In this article Kezia Noble and some other famous experts will be teaching PUAs the club game methods and techniques that actually work. Let’s get started!

Kezia Noble Teaching PUAs Club Game Methods And Techniques

In LA, where I’ve spent a lot of time, guys use direct game at night and it really works. People in LA or America are a lot more confident, socially more confident than the rest of the world in general. They’re straight talkers, the Americans. I always find them straight talkers at nighttime and it works. The guys come up to women and they say, “Look, I think you’re absolutely beautiful. Come and join my table.” And most of the girls are quite positive, quite sociable. Maybe it’s the weather. It’s the attitude. It’s the go get them nature of the Americans, which I love, but usually the girls will say, “Yeah, OK cool. We’ll do it.”

PUAs and club game

And I know from my experience because I’ve had boot camps in America that direct game always seems to work. Just going up to a girl and saying, “You know, I think you’re beautiful. I think you look interesting. Come and join my table,” will usually get good results.

In Europe, however, you can’t really do that. So anyone from Europe that’s listening to this, you’re going to have to most of the time, use indirect game at night and the simple reason for this is that Europeans, and I’m talking about French and English, and specifically Scandinavians are a little bit more socially awkward. They’re not so confident socially. That’s why there’s a lot of drinking going on in Europe to numb that out, that feeling.

Girls in Europe think if a guy is using direct approach at night he’s a bit sleazy or feel like they are being cornered almost, like they have to make a decision there and then. Like they have an ultimatum: do I talk to him or not? And if I say yes to him, even if I think he’s super hot and I am looking for a boyfriend, what if I don’t like him in 10 minutes? I can’t get away from him. I’m in a club. I can’t leave the club because he’s there and if I say yes he’s going to be hanging around with me for the rest of the night. I won’t be able to talk to any other guys. He’s going to be a pain in the ass, so to speak, so I need to ditch him somehow so I will just say no straightaway to save the bother of that happening.

It’s quite negative, but lots of the times when I’ve been in night clubs, I will just say no to a good looking guy. I’m not interested simply because I’m thinking in 10 minutes, I might not like him and he’s just going to be hanging out with me because once guys get that initial yes, they kind of hold on to that girl to dear life until the end of the night.

Entropy Teaching Pickup Artists The Methods For Club Game

It depends on how many drinks I’ve had. But in all seriousness, it’s usually not that different. The main difference between a daytime situation and a bar situation is just how much energy is involved. So if it’s one girl or a group of girls, a lot of times I’ll come in and say something similar, but I might have to be a little more forceful about it. Also, the other thing about bars is that basically anytime you approach a girl in a bar, she is automatically assuming that you’re hitting on her. They just know. You could talk about anything. You could come up with the cleverest line in the world, and she’s going to look at you and be like, “He’s hitting on me.”

Teaching guys club game techniques

So a lot of times, I just say, “Hi, I’m Mark. I wanted to meet you, what’s up?” And as long as you’re cool and casual about it and you don’t do kind of crazy to creep her out, a lot of times they’ll give you a shot. You will have a little window to work with and then you can take the conversation somewhere.

Marni Wing Girl Talking About Club Game And How To Attract Women

For bars, you can do things a little bit more gimmicky, I guess, because you want to have fun. Everybody is out. They’re drinking, they’re being social. I actually think Brad Jackson has some pretty cute things to say to women: “Listen, hey, we’re going to play a game right now.” And then you make up some sort of game and you play with them. Or if you’re there with your friends, you make some sort of bet between you and your friends. The whole thing is that when people are out, they just want to have a better time, especially if they’re at a bar, especially at a club, so why not create a fun arena for them to be part of. So I tell guys, “You know what? You can make a list of ten things that you and your friends do in an evening when you’re out at a bar.” So you can go up to a girl and say, “Go to the bartender and do this.”

Those are just different things. It depends on what your comfort level is and what you and your friends want to do for fun, but if you give yourselves assignments and make the night be about you and your friends and not about these girls then it makes you seem more attractive. It makes you seem more fun and it makes you be part of a group or club that people want access to.

When I’m with my girl friends and having a nice night, the truth is we always want to be hit on. I have a husband. I still want to be hit on because I want to feel attractive and sexy and I want to have fun with my girl friends. And if there was a guy or a group of guys who came up and approached us, I would want them to add to our evening. I hate when certain guys come and linger and ask the dumbest questions in a loud atmosphere. They’ll start wanting to get deep or serious and it’s just awkward and uncomfortable. I am a nice person so I don’t want to advise them, but I also don’t want to be annoying to them. But it’s just sucking my night away and distracting me from having a good time. It makes me so uncomfortable and it ruins my night when guys linger.

Nick Quick Educating Pickup Artists On Club Game

I approach them the same. But you want to make sure that you’re not just approaching one of the girls. You want to approach the entire group, and there are a couple reasons for this. When I approach a group of girls, I initially don’t know which one is going to be the target. I want to find out which one is the most fun, and which one is the most logistically likely to be able to go home with me that night. So I need to screen them at first.

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Now, the other reason you approach the entire group is that all of their friends are there. Those are going to be the ones who later may block you, if they don’t like you. So I need to start winning them over right off the bat, and hopefully get them complicit in the seduction.

And then finally, if you are opening a mixed group, where there are guys and girls, this is one of the only situations where I would actually go indirect. The reason is because if you go direct, the guys tend to get aggravated, and will try to block right off the bat. But if you can go indirect and approach the guy by getting his opinion on something or getting his approval on the whole thing, you can then go on and seduce the girls without him getting in your face.

Scot McKay Shares His Thoughts On ‘How to Attract Girls In A Club’

Why are you going to a dark place where people can’t see or hear each other and expecting something good to happen socially? If you really want to meet a woman in that context, the first thing I would recommend is if it’s a dance club, just go start dancing with them and don’t be afraid how you look or whatever. Don’t worry about it. Most women are just thrilled that you will actually go out there and dance with them. Dance through a couple of songs, feel that vibe together, then introduce yourself.

Don’t make it something that has to happen right then and there. Be a little bit more casual about it.

In groups of people, decide how those people know each other. You have to have some purpose for going into that grouping, especially if you’re alone. Because if you’re this Lone Ranger and you’re trying to go and get in with a group of people, what does that say about you? It says that you’re kind of a ‘want to be’. You’re kind of a person who could potentially be a hanger on. So when you go and approach a group of people who already have a social circle and you don’t, it just makes you look needy and kind of like a loser.

On the other hand, if you go in there and you have a specific purpose, maybe you can get somewhere, and that’s going to be somewhere good especially if it’s a group of women without any guys around. You have to ask them after you’re involved with that group how they all know each other. I think that’s a great strategy. Have a purpose.

One day, I was at a restaurant and walked up to some ladies and said, “Hey, you ladies. It looks like you’re having fun. I could use your opinions for a little project I’m doing. If you’re uncomfortable with that, that’s fine, but I would love to get your opinions.” And they were all over it because there was purpose to it. They can see it wasn’t some cheesy pick-up line.

So again, guys, the more needy and desperate you are, the fewer results you’re going to get. When you walk up to a group and you don’t have any agenda other than to be social and if you are carrying yourself with masculine presence, that will take care of itself. Women are going to start wanting to be close to you. They’re going to want you to ask them out because they sense you’re a real man.