and her friend comes up and says, “Sally is in the bathroom throwing up. We have to go.” And she tells you, “OK. Oh, my friend is throwing up. I’ve got to go” that means she was never in to you. You didn’t have her. You may have wasted your evening and some money talking to her. So she runs off and she’s gone.

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But if a woman is in to you and her friend says, “Oh my God, your house is burning down right now. The fireman just called us. We have to go.” She would say, “That’s OK. I’ll meet you back at home.” If she’s in to you, she doesn’t care. She will give you her phone number. She’ll stay around. She doesn’t care what’s happening. She doesn’t care if her friend is in a coma in the bathroom – it’s about you at that point. Or if she is a nicer person, she will go help her friend who is in the bathroom and passed out, but make sure to find you or make sure to give you her phone number. If a woman is in to you, it will be very obvious that she is in to you because she’s not running away or making it difficult to get information out of her.

Nick Quick Shares His Method

Once again, it’s kind of a Spidey sense thing, and if you follow my method, you will know that she is in the Green Zone. That means that she has good logistics and she’s sexually turned on. So anytime you get her in that area, that Green Zone, it’s time to pull the trigger. You need to grab her by the hand and pull her out. You can find out if she has good logistics just by asking the five questions.

The first two are interrelated: “Who are you here with?” and “How do you know each other?” You need to find out who she’s there with, who’s going to be the potential clock-watcher, who’s going to be the people you need to win over. And you need to find out her situation: if she’s there on her first date with a guy, even if she can’t stand the fucking dude, she’s probably still not going to be going home with you that night, so you need to find that out.

You need to find out how she got there. That’s the third question. If she drove all of her friends, it’s going to be highly unlikely that she is going to drop all her friends off at the end of the night, and then come back to your house. So that’s going to make it a little more difficult.

Now, the fourth question you need to ask is: “What are your plans for later?” This one is really important because this also sets the sexual frame. If a girl asks you, “What are your plans for later?” know that what she’s really asking is, “Do you want to fuck later?” You need to basically ask that question in a very savvy way. The best answer is, “I don’t know. What are you doing?”

And then finally, you just need to know what time she has to wake up in the morning. If she has to be up for work at 4 and its one o’clock right now, chances are she’s not going to be a good candidate. She’s not going to lose that job over a guy no matter how charming or attractive he is. At least the quality girls won’t. So find those things out and you’ll know just which ones you can actually take home that night. In addition to getting the number, you should also know how to make sure that a girl is not going to flake on you.

Richard La Ruina Talks About Meeting Girls At Nighttime

I’m meeting girls in the nighttime and I assume that they’re coming back to the house versus I’ll meet them at another time. There’s no point meeting them another time if you already got them. It’s nighttime and you need to go to bed at some point anyway. The only time when I would go for a number is if it’s logistically very tough and would be much easier another time.

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For example, if she’s got friends staying with her and she needs to drive them home or something like that. But even then, you could join them. But sometimes you just face a logistical situation that is tough and it would be so much easier to just get her number and meet her one-on-one a couple of days later.

The only thing I would do is find out who she’s with. Does she have to go to work tomorrow? Does she have any fixed plans for later on that evening? Does she already have an after-party in mind, or is she going to bounce to another club? So I’ll find out that stuff early on in the conversation and I bear it in mind when it’s time to get her to leave.

Scot McKay Shares His Thoughts

As far as the whole same night sex thing, I don’t even want it. So if you’re just meeting her for the first time and you’re thinking, “How am I going to get her back to my place for sex?” You’re already barking up the wrong tree for two reasons. First of all, that’s going to feel like pressure to the woman if she is not the one suggesting it. Second of all, women have so much to offer and it’s so much fun. There is so much excitement in meeting a woman for the first time. Why rush through this all? Enjoy holding hands with her for the first time. Enjoy kissing her for the first time. Enjoy that incredible moment taking a shower or a bubble bath together before you’ve ever had sex before.

We want immediate gratification in this culture and we rush through everything. And what we’re doing is conditioning ourselves to go for a purely sexual relationship that never has any depth. Now, if you’re a guy who just doesn’t like women and you just want to get off and treat her as a masturbation tool, I guess I can’t argue with you.

But since I don’t think that way, I can’t relate to it so I don’t have a good answer for you. What I can say is this: if you want to get a woman over to your place, whenever it is, you’ve got to give her a compelling reason. If she says, “Hey, I want to go home with you” and volunteers to be alone with you in your home, that’s a pretty good sign she’s ready for something physical to happen. I’ve seen guys who have women come over and she’ll bring a DVD and sit down next to the guy. Midway through the movie, she will get bored and start whacking him with a pillow or tickling him and he just kind of tickles her back a little bit or whacks her with a pillow, and then he folds his hands again. Then she gets up with the video at the end and leaves and slams the door wordlessly behind her and never answers his calls again.

What happened there? Well, she felt rejected. Why? Because good grief, she went over there, sat with him in the dark watching a movie and he’s thinking, “Well, you know, I just want to be a gentleman. I don’t want to push myself on her.” But she gave you permission to touch her and you rejected her. So you’ve got to look for the signals. You’ve got to look for the signs. If she’s over your house at all, she’s probably expecting you to touch her in some way, and she probably wants that.

My favorite way to give a woman a compelling reason to come over your house is to offer to cook for them. I’ve got a whole book on this, and I’m giving it away now basically. So if you email me, I’ll give it to you, but the bottom line is, if you can cook for a woman and invite her over, you’re showing that you’ve got her best interest at heart. Then you sit together and you eat and eating together is an intimate moment. If a woman is over at your house and you’ve cooked for her and she has really enjoyed it, it’s going to end well for you. That’s all I can say. That’s the best way I know to get a woman over to your house. Don’t force the issue. Give her something compelling. If you are compelling yourself and you’re cooking dinner for her, well, hey, that’s about as good as it gets.

Jon Sinn Shares His Methods And Techniques

It’s all logistics. If I’m talking to a girl and she’s at a bar by herself and she doesn’t have to get up until 11 a.m. the next day, then I’m going to try to take her home. If she’s drove her with friends and they drove half an hour and she’s supposed to be up at 6 a.m., then it’s going to be different.

When it comes to gathering logistics, your magic questions are, “What’s on the agenda for later? How did you get here?” and “Do you have to work tomorrow?” Those three are pretty easy and non creepy questions that you can ask in the first 35 or 40 minutes and they will give you an idea of whether or not she has plans for later in the night or if she’s going home, whether or not she has to get up early and whether or not she drove.